What Type Of Yoga Is Best For Seniors?

What Type of Yoga Is Best For Seniors? | Senior Strong

Yoga is one of the best activities for seniors. Blending the mind, body, and spirit can be particularly beneficial for older adults as it helps with cognition, sleep quality, cardiovascular health, mobility, balance, and stability. Out of all the types of yoga, restorative yoga is one of the best practices for seniors.

Restorative yoga is a slower practice that allows you to open your body. This type of yoga has minimal movements because you hold your poses or asanas for longer periods of time. It also promotes awareness of your breathing and movements. 

Restorative yoga is great for seniors because it does not require much energy or exertion. From this practice, seniors can ease symptoms of chronic pain, promote their cardiovascular and respiratory functions, grow stronger, and even see their mental health improve. If you have been wanting to try out yoga as an older adult, restorative yoga is the perfect place to start. 

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