Understanding Dementia Day Care Options

No matter how good a caregiver you are for someone with Alzheimer's, you will need a break at some point. A nearby family member or friend can sometimes step in a while running errands or exercising. However, adult day care may be the best option in some cases.

These programs provide safe places for older adults to socialize, participate in activities, and receive medical or rehabilitation services if necessary. Many centers serve a diverse clientele, whereas others specialize in specific disorders such as Alzheimer's.

Your loved one can attend dementia daycare and return home at night during the day. The programs provide a respite for caregivers while also assisting their loved ones for many families. Read on to get a better grasp on what to expect about dementia day care for adults.

Services Offered In Adult Day Care For Dementia Patients

Adult day centers provide a safe environment for people with Alzheimer's and other dementias to socialize and participate in activities. Other services that are covered and provided include:


This iss the center serving healthy meals and snacks? To find out, try a meal. Inquire if the center can accommodate a special diet or provide a culturally specific menu if necessary. Some centers also provide nutritional education.

Management of Behavior

Determine whether the center is prepared to deal with dementia-related behaviors. Wandering, incontinence, hallucinations, sexually inappropriate behavior, and speech difficulties are just a few examples.


Some centers assist in arranging for necessary physical, occupational, or speech therapy. They may have on-site or on-call therapists.


Check to see if the center can accommodate any special requirements. Is the center, for example, equipped to handle someone who uses a wheelchair, is deaf or hard of hearing, or is otherwise disabled? Knowing about any service limitations before using a center may help avoid problems.

Personal Hygiene

Centers may help with hairstyling, toileting, eating, showering, and other personal care tasks.


Music, art, recreation, discussion, and support groups are possible daily activities. Inquire about the activities available to people with dementia. 


The center may offer support services to dementia patients and their families. They may, for example, provide referrals to outside resources and arrange for in-home supportive care.

Health Care Services 

If the person with Alzheimer's requires medical services (e.g., insulin shots, medication assistance, etc.), ask if staff can help. Some centers may also offer blood pressure checks and physical, dental, foot, eye, and ear examinations.

Cost Of Dementia Day Care In The U.S.

According to Genworth's 2020 Cost of Care analysis, the average daily rate (up to eight hours) for adult day care facilities in the United States is $74 as of May 2021. Adult daycare costs can vary depending on the services provided, the city or state in which the facility is located, and the individual's needs.

Most seniors who subscribe to daycare facilities will be there four to twelve hours, five days per week. Many families choose adult daycare because it is significantly less expensive than full-time nursing care and in-home care

As previously stated, the average daily rate for adult day healthcare is $74, which is significantly less than the daily rate for homemaker services ($147), home health aides ($150), assisted living ($141), and nursing home care, which ranges from $255 for a semi-private room up to $290 for a private room.

Dementia daycare is always a good option for people looking for dementia care for relatives or loved ones with stage dementia. This type of care is holistic and provides your loved ones with a hands-on patient and mental health care. To know more about dementia care and Alzheimer's, visit our blogs section at Senior Strong today.

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