Best Pill Cutter for Seniors

As the years pass by, you may notice your list of prescription medications growing longer and longer. Around nine in ten seniors aged 65 and above are on prescription medication and are also more likely to take multiple prescribed drugs regularly. One thing that can significantly help manage senior medication is a handy little pill cutter

If you have higher doses of medication that need to be split, then a pill cutter can ensure that pills are cut evenly and accurately. These small mechanisms are safe to use and provide precisely cut senior medication when you need it. 

Best Pill Cutters for Seniors in 2021

There are different shapes, styles, and materials for these cutters out in the market today, which makes it important to study your options.

Best for Its Sturdiness: Acu-Life

  • Cost: $5.99
  • Type of cutter: Razorblade made of medical-grade plastic

Acu-Life’s pill cutter is known for its sturdy design and quality, which is great considering its affordable price tag. It also has two compartments for storing pills and can be easily carried around. 

You can also stick it in the dishwasher to clean as it is made of medical-grade plastic. It may not ensure the most accurate pill cuts, but it is still a good straightforward cutter that does exactly what you need it to.

Best for Cutting Multiple Pills: Pillcut Multiple Pill Splitter

  • Cost: $19.95
  • Type of cutter: Razorblade

The Pillcut Multiple Pill Splitter is the most efficient option if you want to split multiple pills in one go. Made with stainless steel and a medical-grade blade, you will have several equal-sized halves at once. It even has a guard so that your fingers are protected. 

It is best suited for round and oval-shaped pills. You can also use the mechanism as a container for holding extra pills.

Best for Minimalist Design: Equadose

  • Cost: $29.95
  • Type of cutter: Hinged and curved double blade

Equadose’s pill cutter is sleek and minimalistic — it hardly even looks like a pill cutter. Made with solid aircraft aluminum and curved twin blades, you can be assured that your pills will be cut accurately and evenly every time you use this tool. 

The unique angled design of the blades can cut any shape of pills and will never dull. To use it, you simply have to align your pill with the blades, slide the lid over to close it, and then squeeze until it splits. 

Best for Cutting All Types of Pills: Ezy Dose

  • Cost: $9.75
  • Type of cutter: Razorblade

Ezy Dose is the best pill cutter for cutting pills of all types and sizes — it can even crush pills that need to be dissolved in liquids. To cut a pill, put it on the surface and close the lid. 

Its razor blade is made of stainless steel, which means it will remain sharp no matter how many times you use it. Its cylindrical, canister-like shape has a drinking cup and a compartment for keeping around four pills as well. 

Best for Portability: JohnBee

  • Cost: $7.98
  • Type of cutter: Razorblade

The JohnBee Pill Cutter is for pills of all sizes up to those 0.8”. With a firm grip, you can make precise cuts, whether you are cutting into halves, quarters, or eighths. It is a great option for carrying around as it has a keychain and built-in storage that can keep around four to eight pills. 

It has a detachable cover and a small brush, which allows you to have an easy time cleaning leftover remnants of pills. 

Best for Ergonomic Design: Apex Ultra Pill Cutter

  • Cost: $3.90
  • Type of cutter: Razorblade

The Apex Ultra Pill Cutter has a straightforward mechanism for cutting pills. As it is made with transparent optical grade polycarbonate, you can easily see what you are cutting. Its retracting blade ensures that your fingers will be protected while you are cutting your pills. It also has a blade guard to protect your fingers when it’s not in use.

The outer part of the pill cutter has been ergonomically designed, with grooves so that your fingers easily grip the container.

The Benefits of Pill Cutters for Seniors

Since seniors are often on different types of medication, and some with higher doses than others, pill cutters are your best chance at having equally cut pills every time. Instead of turning to knives, scissors, or any other sharp objects you find around your house, pill cutters are safe and easy to use, and are very reliable in providing you with precise cuts.

You can start using a pill cutter immediately, once you get the go signal from your healthcare provider or pharmacist that it’s safe for the medication you are taking. If it’s fine, then you might find that a pill cutter is a life-changing little invention that gets the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions

While pill cutters are a straightforward tool, there are a few frequently asked questions that can help clear out confusion below. 

What do pharmacists use to cut pills? 

Pharmacists use pill splitters to cut pills, as they’re cheap and can cut pills precisely. 

Can a pill that is not scored be cut in half?  

It is important to ask your pharmacist before cutting your pills in half, as not all tablets that are scored can safely be split. On the flip side, some tablets that aren’t scored are actually safe to be cut in half. 

Why are some pills scored? 

Pill scoring is used to indicate that a pill can be split (and thus the score helps users split the pills easily). Manufacturers who score their pills must ensure that these grooves are consistent in spacing, size, and depth to ensure that customers use them effectively.  

Can you crush blood pressure pills?

Some studies have shown that medication effectiveness actually diminishes when a pill gets crushed. Since some people have a tendency to crush their tablets — especially if they take more than four doses of medication a day — it is important to ask your pharmacist whether your pills can be crushed. 

How long can I keep pills in a pillbox? 

When it comes to storing your pills, they should be good enough for up to two weeks provided they are stored properly (i.e. tightly shut to avoid moisture). 

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Find the pill cutter that suits your needs best and you will never go back. For more advice on senior care products, Senior Strong is your go-to resource. Check out some of our previous articles on the best investments big and small that can make your life as a senior much simpler. 

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