What Auto Insurers Give Senior Discounts?

What Auto Insurers Give Senior Discounts?

As you prepare to enjoy retirement, it’s a good time to become more aware of how much money you spend on the necessities — like your car insurance. It's important to remain aware of how you spend your money and whether or not it is worth the investment, so make sure that you request all available discounts and keep a good driving record! Shopping around can also help save some cash when looking at pricing options. 

Beyond this, make sure to choose an insurer that offers senior discounts. We’ve created a list to make the search easier for you. 


Metromile is one of the best for seniors who find themselves away from the wheel more often than not. Generally, premiums are calculated on a per-mile basis, making it cheaper for seniors who may be driving less frequently after retirement.


USAA can provide the cheapest auto insurance for seniors. In order to get this, you must be a service member or veteran and live in any of their available states. 


Allstate's customer service is only beaten out by USAA, which was established in 1922 to serve military personnel. However, their fantastic customer service does come at a cost. Allstate may be one of the most expensive options for coverage, but it does feature great discounts for seniors such as responsible payer discount and safe driving bonus!

State Farm

State Farm is the cheapest insurance provider for most seniors in 31 states, which makes it a great choice. Combine cheap rates with the range of discounts they offer, and you'll find that State Farm offers some pretty affordable car insurance for retirees on tight budgets. 

If you want to know more, check out Senior Strong’s guide to different senior discounts.

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