Best Garden Kneelers for Seniors

Are you having trouble staying active as a senior? Try gardening! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even classifies gardening as an exercise that helps maintain your body weight, promotes deeper sleep, and boosts muscle strength. Sadly, some seniors find the task too challenging — after all, tending to your lawn for several hours on end hurts the knees and back.

If you want to enjoy gardening to the fullest without worrying about your joints, use garden kneelers. As the name suggests, kneelers serve as a soft, comfortable cushion for your knees. Kneel on these mats instead of the floor to perform gardening tasks easier without hurting your joints or getting your pants dirty.

What Are Garden Kneelers?

Gardening tasks typically involve kneeling and bending. While young, healthy adults might have no trouble squatting down multiple times, seniors no longer have the same flexibility and joint strength. Your physical capabilities decline as you age, with statistics showing that 1/4 of adults over 55 experience knee pain.

Fortunately, you can mitigate the pain by using garden kneelers. These pads consist of a soft, durable filling capable of cushioning your knees and carrying your weight for several hours on end. Your knees might still ache after long gardening sessions. However, placing garden kneelers under your knees mitigates the risk of knee complications drastically.

Top Garden Kneelers for Seniors in 2021

Do you find yourself stuck between the best garden kneelers on the market? We have you covered! Use our brief comparison review below as a helpful starting point when shopping:

Dimple DC140132 Kneeling Mats

  • Product Weight: 1.46 lbs.
  • Kneeler Type: Kneeler
  • Price: $19.92

The Dimple DC140132 ranks as the best garden kneeler on this list. It weighs less than two pounds, comes with a comfortable EVA foam filling, and has an affordable price tag. Moreover, its 1.5-inch layer of EVA foam has strong resistance. It protects your knees against jagged pebbles, tough soil, itchy bugs, and sharp blades of glass.

Miracle-Gro 4-in-1 Garden Stool Multi-Use Garden Scooter Rolling Cart

  • Product Weight: 4.3 lbs.
  • Kneeler Type: Kneeler & Seat
  • Price: $42.99

It’s typically hard to move around when kneeling on a garden kneeler seat. Bending too far back might tip over the tool, causing you to fall flat on the floor. 

If you want a kneeler seat that allows you to twist and bend all you want, go for the Miracle-Gro 4-in-1 Garden Stool Multi-Use Garden Scooter. Just push the scooter gently to the sides if you want to move around.

Navy Penguin Kneeling Pad

  • Product Weight: 0.5 lbs.
  • Kneeler Type: Kneeler
  • Price: $13.97

For senior gardeners having difficulty balancing themselves on soft, bouncy cushions, try the Navy Penguin kneeling pads. This lightweight tool features two durable layers of EVA foam. The foam has a firm, sturdy consistency, making it much easier to balance your body when kneeling and bending.

RED Home Club Thick Kneeling Pad

  • Product Weight: 0.75 lbs.
  • Kneeler Type: Kneeler
  • Price: $17.97

RED Home Club’s Thick Kneeling Pad is a 1.5-inch stuffed garden kneeler suited for various applications. Yes, this kneeler primarily protects your knees while gardening. However, its wide surface area makes it the perfect multipurpose tool for multiple tasks that require you to bend, lie down, or kneel.

SONGMICS Garden Kneeler Seat

  • Product Weight: 6.5 lbs.
  • Kneeler Type: Kneeler & Seat
  • Price: $45.99

The SONGMICS Garden Kneeler Seat ranks among the most durable options on the market. Its lightweight, portable frame can carry up to 330 lbs. You don’t have to worry about the foam crumbling or the joints breaking due to heavy everyday usage. The side compartments also make tool storage more convenient.

HappyPicnic PVC-Coated Kneeling Mat

  • Product Weight: 0.55 lbs.
  • Kneeler Type: Kneeler
  • Price: $17.95

You don’t have to compromise aesthetics for durability and comfort. If you want a cute, appealing garden kneeler, try the HappyPicnic PVC-Coated Kneeling Mat. This tool comes with a sturdy PVC coat. Apart from its bright-colored print, the PVC coat has an easy-to-clean surface with resistance against sharp pebbles and slippery mud.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of foam is used in knee pads? 

Most brands use polyurethane filling for knee pads and garden kneelers, among other tools meant to cushion the joints for hours every day.

What is the average cost of knee pads?  

You can get durable garden kneelers for around $20, although the prices can fluctuate as low as $10 and as high as $100.

Who needs garden kneelers?

Anyone can use a garden kneeler. The only ones who should think twice about garden kneelers are patients with knee complications who need specialized cushions.

Can you make your own garden kneeler?

Yes, you can make a DIY garden kneeler. Get a bag or two of polyester filling, neatly place them in the middle of a large oilcloth, fold the cloth together, then sew the ends together. You can use other materials as a filling. However, polyester has a durable yet soft structure that retains its shape and texture for a long time.

What are some other features of garden kneelers?  

Despite their name, garden kneelers can do more than just cushion your knees while gardening. You can use them for support when performing DIY repairs, handyman tasks, exercising, or bathing your pets.

Maximize your garden kneelers by pairing them with other gardening tools. Get a pair of gloves to keep your hands safe, a stool to support your back, and a hat to shield you against strong sunlight. Use these tools to make the activity as convenient as possible. Most gardening tasks take hours to accomplish, so a bit of joint and back support goes a long way.

However, don’t be too quick to buy garden kneelers if you have bad knees. Extended usage might worsen your knee complication since they do not have the proper structure to support injured or inflamed joints. Consult your doctor first.

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