Best Furniture Moving Companies for Seniors

Seniors who are moving house can often have trouble looking for budget-friendly and reliable options to help them with their move. Furniture moving companies can cost up to thousands of dollars depending on the number of possessions you own, distance traveled, and location.

If you’re planning for retirement and moving to a new neighborhood, the best furniture moving companies for seniors include International Van Lines, JK Moving, Atlantic Relocation Services, and Brouwer Relocation, Inc. However, availability varies depending on your state, so it’s best to check each service before committing to a move. 

Top Moving Companies for Seniors in 2021

Budget is one of the most important considerations when it comes to seniors who are moving. To simplify the process of moving house, you can try and get a price estimate from several companies. This will help you make comparisons between each one so you can select the most cost-effective for your needs. 

Best for Transparent Price Quotes: International Van Lines

  • Cost: $2,000 to $10,000
  • Types of Moving Packages Available: Offers long distance and local moves 
  • Types of Packing Options Available: Offers basic furniture assembly and disassembly as well as loading and unloading

Along with having a reputation for effective customer service, International Van Lines provides clear and transparent price quotes for customers. Their price range is comparable to standard industry rates and they provide various inclusions in their services. Rates include liability protection of the price of $0.60 per pound for up to $10,000. 

They also pay for tolls, fuel, and taxes. For seniors who own fragile goods like artwork and pianos, International Van Lines can provide safe transport with an added fee. It’s important to note that they usually require a deposit of 25% of both local and long-distance moves but are fully refundable up to 48 hours before the move date.

Best for Budget-Friendly Moves: JK Moving

  • Cost: $3,569 to $9,200
  • Types of Moving Packages Available: Offers long distance and local moves 
  • Types of Packing Options Available: Offers full-service packing, fragile-only packing, and DIY packing 

For seniors looking for an affordable furniture moving company, JK Moving offers financing with personal loan rates as low as 0% in collaboration with Enhancify. If you’re willing to use their fragile-only service or go the DIY route, you might also be able to save more money compared to their full-service rates. 

Another perk is their warehouse facility, which offers climate-controlled storage and 24/7 security to keep your belongings safe as you’re transitioning from place to place. They also offer GPS tracking on all moves for greater peace of mind. 

However, some customers note that getting a personalized quote can take some time. Local moves are also limited to certain states such as Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Best for Flexible Pricing System: Atlantic Relocation Services  

  • Cost: $8,000 on average 
  • Types of Moving Packages Available: Offers local and international moving packages
  • Types of Packing Options Available: Offers packing, loading, transportation, storage, and setup 

Atlantic Relocation Services has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received numerous awards for its services. They have a flexible pricing system and provide more affordable rates compared to those that charge by the mile. 

One drawback is that they don’t provide instant online quotes unless you are moving between different states. For in-state, local and international moves you will need to speak with a qualified agent after filling out a form.  

Best for High Level of Customer Service: Brouwer Relocation, Inc.

  • Cost: Video quotes available on the website 
  • Types of Moving Packages Available: Offers local and nationwide packages 
  • Types of Packing Options Available: Offers full-service packing, tracking, and short-term and long-term storage 

According to Brouwer Relocation’s survey, 2,362 out of 2,369 customers gave them scores of 100% in terms of value, professionalism, and customer service. This makes them one of the top-rated moving companies in the United States. While they don’t provide pricing information online, their useful video tool allows seniors to get a pricing estimate. 

Other perks of their service include their GPS tracking system, free used boxes to use during your move, a variety of storage options on offer, and specialized moving services. They can even handle moving exercise equipment, pool tables, hot tubs, fragile electronics, home medical equipment, and other types of furniture that need extra care. 

Best for Full Value Protection: Mayflower 

  • Cost: $5,000 on average 
  • Types of Moving Packages Available: Offers local, long-distance, international, and small moves 
  • Types of Packing Options Available: Offers full-service packages, packing and unpacking, and storage 

Although some moving companies for seniors are limited in terms of scope and service, Mayflower operates in over 500 locations and can handle moves of any shape and size. Their major strength is their full value protection package, which makes them responsible for any claims. 

The cost of full value protection is calculated by multiplying the estimated weight of your shipment by $6 per pound. There’s also a separate form to fill out for high-value inventory such as any jewelry you might need to transport during the move. Unlike other websites, their online quote system is easy to use for seniors who might have trouble with technology.

Best for Sturdy Container Options: PODS

  • Cost: $999 to $2,999
  • Types of Moving Packages Available: Offers local, long-distance, and limited international moving packages 
  • Types of Packing Options Available: Offers packing and loading assistance, self-storage, and containers 

For maximum convenience, PODS offers free cancellations up to 24 hours before the delivery dates as well as instant online quotes for local moves. You’ll have to wait for pricing information for long-distance moves. 

Seniors transporting a large amount of heavy furniture will appreciate the wide range of containers on offer. They have small, medium, and large sturdy steel containers that can keep all their belongings in one place. Depending on the situation, PODS also offers refunds for delivered containers that go unused. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hire movers to move one item? 

Yes, you can hire partial load movers or single-item movers if needed. These services are useful if you’re planning a small move and just need to transport something like a sofa or a refrigerator. These services are also useful if you have valuable items that you would rather move separately while you coordinate the rest of your moving plans.

How do movers move heavy furniture?  

Movers use different equipment to move heavy furniture. This list includes hand trucks, 4-wheel dollies, or appliance dollies. 

What is the cheapest way to move? 

The cheapest way to move, of course, is to do everything yourself. That said, seniors who are unable to pack their things and lift heavy items would be better off leaving this process to a moving company. 

What is the average cost of moving to another state? 

On average, it costs $4,000 more to move out of state than it does to move within your state. An intrastate move costs around $1,200, while an interstate move costs up to $5,500. 

What will movers not pack?  

Moving companies tend to have a checklist of hazardous items they cannot move and pack. This checklist typically includes things like gasoline, oxygen bottles, lighter fluids, and other potentially dangerous items. 

Seniors moving homes will have plenty of concerns when it comes to packing and transporting furniture. Finding furniture companies that offer packing and loading services can help shoulder the burden, even if it comes at an extra cost. Before choosing a moving company, don’t forget to read customer reviews that can give you additional insight. 

If you don’t have a destination in mind for your next move, feel free to read up on where to move for your retirement and browse our other articles on Senior Strong! 

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