Senior Romance: Finding Love When You're A Little Older

Loneliness is one of the most common sentiments when you reach life after retirement. Studies show that it could lead to serious health repercussions, heightening the risk for dementia and a decline in one’s overall wellbeing. As such, it is highly advised that seniors try to seek out new opportunities wherein they can find companionship even in older age – including romantic love.

Dating when you are a senior citizen may seem like an intimidating prospect, but it could bring you a lot of unforeseen joy and renewed purpose. Don’t be afraid to step back into the dating scene—you may just find someone meant for you right around the corner. 

Meeting People as a Senior

Meeting people as a senior actually isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. There are a number of creative ways you can meet someone special in your older years. Here are some ideas worth trying out:

Online Dating

As online dating has become so mainstream, there are quite a number of online dating sites specifically catered towards adults aged 50 and above. If you are new to the whole online dating scene—do not worry. There are sites for different purposes, so you can do your research before choosing a site that meets your needs best. 

Whether being matched via Myers-Brigg personality type, or through compatible beliefs and the like, you can find your match through the factors that matter to you most.

Take a Class

One of the best ways to meet new people—whether for friendship or romantic purposes—while learning something new at the same time is through a class. From fitness to art and continuing education classes, there is never any shortage of activities one can take up. These are not too hard to find either—many are offered at local gyms, activity centers, or retirement homes.

If you meet someone interesting while picking up a new skill at the same time, it’s definitely a win-win situation.

Go on a Trip

Travel tours are ideal for adventurous seniors who want to explore the world. There are many groups you can join as a solo traveler, and now that vaccinations have been rolled out, it’s the perfect opportunity to go where you’ve always wanted to. A lot of these tour groups have packages that accommodate different preferences, fitness levels, mobility levels, and interests.

Regardless of the senior tour or trip you choose, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be grouped with individuals who share your same concerns and needs, and maybe even fall in love while you are at it. 

Attend Local Events and Activities

Check out your local listings for some local events and activities that are happening. From small concerts to openings and festivals, this is another great way of meeting a potential love interest from your area. There are also some websites or meetup groups that allow you to filter your location to find companions who enjoy the same activities nearby.

There are lots of opportunities to meet someone with shared interests when you attend local gimmicks. You may even come across someone you know!

Do Volunteer Work

A lot of seniors do volunteer work in their older years, whether at a library, shelter, orphanage, or any other place. Volunteering can be very rewarding, and you can meet like minded individuals who share in your same advocacy. You might just meet someone who is there for the same purpose as you.

Like many other items on this list, you can kill two birds with one stone if you choose to do this activity. With the added factor of giving back to the community, this could be a very fulfilling way to give your potential relationship greater meaning.

Planning Date-Worthy Activities

Have you already found someone you’re interested in? You may be wondering what’s next—which can be even more of a challenge. Here are some date-worthy activities to help you plan ahead:

Take Another Class

Perhaps you’ve met your new love interest through a class you took. Attending a new class together is a fun way to get to know another person—especially if it’s something neither of you have tried just yet. This is a sure way to break the ice if you are a little hesitant about putting yourself out there. You can even book a group or double date to make things even funner.

Attend a Concert

Attending a local concert—even headed by an artist you may not know—is a cute date idea for those who are into music. If you are able to find a listing for a band or artist you used to listen to back in the day, this might be even better. It could be a fantastic way to reminisce about your youth with someone else who lived through the same era. 

Set Up a Picnic

Nature lovers may enjoy a picnic at your local park. Pack your favorite sandwiches, drinks, a cozy blanket, and take a walk outdoors. It will be a nice change of scenery, and you and your date will get to breathe in some fresh air, people watch, make good conversation, all in a casual atmosphere. 

Cook a Meal Together

Rather than going out to a restaurant, a nice bonding activity with your new significant other would be cooking your own meal. You can spend some time crafting a menu together, shopping for ingredients, and then preparing the meal itself. This activity allows you to let loose, get your creative juices flowing, and eat a delicious home cooked meal in good company.

Have a One-on-One Game Night

Those who prefer staying in may enjoy a one-on-one game night. You can dust off your old Monopoly boards and bring out your Scrabble sets, have some snacks, and let your competitive side out. You’ll get to know a lot about a person from playing a board game with them, and take a walk down memory lane as you play some classic games.

Go Dancing

Who doesn’t love to dance? Put your best dancing shoes on and go out and get moving with your new date. Even if you have two left feet, you can laugh about it together. Dancing is another good way of staying active in your older age. You may even enjoy it so much that you will end up enrolling in a class altogether. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to talk to people online?

Like any other digital activity, one should always exercise caution when talking to people online. Since older people are newer to technology, they may be at greater risk for getting fooled or scammed. They should remain as mysterious as possible and try not to divulge too much personal information until they actually meet the person in the flesh. 

What are red flags when dating?

You should always feel comfortable when you are dating. If at any point someone forces you to do something, makes you question yourself, puts you in a situation you are uncertain of, or does anything else along these lines, these can be considered major red flags. Always trust your gut instinct—it’s likely the right one.

Is 50 too old to date?

No age should ever be considered too old to date. Having this mindset can keep you from meeting a lot of great people and possible love interests. As the popular saying goes: ”Age is just a number.” Banish the thought that you are too old for anything.

Can seniors fall in love?

Seniors can most certainly fall in love. There are several success stories of seniors who have found love in unexpected places—or perhaps have rekindled old flames. Falling in love in your older years can bring you even greater satisfaction as you will really know what you want and need from another person. 

What gifts can you give your date?

While flowers are always a classic, you can never go wrong with food. Consider a box of cookies, some cake, or even a bouquet of fresh produce. Anything you give your date will definitely be much appreciated. If you get to know a person well enough before a first date, you can gift them with something that shows them you’ve really been listening.

Finding love as a senior citizen can be a lot more meaningful as you will really know what to look for in a partner. Allow yourself to be happy by letting someone new into your life—you deserve it!
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