Who Authorizes Benefits Payments For Seniors In Hospice Care

Depending on the situation, Medicare, Medicaid, or the Veterans Health Administration can authorize benefits payments for qualified seniors in hospice care. Low-income seniors can apply for Medicaid, and private health insurance benefits may also cover the cost of hospice care. 

Some hospice care providers can also provide discounts or sliding scales for low-income families, which can be funded by generous donations, grants, or the local community. 

Medicare and Veterans Health Administration Hospice Fees

The list of benefits for Medicare depends on a senior’s health situation. They need to be at least 65 years of age, have a terminal illness, and have less than six months to live. Those that have Medicare Part A and certification from their hospice doctor can help them receive the benefits of hospice care, pending Medicare approval in a listed provider in your area. 

The Veterans Health Administration provides senior benefits that are very close to the Medicare Hospice Benefits if you meet their qualifications. 

Medicaid and Hospice Fees 

For low-income seniors, Medicaid can provide benefits including the cost of general inpatient care, routine home care, nursing care during a medical crisis, and more. The cost per day varies depending on the year, and the daily coverage rate may not always be enough to cover your fees during the maximum 6 month period. 

Health Insurance and Hospice Fees 

If you have private health insurance, some insurance policies can also cover the cost of hospice fees. There are plenty of variations depending on your insurance company and type of coverage, so it is best to check with your provider regarding hospice coverage. 

If you aren’t sure you qualify for government programs, read on to learn more about life insurance options for seniors at Senior Strong!

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