Best Pill Dispenser Machine for Seniors

A number of older adults may suffer from mild cognitive impairment, which indicates that they have thinking or memory problems. For some, this can even be a sign of Alzheimer’s in its early stages. This may prevent you from being able to do basic yet important daily tasks, such as taking your medication. 

Taking medication is a basic way of staying healthy even as we age, and a pill dispenser machine can actually help seniors with that. Below we have created a list of the best pill dispensers in the market based on their durability, user reviews, tamper-proof abilities, caregiver functions, customization, and more. 

Top Pill Dispensers for Seniors in 2021

To help you narrow down your options for pill dispensers, here are five of the best models currently available in the market today.

Best for Basic Yet Complete Features: e-Pill MedSmart Plus

  • Cost: $249.95
  • Pills It Can Hold: 28 days worth of medication
  • Ease-Of-Use Feature: Automatically adjusts to Daylight Saving schedules

The e-Pill MedSmart Plus is a safe dispenser with a locked lid. It sends out up to six alarms every day with lights to remind users to take their medication. It also warns you if its battery is running low. It also adjusts automatically whenever it is Daylight Savings. 

This pill dispenser can hold 28 days worth of medication with separate compartments per day. When an alarm rings, you will have to press the button to release the medication. 

Best for Managing Multiple Medications: Hero Automatic Medication Dispenser

  • Cost: $29.99/month with a one-time $49.99 registration
  • Pills It Can Hold: 90 days worth of pills (and 10 different medications)
  • Ease-Of-Use Feature: Comes with an app for easy and efficient monitoring

Hero Automatic Medication Dispenser is one of the best automatic dispensers for managing multiple medications. Aside from holding 90 days’ worth of pills at any size, you can also keep up to 10 different types of medications. It blasts both visual and auditory alerts when you need to take a pill — and it even has its own app.

With its app, caregivers can make sure that their patients are prompt with their doses or if the dispenser is running low. You can also manage your own schedule on it. Users even have a chance to opt for automatic prescription refills. 

Best for Caregiver-Friendliness: MedaCube

  • Cost: $1,399 
  • Pills It Can Hold: 90 days worth of pills
  • Ease-Of-Use Feature: Has an online chart for tracking dosages

MedaCube is one of the more advanced pill dispensers, with its LED touchscreen and the ability for caregivers to record their voice for alerts. Caregivers will have access to an online chart to track patients’ dosages, and will also be notified if there are any missed doses, if the stock of pills is running low, and even if someone tampers with the dispenser.

This model can also hold 90 days’ worth of pills and will dispense up to 16 different ones at once. Upon hearing the alarm, its drawer will open for you to get your medication.

Best for Smart Features and Functions: Pria

  • Cost: $299.99 upfront cost and $9.99/monthly
  • Pills It Can Hold: 28 days worth of pills
  • Ease-Of-Use Feature: Facial recognition for access

If you are interested in smart features and functions, the Pria pill dispenser is one of the best in the market today. Aesthetically, the Pria does not look like your average dispenser as it has a round LED screen with an animated face. The dispenser has 28 compartments that can each hold around 10 different pills.

As this dispenser comes with a subscription, you will also have access to its app for tracking medication and setting other reminders. The Pria even has a speaker and camera where you can make video calls, and a facial recognition feature to access the medication. 

Best for Portability: TabTime Super 8

  • Cost: $25.90
  • Pills It Can Hold: 40 pills
  • Ease-Of-Use Feature: Can fit into a pocket

The TabTime Super 8 is the best dispenser on this list for portability. It has eight compartments that can hold around 5 pills each. For a fraction of the price of other dispensers with the same basic features, the TabTime Super 8 also allows you to set up to eight alarms daily. 

This dispenser also sends out sound alerts and flashes lights when you need to take your medication. You can shut the dispenser with a magnetic closure, and this model was actually created taking into account the needs of those with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Why Seniors Need To Use Pill Dispensers

It can be easy to forget to take your medications at any age, but particularly so if you are a senior. Pill dispenser machines can help seniors stay on track with taking necessary medications, minimizing the margin of error in taking the wrong pills and/or doses, or forgetting to take them altogether.

These dispensers can also simplify the process of administering and managing medications for caregivers. A lot of the models in the market today also have advanced features that give you the ability to see if a patient misses their medication, or if the dispenser is running low on pills. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medicare cover medication dispensers? 

Medicare does not cover the cost of electronic medicine dispensers. Despite this, these types of dispensers are worth the money as they make distributing medication even easier.

Do automatic pill dispensers work?  

Automatic pill dispensers are a great choice for seniors who are taking multiple medications or have a habit of forgetting to take their medication. 

Can you put vitamins in a pillbox? 

You can put your vitamins in a pillbox assuming that these have been cleared for potential interactions with your other medications. Should you have any questions, it’s best to ask your doctor. 

How many pills can the Hero dispenser hold? 

The Hero dispenser can store up to 10 different types of pills. One dispenser can hold up to 90 days worth of medication. 

How long can I keep pills in a pillbox? 

When it comes to storing your pills, they should be good enough for up to two weeks provided they are stored properly (i.e. tightly shut to avoid moisture). 

Pill dispensers are one of the best things you can purchase for seniors who want to age in place. Not only do these devices ensure that they stay on top of taking their necessary medications, but they can also give them a sense of empowerment in being able to take them on their own.

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