Humana Grocery Card: How to Use Healthy Options Allowance for Groceries

Written By: Nathan Justice
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Published: May 6, 2023
Last updated: March 10, 2024

Eating healthy is a significant part of maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle, but it can be challenging for many people due to financial constraints. The Humana Healthy Options Allowance, formerly known as the Healthy Foods Card, comes to the rescue, offering a convenient and accessible solution for those seeking to improve their eating habits and get free groceries for seniors.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the Humana grocery card, from its benefits, eligibility, monthly allowance, and more. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of the Humana Healthy Options Allowance and its benefits.

Humana Healthy Options Allowance Card: How Does It Work?

The Healthy Options Allowance, formerly known as the Humana Healthy Foods Card, is a prepaid card provided by Humana, one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States. 

The Humana Healthy Options Allowance assists Medicare Advantage Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan (D-SNP) members who have the Healthy Options Allowance benefit included in their plan, enabling them to stretch their monthly food budget when financial obstacles might otherwise restrict access to a sufficient food supply.

Depending on the member's plan, the Humana grocery card offers a monthly allowance of $25 or $50.

Key Features of the Healthy Options Allowance

This card aims to make healthy eating more affordable and accessible for its members, offering exclusive discounts and rewards at participating grocery stores and health food retailers.

  • Monthly allowance: Depending on the member's plan, the Healthy Options Allowance offers a monthly grocery stipend. This financial support allows individuals to purchase a range of approved healthy food items at participating stores, making nutritious choices more affordable.

  • Wide range of healthy foods: The allowance covers an extensive selection of nutritious foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and dairy products. This diverse range ensures that members have ample options to create well-rounded, balanced meals tailored to their individual preferences and dietary needs.

  • Participating retailers: Your Humana grocery card can be utilized at a vast network of grocery stores and health food retailers, providing convenience and accessibility for members. This extensive list of participating stores ensures that members can easily find a location that accepts the Healthy Foods Card, regardless of where they live.

  • Easy-to-use system: Members can simply use their Healthy Foods Card to pay for eligible purchases, streamlining the shopping process. This user-friendly system allows members to make the most of their allowance without any unnecessary complications.

How to Use Humana Healthy Options Allowance Card for Groceries

Utilizing the Humana grocery card under the Healthy Options Allowance program is a straightforward process for members, allowing them to easily take advantage of its benefits. To make the most of their cards, members can follow these simple steps:

  1. Activate the card: Upon receiving the card, members must first activate it, either by following the instructions provided or by visiting the Humana website.

  2. Locate a participating store: Next, members should identify a store that accepts the card from the list of participating retailers.

  3. Shop for approved healthy foods: Members can then proceed to shop for a variety of approved healthy food items eligible for discounts and rewards.

  4. Check out: After selecting their desired items, members should proceed to the checkout counter.

  5. Swipe the Healthy Options Allowance card first: To pay for approved purchases, members should swipe their Healthy Options Allowance card before using any other payment method. This ensures that the card's balance is applied to eligible items, just like the Humana Flex Card.

When members use their Humana grocery cards, the cost of approved food items will automatically be deducted from the available balance.

However, if the total cost of the items exceeds the card's balance or if there are ineligible items in the purchase, members will need to use an alternative payment method to cover the remaining amount.

Eligible food items will be automatically covered up to the available balance. Members can use the Healthy Options Allowance card in a manner similar to a credit card. It is important to note that any unused amount in a given month does not carry over to the subsequent month.

Who is Eligible for Humana's Healthy Options Allowance?

Humana's Healthy Options Allowance is available to eligible members who have the Healthy Foods Card benefit included in their plan. The program is designed to provide financial assistance to help members access healthy food options and improve their overall health and well-being.

Eligibility for the Humana grocery card varies depending on the specific Humana plan. Members should review their plan details or contact Humana customer service to determine if they are eligible for the program.

Additionally, certain groups of Humana members may be automatically enrolled in the Healthy Options Allowance program, such as those who qualify for Medicaid or Medicare.

Once members determine their eligibility, they can sign up for the program by visiting the Humana website or by calling customer service. Once enrolled, members can begin taking advantage of the monthly grocery stipend and discounts on eligible healthy food items at participating retailers with their Humana grocery card.

Tips for Maximizing Your Healthy Options Allowance Benefits

Here are some tips to maximize your Healthy Options Allowance card:

Meal Planning

Planning your meals for the week ahead can help you make the most of your Healthy Options Allowance. By creating a weekly menu, you can ensure that your grocery purchases align with your nutritional needs, reducing food waste and promoting balanced eating habits.

Shopping Smart

To get the most value out of your Healthy Options Allowance, compare prices at different grocery stores and markets. Shopping around can help you find the best deals on healthy food items, allowing you to maximize your monthly allowance.

Prioritizing Nutrient-Dense Foods

When shopping with your Humana grocery card, prioritize nutrient-dense foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. These foods provide optimal nutrition, supporting overall health and well-being.

Using your Humana grocery card is an excellent opportunity for Medicare beneficiaries to access healthy foods, improve their eating habits, and support overall health outcomes. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can make the most of your allowance and improve your overall health and well-being.

Curious about eligibility for the Humana Healthy Food Card? Dive into our blog post to discover who qualifies. Make every grocery trip count towards better health!

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