Top Dementia Care Providers In 2022

Taking care of dementia patients can feel overwhelming, especially if you have no prior caregiving experience. Too many families living with dementia-stricken seniors crack under pressure. Although you’d want to look after your aging loved one, it might be best to leave them in the hands of a trained, equipped professional with a certificate in dementia care.

There are dozens of memory care facilities in the U.S. Since they have undergone dementia care training and certification, you can rest assured they’ll care for your senior relatives properly. Also, you have control over the facility you choose. Assess your options’ equipment, staff, and programs to ensure you make an informed, objective decision.

Top Dementia Care Providers

Dementia Care Providers

We understand that choosing a memory care facility for your aging loved one can feel overwhelming. Having dozens of options feels liberating. However, you might also find them confusing if you’ve never worked with dementia-care certified caregivers and facilities before.

To give you a solid starting point, we narrowed down your options to the top six facilities according to our standards:

Westbrook Senior Living

Westbrook Senior Living is a relatively new facility in Streamwood, IL. In fact, most online reviews commented on the cleanliness of the facility. It features modern amenities like a fitness center, library, mini-park, and several other fixtures utilizing the beautiful forest. 

As for activities, the facility asks residents to play various games now and then. The patients can participate in group activities every few days or so, although each room already has several toys and puzzles to keep patients busy.

However, the only downside is Westbrook Senior Living charges steep rates. Basic plans start at $2,500+ per month, but you might need to pay more for patients with specific needs.

Brand-new amenitiesLimited billing options
Gorgeous forest surrounding the facilityRarely any rooms available
Super-helpful staffHigh population leads to crowding

Brookdale North Scottsdale

Brookdale North Scottsdale is a massive assisted living facility in Phoenix, AZ. The place caters to various seniors with caregiving needs, not just dementia-stricken patients. As such, you can expect quality, reliable medical staff 24/7. In addition, nurses and caregivers visit residents routinely for anything they might need.

Also, the facility hosts several open events throughout the week. For instance, the residents’ families get together for some food and drinks on Family Nights, although you can schedule visits outside these hours.

However, since the facility doesn’t solely focus on memory care, you can’t expect it to host activities and games geared toward dementia patients. Of course, your loved one will still get top-notch care services. 

Massive assisted living facilityNo specific games for dementia patients
Several open events for visitorsSemi-private rooms at $7,000+ per month
No crowding despite the massive populationYou’ll have to request quotes and estimates directly

Canterfield of Tallahassee

The Canterfield of Tallahassee lies in Tallahassee, FL. It offers 100 housing options ranging from shared apartment units to private living spaces. But you can rest assured that all the rooms are clean and well-maintained.

You won’t find many establishments near the facility. However, residents won’t need to go out anyway since they already have access to spas, gyms, salons, courtyards, and mini-parks, among other amenities. Also, the facility has its staff monitoring these areas 24/7.

If you live nearby, you can book a visit any time you want. All the memory care facilities on this list accommodate guests, but the Canterfield of Tallahassee has a more warm, welcoming approach.

Just note that the basic monthly rates start at $3,100 per month. You’ll also likely have to pay more so that your loved one can wholly enjoy his or her assisted living experience.

Welcomes visitors and guestsSteep basic monthly rates
No overcrowding thanks to massive facilityLimited group activities among peers
Attentive, caring staff on duty 24/7Private and semi-private residents don’t get much social interaction

Belmont Village Rancho Palos Verdes

Belmont Village Rancho Palos Verdes is one of California’s most widely known assisted living facilities. You’ll find it in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Residents and their families praise it for having clean, modern amenities and excellent caregiving systems.

Also, the facility prides itself on its homey yet safe ambiance. It features a warm, welcoming community situated in between wide, open private roads closely monitored 24/7. You can feel at ease knowing your loved ones are secure.

Admittedly, the rates are quite steep since they start at $3,500+. However, remember that California has a high cost of living. Other nearby facilities likely charge between $3,000 to $4,000 as well, so Belmont Village Rancho Palos Verdes offers a relatively good deal.

Super-safe and secure communitySteep rates because of high California cost of living
Living space recreates a “homey” feelLimited group activities
Excellent local transportationExtra charge for personal caregiving services

Serenity House

Serenity House has 17 locations in several states. It stands as one of the most widely known and trusted assisted living centers in the country. Also, the company boasts luxury amenities. Most of its locations have an in-house pool, spa, gym, and community center.

Perhaps the only issue with Serenity House is its locations don’t offer the same quality service. For instance, its Fort Lauderdale, FL facility is near a rehab center. Some families don’t feel comfortable having their dementia-stricken patients interact with younger rehab patients, although all of them have already undergone treatments. 

Of course, we don’t encourage discrimination. However, you have total control over who your senior loved ones should and shouldn’t mingle with at the assisted living facility.

Widely known and trusted facilityDifferent quality of service among locations
Several locations countrywideFort Lauderdale, FL facility has nearby facility
Almost always has rooms availableMixed reviews online

Grand Oaks Assisted Living

Grand Oaks Assisted Living is a massive assisted living facility in Washington, D.C. It features modern amenities like salons, spas, gyms, health centers, restaurants, and pools. Also, guests and residents can utilize the local transportation hubs.

As for activities, the facility has a dedicated memory care department. All the specialists have a certificate in dementia care, and they’ll host specific activities and games geared toward cognitive health.

All its amenities and features sound nice but prepare for the steep monthly fees. The basic plan starts at around $5,000, and you’ll have to pay a bit more since your loved one has dementia.

Modern, state-of-the-art facilitiesSteep monthly rates
Highly trained staffDoesn’t give off a “homey” feel
Clean, well-maintained living spacesLimited billing options

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still find dementia care confusing? Check out what other families ask when comparing memory care facilities for their senior loved ones:

What professionals can help with dementia?

Neurologists and psychologists handle the medical needs of individuals with dementia. However, patients can rely on caregivers with a certification in dementia care to help with their daily needs.

How often should a dementia patient see a doctor?

Patients with mild signs of dementia should consult their doctor at least once a year, although those with more severe symptoms will need more frequent check-ups. 

Do dementia patients do better at home?

Staying in a memory care facility lets patients interact with their peers. However, asking a caregiver with a certification in dementia care to provide home care allows patients to stay in a familiar environment. Hence, minimizing disorientation.

Pick The Best Dementia Care Provider For Your Loved One

Only use the dementia-care certified facilities we recommended above as a starting point. No two patients share the exact needs. You and your family have to find a memory care facility that suits your dementia-stricken loved one’s medical requirements and lifestyle preferences. Don’t limit yourself to just one or two options.

Also, please consider your loved one’s thoughts when comparing facilities. They don’t have the cognitive capacity to make crucial decisions anymore, but you can still encourage them to share their thoughts and convey their emotions. After all, they’ll spend several years in the facility you choose.

Are you struggling to care for an older loved one with late-stage dementia? Senior Strong can help! Check out our article explaining all the options for late-stage dementia patients.

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