Dementia Care Support Groups For Caregivers

Dementia care support groups have been shown in studies to improve people's mental health and improve the quality of life for those with dementia and their loved ones. Finding a community going through your struggles as a caregiver is important whether you are new to the job or have been a caretaker for dementia patients for years.  

Read on to know more about getting dementia care support groups.

What To Know About Support Groups For Dementia Caregivers

As your loved one's memories fade and skills deteriorate, caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease or dementia might feel like a succession of grieving experiences. Dementia causes people to alter and behave in unexpected ways, which can be unpleasant or upsetting. 

These shifts can cause feelings of bewilderment, irritation, and despair in caregivers and patients. As the disease progresses through the stages, your loved one's needs will grow, your caregiving and financial duties will become more difficult, and weariness, stress, and loneliness will become overwhelming.

What Are Some Caregiver Support Groups To Check Out?

Multiple caregiver groups in the U.S. exist to help with the impending pressure of taking care of dementia patients. Here are a few you should check out if you're actively working with dementia patients in a nursing home:

Family Caregiver Alliance

  • Membership Fees: None
  • Set-up: Discussion group via email, online, and video (Zoom)
  • Details: There are support groups for family caregivers, a phone support group in Spanish, and LGBTQ+ support groups. The Young Adult Caregivers Support Group is only open to Bay Area residents.

Family Caregiver Alliance is a free, unmoderated online community for family members, partners of persons with dementia, and caregivers of adults who have chronic, debilitating disorders like Alzheimer's disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc.

During group chats, you can send and receive email messages. For gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender carers, the Family Caregiver Alliance also has an LGBT Community Support forum.

Dementia Mentors

  • Membership Fees: None
  • Set-up: Online activities, virtual gatherings, one-on-one mentorship
  • Details: Mentoring volunteers with dementia lead the program, including online activities and 46 monthly gatherings. There are currently no in-person meetings scheduled.

Dementia Mentors' main purpose is to provide a social outlet for persons living with dementia in a friendly setting. Mentoring might include answering questions about daily life, coping with dementia, and sharing experiences and other topics.

Memory Café, an online social gathering for people with dementia, is another service offered by the organization. Every month, roughly 46 meetings are held at various times throughout the day to accommodate those who live in different time zones.

Memory People

  • Membership Fees: None
  • Set-up: Social media platform
  • Details: Community members can interact with others with dementia, caregivers, loved ones, and family members, and they can only see posts if they are members. Note that you will need a Facebook account to sign up or register.

There are numerous Facebook support groups for people with dementia and their caregivers that provide confidential social media platforms. Memory Persons is a community for people living with dementia and their careers, family members, and other loved ones, with over 23,500 members.

Group administrators will need to submit their permissions before sending you an email response message (a polite welcome that will inform you more about the group and allow you to browse the comments from other group members).

Over 16 million Americans and many more worldwide care for someone with dementia. Since there is presently no treatment for Alzheimer's or dementia, your caregiving and support are typically the most important factors in improving your loved one's quality of life. 

Providing good care for your loved ones suffering from dementia is a duty caregivers in professional facilities take to heart. However, this can often cause distress and lead to strained mental health. 

Finding dementia care support groups is a good way to ensure you’ve got your bases covered. Learn more about dementia night care for your loved ones with memory problems by sorting through useful blogs at Senior Strong.

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