The Best Senior Discounts for Leisure

One major perk of aging is the variety of senior discounts on offer in terms of dining, travel, shopping, and leisure. To help you save some money on your next outing, here are some of the best wallet-friendly senior discounts you can obtain. Depending on whether you’re looking for some rest and relaxation or a more thrilling adventure, there are plenty of options out there! 

Top Senior Discounts for Leisure Activities

To claim your senior discount, you’ll usually need to meet the age requirement and present a driver’s license or valid ID with your birth date. You may also need to sign up for an additional membership, so it’s best to double-check before moving forward. 

Best for Movie Lovers: AMC Theatres 

  • Discount amount: Up to 30% depending on location 
  • Number of redemptions: Unlimited 
  • Eligibility: Seniors aged 60+ with a valid ID

From action movies to romance flicks, there’s always something to watch on the silver screen. If you’re looking for a deal, AMC Theatres offers senior pricing for those aged 60+ and over when you buy tickets online or in person. The good news is that you can buy tickets every day in a cinema near you. 

AMC offers plenty of amazing features that can enhance your cinematic experience. There are comfortable recliners, full-surround sound, and even 3D films that can add extra depth and dimension to your screens. In addition, the BigD digital screen offers a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, movie experience for even greater immersion. 

Best for Outdoor Adventurers: America the Beautiful Senior Pass 

  • Discount amount: Free entrance fees 
  • Number of redemptions: Once per person 
  • Eligibility: U.S.citizens and/or permanent residents aged 62+ 

If you love exploring the outdoors, the America the Beautiful Senior Pass grants access to over 2000 different sites across the country. You can purchase either the $80.00 lifetime or $20 annual senior pass, the proceeds of which go towards improving the facilities and services at national parks, national wildlife refuges, national forests, and grasslands. 

If you’re traveling with family, it also waives the entrance fee for individuals traveling with you if you have the pass. You can also get a discount on other amenities, such as camping and guided tours to enhance your outdoor experience. However, it’s important to note that you aren’t granted access to state parks with this pass. 

Best for Art Appreciation: Metropolitan Museum of Art 

  • Discount amount: Save $8 off the full ticket price 
  • Number of redemptions: Once per visit 
  • Eligibility: Senior citizens aged 65+ with valid ID the

If you’re visiting New York City, you’ll have to pay $25 to enter the Metropolitan Museum of Art as an adult. However, seniors who are aged 65 and older pay a discounted rate of only $17 to gain access to over 5,000 years of art from all over the world. From drawings of ancient civilizations to modern abstract art, there’s something for everyone. 

In addition to the permanent exhibitions on display, you’ll be able to view temporary world-class exhibitions from renowned curators and artists. Amenities include online tours, guided group tours, private tours, and audio guides to provide you with greater cultural and historical knowledge of what you see around you. 

Best for Car Lovers: NASCAR Hall of Fame

  • Discount amount: Save $3 off the full ticket price 
  • Number of redemptions: Once per visit 
  • Eligibility: Senior citizens aged 65+ with a valid ID

Located in Charlotte, Carolina, the NASCAR Hall of Fame is a must-visit for every car and racing enthusiast. Seniors aged 65 and over can gain entry for $22 as long as they present a valid piece of ID. Not just your typical museum, the NASCAR Hall of Fame contains over 50 interactive experiences to give you all the thrills and action you need. 

There’s the iRacing simulator attached to 8 different NASCAR stock car replicas to indulge you in your need for speed. The daily leaderboard can show you where you rank in terms of race time. In addition, there’s also the Pit Crew Challenge geared towards both teams and individuals if you’re up for some extra competition. 

Best for Audiobook Listeners: Audible

  • Discount amount: Save $2 off monthly membership or $30 off annual membership
  • Number of redemptions: Discount is limited to the first 12 months of subscription
  • Eligibility: Senior citizens with AARP membership 

If you’re always on the go, you might not have the time to read books. Alternatively, you might be more of an auditory learner rather than a visual one. This is where audiobooks and podcasts come in. An Audible membership enables you to gain access to thousands of titles and exclusive sales. The savings amounts vary on the duration of your membership.

To claim your savings, you’ll need to verify your status as an AARP member. After this, you’ll be able to gain unlimited access to the Audible Plus Catalog and 30% off premium titles. Ideally, this membership is well suited to those who plan to listen to at least two audiobooks every month and want to learn more about any topic under the sun.  

Best for Animal Lovers: Houston Zoo 

  • Discount amount: Save $5 off general admission
  • Number of redemptions: Once per visit 
  • Eligibility: Senior citizens aged 65+ with a valid ID 

As the second most visited zoo in the United States, The Houston Zoo offers visitors the chance to interact with and feed animals from all over the world. Their spacious enclosures house over 6,000 animals and 900 species, with the Giraffe Feeding Platform as one of their most popular attractions. 

You can feed them crunchy lettuce leaves to snack on and observe ostriches from above, every day at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Although general admission for adults typically costs $22.95 for those ages 13-64, the senior pass is only $17.95. In contrast, the adult value pass offers unlimited carousel rides and a souvenir conservation bracelet as well.  

Best for Thrill Seekers: Diggerland 

  • Discount amount: Save $5 off general admission or free for non-participating seniors
  • Number of redemptions: Once per visit
  • Eligibility: Senior citizens aged 65+ with a valid ID

Combining the fun of a water park and a theme park in one, Diggerland is a construction-themed park in West Berlin, New Jersey that offers tons of family fun. Since a day pass can be quite pricey at $44.95, you’ll be glad to hear that seniors can obtain a discount depending on whether they are participating or just supervising younger kids. 

There are over 40 attractions to cater to both kids and adults of every age group, including water slides to give you the thrill you’re after. Their rides require a minimum of 36″ height to ride, and kids may need assistance from a parent or guardian. Note that the quantity of discounted passes is limited daily, so it’s best to visit as early as you can. 

Best for Crafty Seniors: Michael’s 

  • Discount amount: Save 10% off some sale items in-store and online 
  • Number of redemptions: One senior discount per product, per day 
  • Eligibility: Senior citizens aged 55+ with a valid ID 

For seniors who are into arts and crafts and home decor, there’s no better place to shop than Michael’s. Seniors can save 10% off their total purchase including some sale items, whether you’re shopping online or in-store. To make things easier, you can sync your senior status on your Michael Rewards accounts so the discount is automatically applied.

However, some exclusions include things like clearance items, Great Buy items, custom framing, sewing machines, Cricut, and more. This still allows you to purchase a wide variety of crafting supplies, but it’s best to double-check with a team member whether your intended purchase is eligible for a discount. 

Best for Fashionable Seniors: Banana Republic

  • Discount amount: Save up to 10% on store items 
  • Number of redemptions: Dependent on store policy 
  • Eligibility: Varies, usually senior citizens aged 50+ with a valid ID 

You may not be aware, but some Banana Republic stores offer a discount. The amount and age eligibility can vary per branch, so it’s a good idea to call your local branch to double-check before your visit. With some luck, you’ll be able to save up to 10% on high-quality investment pieces that can stand the test of time.

If you’re not sure where to start, their line of women’s blazers is incredibly well-fitting, while men’s button-down shirts are always a classic that won’t break the bank. 

Best for Online Shoppers: Amazon Prime Membership 

  • Discount amount: Save $7 on monthly membership 
  • You will need to requalify every 12 months 
  • Eligibility: Medicaid and EBT cardholders 

Although not all seniors may be qualified for this discount, those who are on Medicaid or have an EBT cardholder can save money on monthly Amazon Prime membership. Instead of a typical rate of $12.99 monthly, you only need to pay $5.99. This grants you access to free two-day shipping, which is convenient if you need to buy essentials in a rush.

You’ll also be able to access their video and music streaming services and have unlimited access to thousands of Kindle books to read to your heart's content. Lastly, you can also get free unlimited photo storage and 5 GB for video with Amazon Photos if your computer is running out of space. 

Since many of these discounts are subject to change and may be time-limited, read the fine print, requirements, and exclusions before committing to your purchase. With some careful research, you’ll be able to obtain special offers from senior-friendly providers. 

For more ways to help you unwind, learn more about the process of looking after senior health and wellness with Senior Strong. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you find senior discounts?

You can find senior discounts both in-store and online. Check the deals and promotions page of a website to learn more or ask a member of the organization for more details. 

What kinds of stores accept senior discounts?

Many retail stores offer senior discounts that you can redeem on certain days of the month or week. Others may require you to sign up for an AARP membership or store loyalty program to be eligible for savings. 

How often can you use a discount coupon?

Most of the time, discount coupons can only be once per transaction or visit unless stated otherwise. 

Is it safe to use digital store coupons?

Digital store coupons are just like paper coupons that can be used online. They can be safely used during the checkout process. 

What happens to coupons if you don’t use them?

Some coupons have an expiry date and may only be valid for use until that time. After the listed date, they can no longer be redeemed. 

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