Adaptive Dressing Solutions For Seniors

When it comes to clothing for seniors, people often think that their choices will be limited. In the past, that may have been true. These days though people's understanding of clothing design, as well as the restrictions that seniors and disabled people face, have improved the choices considerably.

Where before caretakers were required for pretty much everything a senior citizen might need, adaptive clothing lines have made it much easier for individuals to go about their daily lives.

What Are Adaptive Clothing Solutions?

Simply put, adaptive dressing solutions are clothing apparel that takes into account the different disabilities and restrictions that plague much of our society.

For example, typical shirts which have a straight line of buttons is not the easiest thing to wear for those unable to move both arms effectively. Instead of buttons then, some manufacturers will make use of Velcro straps to make dressing easier.

It may seem like a simple solution, but the fact of the matter is that the choices have been limited in the past. Thankfully, we've gone past that phase as we are now seeing more and more brands take on the challenge of creating accessible daily wear for people with disabilities, senior citizens with caregivers, and the like.

The Best Adaptive Clothing Brands in 2021

1. Ross Daniel Adaptive Apparel

One of the pioneers in modern adaptive clothing, Ross Daniel is a well-established provider of adaptive clothing from designers aiming to ease the act of dressing up for those with disabilities. With that, they've developed a wide range catering to people of all sizes and mobility restrictions.

There is little to no restriction on who can buy their products. A particular group that has found an easier time getting dressed with Ross's clothes is young wheelchair users who've struggled in the past with generic clothing.

2. Tommy Hilfiger

The Tommy Hilfiger adaptive clothing line is a product of their partnership with Runway Dreams which is a nonprofit founded by Mindy Scheier. First launched in 2018, the adaptive clothing series is now included in the most popular choices to make dressing much easier for those with disabilities.

The new line, Tommy Adaptive, is the company's effort in creating an empowering fashion line that includes pieces including shirts, dresses, pants, shorts, and jackets.

3. MagnaReady

As a result of her husband's Parkinson's Disease, Maura Horton sought to create adaptive clothing for men and women who have found difficulty in self dressing. Making the most out of magnetic closures, MagnaReady has become a great choice for apparel.

Despite it not being as well known as other brand names, MagnaReady has become one of the go-to adaptive clothing choices for those with special needs and their caretakers.

4. Ugg Universal

Developed in partnership with Zappos, a shopping platform that aims to provide an inclusive shopping experience, Ugg's Universal Collection has swept people away with their adaptive clothing options. While the brand is known for their shoes, this clothing line extends that access to those with disabilities.

Doing away with clumsy shoestrings, side zippers are what you're likely to find on these boots. That should make dressing up fashionably much easier.

5. Abilitee Adaptive Wear

Instead of focusing on simple clothing and footwear, Abilitee produces specialized clothing and accessories, such as their best-selling Insulin Pump belt. This is the brainchild of Marta Cortez-Neavel and Dr. Julie Sanchez who has then branched of to focus on her pediatric brand.

You can expect the brand to have a re-launching of their products in the Spring/Summer of 2021. Who knows, maybe your next favorite clothing design might show up then.

6. Urban Pipeline

In an effort to improve accessibility, Kohl's has introduced adaptive clothing lines to 3 of their brands namely, Jumping Beans, Urban Pipeline, and SO. With that, they've developed Urban Pipeline to be a favorite in adaptive clothing choices.

Perfect for individuals looking to stay hip, Urban Pipeline's clothing choices do away with finicky buttons and difficult-to-wear bottoms. You can expect an easier time for you and for the person in charge of your care while still .


With the belief in "designing a world for everyone," FFORA has introduced itself well to people with disabilities and caregivers alike with their diverse choices of accessories designed to make daily life more accessible.

From small bags to fashionable drinks containers, you can be sure to have something that will ease your worries and that of your caretaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does adaptive clothing target?

Adaptive clothing targets individuals who use wheelchairs, who have difficulty in motion (such as those with cerebral palsy), or otherwise have difficulties in getting themselves dressed. This usually means things like buttons are replaced with more accessible items such as Velcro straps or the like.

The average person will most likely not need any of these options. The twist is that as we age, the range of motion available to us gets a little more restricted. With that said, having these options available to seniors makes things easier for those in charge of hospice care.

What does 'accessible' mean in fashion?

Accessible fashion aims to remove barriers that seniors and those with physical issues face every day. Think back to the days of skinny jeans. Do you really think anyone can slip into one of those?

The advent of sensory friendly clothing items makes dressing easier for these individuals while giving them aesthetically pleasing clothing.

Hook and loop attachments, or Velcro, are just some of the many changes manufacturers and designers can make to improve accessibility. You can be sure that clothing designs in the future will take this into account.

Additional Resources

Disabled World

This online publication publishes articles on disabilities and issues that people might face as well as research and news covering the topic. The focus of the website is to provide relevant information in an easy-to-access package that should suit most tastes.


RetireWOW is an online content hub that focuses on providing relevant articles to seniors. Here you'll find news updates and information on anything happening in the world of senior citizens. Have a gander and find senior trends on their site.

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do for yourself is to read up as much as you can to make sure you're buying the right adaptive apparel for a loved one. For more clothing adaptive guides and other tips on how to care for the older adults in your life, check out SeniorStrong.com today!

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