What Tees Do Seniors Play From?

Certain requirements or recommendations apply when you play golf as an older adult — from switching out your golf clubs, to doing additional exercises that will improve your balance. 

However, in the actual game of golf, there is no set definition of the word ‘senior,’ meaning there is no specific age when you have to move up to what is referred to as ‘senior tees.’

But to put it simply, people usually make this switch when they turn 70. On some courses, these tees are called senior tees, but for others, they are called the front, middle, and back tees. It is actually advised that you simply play in the spot or tee box you feel is most appropriate and comfortable for you — regardless of age.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What tees are typically suggested for senior golfers?

Many senior golfers choose to play from the forward (often called the senior or gold) tees, but it ultimately depends on the golfer's skill and comfort level.

Are seniors required to play from the senior tees?

No, seniors are not required to play from any specific tee. They can choose based on their skill, distance, and enjoyment of the game.

Does the choice of tee affect the golf handicap?

Yes, the choice of tee can affect a golfer's handicap, as different tees have different course ratings and slope ratings.

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