Life Alert Bracelets for Seniors

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every four older adults falls at least once a year. If your loved one falls once, there at a higher risk to fall again in the future. If they don't have a way to call you, what might happen to them?

As simple as they may be, life alert bracelets or medical alert systems can save people's lives — especially senior adults in your home. With these devices that assist with senior care, carers and family members will feel secure that there will be a way for senior relatives to get help in case they might need it.

The Best Life Alert Bracelet Providers For Seniors in 2021

Giving your loved one a life bracelet as a medical alert device is a proactive step towards their health and wellness — but there are numerous options available in the market today. To help you pick out the best medical alert systems for your loved ones, we looked at the leading brands and reviewed them to see which ones would best fit a senior adult's needs.

Best Overall Life Alert Bracelet: Bay Alarm Medical

  • Plans start at $29.95 per month
  • No equipment fee for In-Home, one-time $79 for the GPS Help button, and one-time $179 for a smartwatch
  • 1,000 feet In-Home detection range
  • 5-year battery life, with 32-hour In-Home backup
  • No activation fee with automatic fall detection at $10 per month

The top life alert bracelet on our list is from Bay Alarm Medical, as they make alert systems at a good price point with high-quality features. Plus, this brand is known for its excellent service. The company offers numerous packages and some of the features you can add are location tracking, bundled services savings, necklaces for pendants, caregiver tracking, and automatic fall and crash detection.

Bay Alarm Medical also has a US-based customer service team you can call seven days a week or chat on the website with should you need some assistance. Plus, their monitoring service is accessible in 170 different languages.

Best Medical Smartwatch: Medical Guardian

  • Plans start at $29.95
  • No equipment fee except for Mini Guardian worth $124.95
  • In-home range at 600 feet to 1,300 feet
  • Smartwatch lasts up to 2 days, In-Home lasts with a 32-hour backup
  • No activation fee with automatic fall detection at $10 per month

Medical Guardian is another strong contender, with customer reviews backing their promise of excellent service. The company promises protection and safety for its customers and it follows up on that promise with the TMA Five Diamond Certified monitoring center.

What makes Medical Guardian shine, despite its various offerings, is its medical smartwatch. The company offers a lot of high-tech features that you can customize for your senior loved ones' needs. Users can enjoy a wearable wrist button, a mobile app for family members, and automatic fall detection.

Best for Caregiver Integration: Aloe Care Health

  • Plan starts at $24.99 per month
  • One-time hardware costs of $149.99 to $249.99, depending on the plan
  • 200 feet In-Home detection range
  • 5 days battery life
  • No activation fee and no automatic fall detection fee

Though Aloe Care Health is a newbie in the medical alert system market, it is still making rounds with satisfied customers. What people love about this company is their Caregiver App, which gives the freedom to check in with the senior wearer with real-time updates.

Additionally, Aloe Care Health's system has a check-in system where you can call all caregivers at the same time. To do that, this life alert on the wrist works on 4G networks, surviving without WiFi or a landline.

Best Customer Service: MobileHelp

  • Plans start at $19.95 per month
  • No equipment fee
  • 1,300 to 1,400 feet detection range, depending on the plan
  • 3-day battery life for mobile battery, 24-hour battery backup at home
  • No activation fee with automatic fall detection at $10 per month

MobileHelp shines amongst other brands with their more affordable plans. Aside from the mobile system, they do not charge extra for a home unit. Overall, Mobile Help offers six reliable emergency response systems, but what people appreciate the most is the high-quality service.

MobileHelp has a monitoring system managed by Rapid Response, known for setting high standards for quality and excellence. Additionally, you can enjoy MobileHelp Connect App for real-time notifications and tracking.

Best for Mobile App Design: Medical Alert

  • Plans start at $19.95 per month
  • No equipment fee
  • 800 feet in-home detection range
  • 5-day battery life for mobile battery, 36-hour battery backup at home
  • No activation fee with automatic fall detection at $10 per month

Medical Alert shines in providing one of the best mobile apps in the industry, allowing it to land on this best medical alert bracelet list. It's a mobile app that allows the user to track where the wearer is, make emergency calls, and see the real-time device status.

Best In-Home Coverage: LifeFone

  • Plans start at $24.95
  • No equipment fee
  • 1,300 feet In-Home detection range
  • 5 days battery life
  • No activation fee with automatic fall detection at $5 per month

LifeFone offers one of the largest in-home coverage ranges in the world of medical alert devices. This company is also one of the most trusted as it has more than 30 years' worth of experience in providing various emergency monitoring devices.

Some of the features of the company's devices include medication alerts, smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring, a wearable wrist button, a mobile alert app for individuals, and a Family Guard app for family members.

Best for Language Support: Alert1

  • Plans start at $28.95
  • No equipment fee
  • 400 to 600 feet In-Home detection range
  • 30-day battery life and 24-hour backup battery
  • No activation fee and no automatic fall detection fee

The best life alert bracelet list won't be complete without Alert1, as no other company can compete with its extensive language support — covering about 190 languages! There are millions of Americans who don't use English as their primary language, so having speakers of their native language offering them support during emergency cases can ease away their concerns and stress away.

In addition, Alert1 offers a reliable on-the-go system with a solid battery life and great pricing deals if you go for longer plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information should be on a medical alert bracelet?

When engraving your medical ID, we always recommend including at least one emergency contact number preceded by the letters ICE for In Case of Emergency.

Most people engrave a trusted family member or close friend's cell phone number with knowledge of their medical condition(s) to receive updates in case they (the bracelet wearer) are unable to communicate during an emergency situation.

Do you need WiFi for medical alert systems?

The wireless medical alert system must be able to connect to the network. Indeed, some devices feature a GPS locator that will give the operators in the medical monitoring center a good fix on your location once a panic button is pressed, and this GPS functionality requires some kind of wireless connection or data service.

Does fall detection work?

Fall alert detectors are an easy, non-invasive way to ensure safety for elders and those with limited mobility. They work by sensing what position the user is in, how fast they're moving, and whether they're moving slowly or abruptly.

How do I get out of my life-alert contract?

Cancellation is easy with a call to customer service, but the company won't finalize the process until all of the equipment is returned. Because of this, it is recommended that you get tracking information when shipping your alert device back.

Can you get a free medical alert bracelet?

Some hospitals provide free medical alert bracelets, and it's worth calling the hospitals in your area. If a hospital doesn't offer that service, ask if they can refer you to a local foundation or agency that provides medical alert bracelets for free or at discounted rates. That way you'll be able to get one regardless of your insurance coverage status.

Having a life alert bracelet can give a layer of peace and security to senior adults and their family that cares for them. Choose the best one for your needs from our list and enjoy a safer life for the ones you love. For finding the best medical alert system for senior adults, check out the rest of Senior Strong today!

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