AAA Membership Senior Discount

Published: December 20, 2023
Last updated: February 2, 2024

Does AAA Membership Offer A Senior Discount?

Yes, AAA offers membership discounts for seniors and various benefits tailored to their needs. These discounts and benefits are part of the typical suite of AAA services available to all members​​. 

AAA Membership Overview

AAA Membership offers various benefits, including roadside assistance, thousands of discounts, ID theft monitoring, bicycle service, and weather alerts. Members can avail of roadside assistance in any car, whether as a driver or a passenger, covering tows, flat tires, lockouts, dead batteries, and minor car repairs. There are also significant savings on everyday essentials, dining, shopping, travel, and attraction tickets. Additionally, members have access to proactive car maintenance services at AAA Car Care locations and can enroll in ProtectMyID® from Experian® for free​​.


AAA Membership Offers For Seniors

Classic Membership: Priced at $72 annually, it includes:

  • Up to four tows covering 5 miles each

  • $50 credit for vehicle lockout services

  • Fuel delivery at pump price

  • Identity theft monitoring

Higher-Priced Tiers: Offer Additional Benefits Like:

  • Towing over longer distances

  • More comprehensive features

Additional Tips For Saving Money At AAA Membership

  • Choose the right membership level based on your needs.

  • Take advantage of member discounts on travel, dining, shopping, and more.

  • Utilize free or discounted services such as roadside assistance and car maintenance.

  • Enroll in the free ID theft monitoring service.

  • Stay informed about special promotions or seasonal discounts.

  • Explore group or family memberships for potential savings.

  • Regularly review membership benefits to ensure you're maximizing all available savings opportunities.

Alternatives To AAA Membership For Senior Discounts

Frequently Asked Questions

What does AAA Classic Membership include?

Classic Membership includes four tows up to 5 miles each, a $50 vehicle lockout service credit, fuel delivery at pump prices, and identity theft monitoring.

How much does AAA Classic Membership cost annually?

The Classic Membership is priced at $72 per year.

Are there different levels of AAA Membership?

Yes, AAA offers higher-priced tiers with additional benefits, including longer-distance towing and more comprehensive features.

Does AAA Membership offer any senior-specific benefits?

AAA provides benefits tailored for seniors, such as roadside assistance, identity theft monitoring, and senior driving safety programs.

Can AAA Membership benefits be used immediately after joining?

Yes, benefits are available as soon as the membership dues are processed.

Is AAA Membership transferable between states?

Yes, you can transfer your AAA Membership to another state easily.

William Rivers is an editor with a master’s degree in Human Services Counseling at Maine State University. He has more than 20 years of experience working in the senior healthcare industry.
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