Senior Strong Glossary

Accessibility - This is the ability of people with a disability to easily access, work, and participate fully in a facility without barriers.
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) - Basic ADLs can measure if someone needs assistance performing basic self-care tasks or not.
Acute Care - Care that is typically offered for a limited period to address a specific sickness or condition.
Adaptive Clothing - Clothing tailored for those with physical disabilities, the elderly, and the infirm who cannot dress themselves. See top adaptive clothing for women.
Adjustable Bed - A bed that features a multi-hinged lying surface that can be adjusted to a variety of configurations. See adjustable beds for seniors.
Admission - The date an individual has been admitted to a nursing home where Medicaid has paid a claim.
Advance Care Planning - The planning portion of treatment directives and appointment of a proxy decision-maker.
Aging In Place - Aging in place involves elders living in their home, often with the assisstance of caregivers or loved ones. See more about aging in place.
Alzheimer's Disease - A progressive, irreversible disease marked by brain cell deterioration and severe memory loss.
Area Agency on Aging - A local agency that coordinates various social and health care programs for senior citizens.
Assisted Living - A type of housing specifically built for those who require varying degrees of medical and personal care. See affordable assisted living facilities.
Assistive Devices - Elderly or people with disabilities can use these tools to accomplish vital job functions.
Bathroom Safety Products - Safety products that assist seniors in the bathroom, lower risk of falls, and help them be as independent as possible. See bathroom safety products for the elderly.
Bath Chairs - Chairs that serve to promote safety by providing a secure location in a slippery shower or bath. See bath chairs for elderly individuals.
Bath Lift - An assistive medical device that gently lifts or lowers a person into or out of a bath. See more about bath lifts for the elderly.
Bathtub - A long, typically rectangular container that an individual fills with water and use to bathe. See bathtubs for the elderly.
Bed Safety Rails - Safety rails used to keep patients or the elderly from slipping, sliding, falling, or rolling out of bed accidentally. See bed safety rails for the elderly.
Beneficiary - Someone who benefits from or is covered by an insurance policy or other health care financing.
Board Certified - Someone who benefits from or is covered by an insurance policy or other health care financing.
Canes - Also known as walking canes; one of various assistive devices available to aid in ambulation or walking. See the best canes for elderly individuals.
Caregiver - A person who supports and assists a family member, friend, or neighbor with various activities. See more about caregivers.
Caregiving - The act of meeting all of a dependent's needs, whether they are children or seniors. See caregiving for seniors.
Care Plan - A document detailing the nature and frequency of long-term care services for a client.
Chore Services - Services that assist with household duties such as repairs, yard work, and deep cleaning.
Chronic Disease - A condition that is permanent or is predicted to require long supervision, observation, or care.
Chronic Illness - Long-term or permanent illness that frequently results in incapacity or cannot do activities alone.
Chronically Ill or Sick - A patient unable to perform at least two ADLs without the assistance of another person.
Clinic - A facility, or a part of one, focused on outpatient diagnosis and treatment.
Cognitive Impairment - Decline or loss of intellectual capacity needing constant supervision of another person.
Companion Care - Care concerned with providing emotional support and companionship to seniors who are healthy and wish to stay at home. See more about companion care.
Continuing Care Retirement Community - Independent living, personal care/assisted living, and skilled nursing are all available in CCRCs.
Dementia - Refers to a group of diseases characterized by memory loss and cognitive impairment. See what dementia is for seniors.
Dental Plans - Often referred to as dental insurance; a type of health insurance that covers a portion of the costs of dental care. See best dental plans for seniors.
Disability - The restriction of an individual's regular physical, mental, and social activity.
Discharge - The process through which a patient is discharged from the care of a provider.
Durable Medical Equipment (DME) - DMEs are hospital beds, wheelchairs, oxygen systems, and prostheses used at home.
Estate Planning - The planning of actions that will assist an individual in managing their asset base in the case of incapacitation or death. See estate planning for seniors.
Exercise - Defined as physical activity that involves exercising the body through movement and elevating the heart rate. See best exercises for seniors.
Food Delivery - A service in which food is delivered to a customer by a store, restaurant, or independent food delivery company. See food delivery for seniors.
Grabber tool - A handheld mechanical instrument used to enhance the range of a person's reach when grabbing something. See the best grabber tools for elderly individuals.
Geriatrics - A medical speciality devoted to the treatment of senior health concerns.
Guardian - A conservator appointed by a court to make health care decisions on an individual's behalf.
Handicapped - An individual who has a physical or mental impairment limiting one or more major life activities.
Health Insurance - Financial protection against the expenditures of medical care caused by disease or an accident.
Hearing Aid - A battery-operated electronic device that is used to help the elderly or people with hearing disablities hear better. See the best hearing aids for seniors.
Hearing Loss - Loss of hearing is a prevalent issue that can be attributed to aging, disease, noise, or heredity. See how to help a loved one with hearing loss.
Homebound - A person who cannot leave their house or can only manage to go to a medical appointment.
Homemaker Services - These include meal preparation, light housework, personal hygiene, and laundry assistance.
Home and Community-Based Services - HCBS organizations provide services to assist clients age in place in their chosen community.
Home Care - It is where an individual offers either companionship, personal care, or skilled nursing capabilities in a client’s home. See what home care for seniors is.
Home Health Aide - It is where an individual offers either companionship, personal care, or skilled nursing capabilities in a client’s home. See what home care for seniors is.
Home Health Care - Home Health Care delivers short-term health care services to patients in their homes.
Home Security System - Security systems guard a home's access points using sensors that connect with a control panel or command center. See home security systems for the elderly.
Hospice - Hospice organizations offer end-of-life care to those terminally ill and who have less than 6 months to live.
Hospice Care - A form of health care that concentrates on relieving the pain and symptoms of terminally sick patients and meeting their emotional and spiritual needs.
Impairment - Any impairment or deviation in physiological, psychological, or anatomical function.
Independent Living Retirement Communities - Independent living is available in all non-subsidized retirement communities.
Incontinence - Lack of control over urination; urine leaks when coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising, or lifting something heavy. See incontinence among seniors.
Institutional Long-Term Care (ILTC) - Services offered by nursing facilities, ICFs/MRs, mental hospitals for adults over the age of 65.
Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) - Tasks associated with household/independent living, such as housework and grocery shopping.
Intermediate Care - Occasional nursing and rehabilitation by a physician and monitored by medical personnel.
Jitterbug Smartphone - A smartphone that helps seniors contact their loved ones with a straightforward interface, voice typing, and video chat. See more about Jitterbug Smartphone for elderly.
Job Opportunity - Indicates a job vacancy for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment in the United States that can be referred to US workers. See best job opportunities for senior citizens.
Legal Services - Services made to assist the person in executing constitutional and legislatively enacted rights. See legal services for seniors.
Life Insurance - A contract between an insurance policyholder and an insurer, where the insurer agrees to pay a specified beneficiary upon the covered person's death. See best life insurance for seniors.
Medicaid - Provides health care to low-income adults, pregnant women, children, senior citizens, and those with disabilities.
Medical Alert Apps - These allow users to notify emergency contacts if they are in an emergency situation and want assistance. See best medical alert apps for seniors.
Medical Alert Systems - Alert systems enabling emergency monitoring inside and outside the home, ensuring the well-being of loved ones. See best medical alert systems for elderly.
Medical Benefits - Benefits involve all medical care necessary to maintain, promote, and restore a person's health. See more about medical benefits.
Medicare Benefits - Benefits that cover the cost of hospitalization in public hospitals and helps fund a variety of health services and medications. See more about Medicare benefits for seniors.
Memory Care Facility - Developed to provide a secure, regulated place with established routines for people with Alzheimer's or dementia. See best memory care facilities for seniors.
Mobility Equipment - Equipment that enable indviduals who have difficulty moving about to have increased freedom and independence. See top mobility equipment for elderly people.
Mobility Scooter - An electric scooter made for individuals with limited mobility, generally the elderly or crippled. See more about senior mobility scooters.
Nursing Home - Used by those who do not require hospitalization but cannot be cared for at home. See more about nursing home costs.
Overbed Tables - A platform for food trays that can also be used to store personal belongings such as computers, phones, or books. See overbed tables for the elderly.
Power Lift Recliner - An armchair that lifts and slants to assist elderly individuals get in and out of a seated position. See lift recliners for seniors.
Private Sitter - Also known as elderly caretaker; works directly with an elderly client or patient to assist them in any way necessary. See private sitter for the elderly.
Retirement Home - A house or apartment where an elderly resides, particularly one that is constructed specifically for the needs of elderly people. See best senior retirement homes.
Senior Discounts - Discounts offered to seniors along with other people, like clergy and military personnel, in recognition of their service. See more about senior discounts.
Senior Fare Card - A prepaid card that can be used to pay for mass transit fare; it can be printed on or magnetized. See the benefits of a senior fare card.
Senior Homes - Housing that is appropriate for an elderly population; it can be independent living or 24-hour care. See more about senior homes.
Social Security - Any government system that gives financial support to those who have insufficient or no income. See social security for seniors.
Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) - SSDI is a program that provides monthly benefits to those under the age of 65 who have sufficient work credits and qualifying disability.
Strength Training - Training that comprises the execution of physical exercises aimed at increasing strength and endurance. See the best strength training for seniors.
Tai Chi - A Chinese internal martial art that is practiced for self-defense, health benefits, and meditation. See the benefits of Tai Chi for seniors.
Tinnitus - A term that refers to hearing sounds that originate within your body instead of from an external source. See more about Tinnitus.
Veteran Disability Compensation - Compensations to veterans who have disabilities from their service or who have been discharged honorably.
Vitamin B12 - It is a component in DNA synthesis and in the metabolism of both fatty acids and amino acids.
Walkers - A form of mobility device that assist seniors in their daily activities. There are choices available to meet every needs. See walkers for seniors.
Wheelchair - A wheeled chair designed as a mode of transport for those unable to walk due to injury, illness, or disability. See the best wheelchairs for seniors.
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