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Published: July 4, 2023
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Understanding these discounts is vital, especially with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)[1].

Members of AARP have access to all AARP benefits, discounts, and programs.

There are 20% of Americans over 65 who are still looking for work according to Boston College's Center for Retirement Research.

Approximately $1,200 is spent on prescription drugs each year by Americans according to Bloomberg[4].

Eight out of ten adults go online at least once a day, according to Pew Research Center[5].

An average household spends about $314 to $516 per month on groceries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey[6].

Senior discounts offer significant savings, a crucial benefit given that Americans aged 56 to 61 average only $21,000 in savings. Understanding these discounts is vital, especially with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)[1]. highlighting numerous benefits.

Our guide covers all aspects of senior discounts, addressing common questions and misconceptions and highlighting the discounts and incentives available. This knowledge is essential for improving seniors' quality of life and financial savings.

What Are Senior Discounts?

Senior discounts often include benefits or lower costs for people over a certain age (often 55 and up). For example, Outback Steakhouse is renowned for its senior menu, requiring proof of age to access exclusive savings through a special menu tailored for seniors.

AMC theaters might provide special rates or even a lifetime pass for seniors, offering a budget-friendly entertainment option. They're offered by businesses ranging from grocery store chains to luxury hotels and can often result in big savings for elderly individuals.

Fast Facts

The age at which individuals qualify for senior discounts varies, with some discounts starting as early as age 50, while others require individuals to be 55, 60, or 65.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Receive a Senior Discount?

The first question that must be answered is pretty simple: how old do you have to be to qualify as a senior citizen to receive a senior discount? Well, the short answer to this question is 50 years old.

While there is no legal definition of a senior citizen, it is a term often relegated to individuals who have retired or are no longer working. This is tricky because the age at which Americans retire seems to be on the uptick.

It's also important to mention that while you can get the discounts at 50 and technically count as a senior citizen, you may not even truly be retired at this age. Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research details that 20% of Americans over 65 are still looking for work[3].

Can You Get An AARP Membership At This Age?

The AARP states that anyone aged 50 years old or older is eligible for full membership. AARP members gain access to all the benefits, discounts, and programs associated with the AARP[2]. Through these benefits, AARP members can save significantly in the long run.

However, it is also important to note that the AARP offers associate membership for individuals under 50. And while it doesn't come with the same benefits as the full membership, it does come with benefits that can help save you money.

AARP members under associate membership will also automatically convert their membership to full membership once they turn 50. Consider whether or not to become part of the AARP well before you turn 50 years old.

Popular Types of Senior Discounts

Many of you would be surprised to know that there are quite a few senior discounts for eligible AARP members. And while we can't possibly include all of them here, we've done our best to round up the most popular ones.

It's important to note that many of these may vary by location. It would be best to contact your local establishments or message Senior Strong today.


Senior discounts in retail are a lot less common than the other types. Additionally, they also have quite a few stipulations attached to them. Some stores only give discounts to seniors and AARP members on one day of the week.

Again, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to contact your local store or establishment to ask them about the details and requirements for their discounts for seniors. By going through this extra step, AARP members can save quite a bit on their retail purchases.

Retailer Discount Details Age Requirement Special Conditions
Amazon Discounts on select Kindle books, changing monthly. 50+ Offers vary monthly, specifically for seniors and AARP members.
Kohl's 15% discount every Wednesday. 60+ Must provide proper identification for age verification.
Michael's 10% discount on the entire purchase, including sale items. Not specified Seniors need to register online to avail of the discount.
T.J. Maxx 10% discount varies by location, available in Florida every Monday. Not specified Discount availability and percentage vary by location.
The UPS Store 15% off on UPS products and services, 5% off on shipping for AARP members. AARP members Must present AARP membership card.
Savers 30% discount every Tuesday under the Senior Day Tuesday program. 55+ Contact the local store for details as promo may vary by location.
Goodwill 10% discount on Senior Savings Day every Tuesday. 60+ Proof of age or AARP membership card is required.
LensCrafters Discounts up to 50% off on eyewear for AARP members. AARP members Discount on select items such as lenses, sunglasses, frames, and contact lenses.
Home Depot Up to 10% discount on select items, typically available on certain days of the week. 50+ Discounts may vary by location; some product exclusions may apply.
Barnes & Noble Around 10% off on books and other items, with special deals or discounts on certain days or events. 50+ Requires Barnes & Noble membership; discount might not apply to online purchases and can vary by location.
Ace Hardware About 10% off on select items or purchases, varies by store. Not specified Discount availability and percentage vary by location; some product exclusions may apply.


Senior Restaurant Discounts

Americans love to eat outdoors. Zagat highlights that Americans eat out an average of 5.9 times per week. Considering the frequency, eating out can be quite costly in the long run. This is why a senior discount at restaurants can be quite useful.

Many restaurants offer a senior discount. It's important to contact your local establishments to know the specifics of the discounts and promotions they offer seniors. Fast-food chains and other dining establishments also offer discounts for senior citizens. We've had a couple of them here so that you won't lose out on their discounts for seniors.

It's important to note that senior discounts vary greatly among restaurants. Some require you to be of a specific age, while some vary by location. Keep this in mind when going to any of the restaurants listed below.

Restaurant Senior Discount Details Age Requirement Special Conditions
Bonefish Grill 10% off on food and nonalcoholic beverages for AARP members. AARP members Discounts are only available for dine-in customers. It cannot be used for delivery orders.
Hardees Up to 10% off on any food item. 55+ Offers may vary; inquire at local Hardees for specific senior discount details.
Arby's Up to 10% off on purchases and special drinks. 55+ Discount availability varies by location; contact local Arby's for details.
KFC Up to 10% off on the final bill. 55+ Check with the specific location for availability; proper identification is required for the discount.
Denny's AARP members receive a 15% discount at participating stores. AARP members Discount varies by location due to franchisor rules; applies only to dine-in customers.
Chili's 10% off bills for seniors. 55+ Discounts can be combined with other offers or coupons.
Chick-fil-A Free refillable drink at participating stores. Varies Senior offerings vary by location; contact local Chick-fil-A for specific details.
Burger King 10% discount on food items, additional discounts on coffee and soft drinks. 60+ Present ID for age verification; discount availability may vary by location.


Senior Grocery Discounts

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey, the average household spends around $314 to $516 monthly on groceries[6]. This is why a discount on groceries can benefit seniors trying to get the best deals.

Luckily, quite a few grocery stores with senior discounts are available. To help you, we've compiled a list of establishments offering senior citizen discounts. Refer to this list to check if discounts are available at your local grocery store.

Retailer Senior Discount Details Age Requirement Special Conditions
Fred Meyer 10% discount on select items every first Tuesday of the month. 55+ Discount covers private brand groceries, nutrition, apparel, auto, and garden supplies. ID required.
American Discount Foods 10% discount every Monday. 62+ ID is required for age verification.
Harris Teeter 5% discount every Thursday. 60+ Can be combined with other promos and discounts.
Hy-Vee 5% discount every Wednesday at participating stores. 55+ Excludes pharmacy, lottery, postal services, tobacco, wine, and alcoholic beverages.
New Seasons Market 10% discount every Wednesday. 65+ -
DeCicco Family Markets Varies by location and day. Not specified Contact the local store for details. ID required.
Piggly Wiggly Varies by location, some offer a 5% discount every Wednesday. 60+ Discount availability and amount vary by location.
Safeway 10% discount on the first Wednesday of every month in the US, and the first Tuesday of every month in Canada. Varies Available at select locations. Not available online.
Publix 5% discount every Wednesday. 60+ -
Albertsons 10% off on the first Wednesday of the month. Not specified -
Compare Foods Supermarket 10% off on Wednesdays. 60+ -
Kroger Discounts are available for seniors. 60+ Applies to all food and non-food products.
Fry's Food Stores 10% off on the first Wednesday of each month for Fry's VIP club members. 55+ Applies to Fry's Supermarkets and Marketplaces.


Senior Pharmacy Discounts

Bloomberg reports that Americans spend around $1,200 per year on prescription drugs[4]. Couple this with the fact that senior citizens are more susceptible to chronic illnesses and conditions, and you're at exuberant annual spending directed toward medication.

Considering the amount of medicine seniors need, the costs can add up. This is why senior discounts for pharmacies can be quite useful for the majority of the senior population.

We must mention that the most common senior citizen discounts for prescription drugs are tied to the AARP discount card. You'll apply for an AARP membership for these discounts and the best medicine prices.

Pharmacy Senior Discount Details Age Requirement Special Conditions
Walgreens 10% Walgreens cash rewards on branded health and wellness products, and 1% on vaccines for AARP membership cardholders. AARP members Discount applies to health and wellness products and vaccines.
Rite Aid Up to 20% off brand-name and generic prescription medicine. Not specified Must sign up for Rite Aid's Wellness+ savings program to qualify. Available at Rite Aid pharmacies nationwide.
Walmart Savings on FDA-approved medication using AARP prescription card. AARP members Significant savings on medication spending. Additional benefits for AARP members.

Fast Facts

Many senior discounts in 2023 are accessible through digital platforms, with organizations like AARP partnering with businesses to offer exclusive online discounts and promotions for seniors.

Communication & Internet Service

Senior Communication and Internet Service Discounts

Communications and internet services have become ingrained in modern life. So much so that the Pew Research Center highlights how 8 in 10 adults go online at least once a day[5]. Given the high usage among adults, senior discounts for communications and internet services have become particularly useful.

Indeed, these costs can add up as more and more of everyday life slowly transitions to the digital space. To help counterbalance these costs, seniors may use senior discounts and promos.

Some discounts may also not be publicized, so it's important to inquire with your service provider about any senior discounts and promos they may have to offer. Keep in mind that rates may also be dependent on location.

Carrier Plan Details for Seniors Age Requirement Monthly Cost Special Features
Verizon Unlimited 4G LTE data, unlimited talk and text. 55+ $80 for two lines Designed specifically for seniors, it offers a significant saving of around $40.
T-Mobile Unlimited data, texts, and calls. 55+ $60 for two lines Competitive pricing, is one of the better deals on the market for seniors.
Sprint Unlimited calls, texts, and data with a user-friendly interface. 55+ Not specified Tailored for seniors who prefer a more straightforward, less tech-heavy approach.


Senior Transportation Discounts

The airline industry brings in billions of dollars annually. Americans spend a significant amount on both domestic and international travel. This is why senior discounts on transportation can come in pretty handy.

One of the more practical discounts that seniors are qualified for is the numerous transportation discounts they can avail of. Whether airline or bus discounts, seniors can save a lot when traveling.

Transport Provider Senior Discount Details Age Requirement Special Conditions
American Airlines Discounts on domestic flights. 65+ Contact the airline for specifics, as discounts do not apply to all markets. Partnered with American Eagle.
British Airways Up to $200 off on fares for economy, premium economy, and business flights for AARP members. AARP members Must log in to AARP account to access discounts.
Air France Discounts for seniors when booking tickets. 60+ Proof of age required at the airport. Allows changes to flight conditions without extra charges until 30 days before departure.
United Airlines Senior fares available for customers. 65+ Select the "Seniors" category when booking. Contact airline for more details.
Greyhound Buses 5% off the regular ticket price. 62+ Provide valid ID for age verification when purchasing a ticket.
Amtrak 10% discount on most rail fares. 65+ (60+ for cross-border services) Different policy for cross-border services, where the age requirement is 60+.

Leisure Activities

While senior discounts are often associated with essential items and services, quite a few leisurely activities offer discounts for seniors. Seniors like to have fun, too, and with discounts, they can do so at the best available price.

These discounts range from cruise lines to hotel accommodations. This allows seniors to enjoy luxury accommodations and experiences without breaking the bank.

Provider Senior Discount Details Age Requirement Special Conditions
Marriott At least 15% off on room rate for seniors, 10% off for AARP members on standard rates. 62+ Discount available when booking under the Senior Discount rate.
Wyndham Hotel Group Best available hotel rate for seniors. 60+ Valid proof of age required upon check-in. Applies to brands like Days Inn, Ramada, Travelodge.
Royal Caribbean Reduced prices on selected sailings. 55+ Special rates vary, available on selected sailings.
Carnival Cruise Lines Special senior fare on specific dates. 55+ Limited availability, check the 'Deals for Seniors' section on their website for dates and rates.
Cinemark Up to 35% off regular adult ticket prices, 10% discount on Seniors Day (Monday). 62+ Discount varies by location and showtime.
Showcase Cinemas Discounted admission price on Senior Wednesdays, plus popcorn and soda for $4.50. 60+ Applies every Wednesday for all movies, including MX4D, XPlus, IMAX®, and RealD 3D.

Auto Insurance

As you prepare to enjoy retirement, it's time to become more aware of how much you spend on the necessities — like car insurance. It's important to remain aware of how you spend your money and whether or not it is worth the investment, so make sure you request all available discounts and keep a good driving record! Shopping around can also help save some cash when looking at pricing options.

Beyond this, make sure to choose an insurer that offers senior discounts. We’ve created a list to make the search easier for you.

Insurance Provider Senior Discount Details Special Features
Metromile Premiums calculated per mile, ideal for seniors who drive less. Cost-effective for less frequent drivers, especially post-retirement.
USAA Offers cheap auto insurance for seniors, especially service members or veterans. Must be a service member or veteran. Available in specific states.
Allstate Provides discounts for seniors, including a responsible payer discount and a safe driving bonus. Known for excellent customer service. It may be more expensive, but offers valuable discounts for seniors.
State Farm Cheapest insurance provider for seniors in 31 states, with a range of discounts. Affordable rates combined with discounts make it a good choice for retirees on tight budgets.

Fast Facts

In 2023, senior discounts are widely available across various sectors including retail, travel, dining, and entertainment, offering seniors opportunities to save money in many aspects of their daily lives.

Discount Clubs for Seniors

Several organizations offer discounts for seniors. Signing up for these organizations can give seniors access to discounts, promos, and special rates that one may not have access to, even if one falls under the right age category.

These perks can range from trivial restaurant discounts to healthcare and prescription medicine. Moreover, telecommunications companies provide monthly services and unlimited plans at a special monthly rate for seniors, with additional services to cater to specific needs, such as simplified interfaces or dedicated customer service desk support.

Healthcare providers might also offer programs with annual membership fees, ensuring health & wellness products are more accessible through savings for seniors. We've selected the most popular organizations to give you a better idea of what these organizations have to offer.

Organization Description Membership Benefits Application Eligibility
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Dedicated to improving senior citizens' lives in health security, financial stability, and personal fulfillment. Discounts, special rates, and promos at partner organizations and stores with AARP membership card. Open to all ages, not limited to seniors. Non-age-restricted promos and discounts available to all members.
American Seniors Association (ASA) Advocates for healthier and wealthier lives for seniors. Travel and prescription discounts, automotive discounts, life insurance, and financial planning. Open to all ages. Membership can include spouses.
The Seniors Coalition (TSC) Advocacy organization promoting the rights of American seniors, focusing on healthcare and other issues. Discounts on hotel accommodations, auto and home insurance, and prescription medicine. Straightforward application process via their website. Married couples can join together.

Testimonials from Senior Discount Receivers

Here are some testimonials that highlight the positive impact of senior discounts on everyday expenses, enhancing the quality of life for many seniors.

John, 68, Florida

"I've been using senior discounts at my local grocery store every week, and it's made a huge difference in my budget. I'm able to save around 10% on my total bill, which adds up significantly over time. It's a relief to know that I can count on these savings, especially with the rising cost of living."

Marianne, 72, California

"Since I discovered the senior discounts at my favorite clothing store, I've enjoyed updating my wardrobe without breaking the bank. The 15% discount they offer to seniors is a fantastic deal, and it makes me feel valued as a customer."

Albert, 65, Texas

"I recently started using the senior discount at my local pharmacy, and it's been a game-changer for my healthcare expenses. I'm saving about 20% on my regular prescriptions, which helps a lot since I'm on a fixed income. These discounts help ease the financial burden of healthcare costs.”


1. What age does one start to qualify for a senior discount?

This can vary depending on a variety of different factors. The organization you join is a significant factor as it can dictate most discounts, promos, and special rates. For the most part, senior discounts kick in at 50. Most establishments also require individuals to be at least 50 to qualify for their senior rates, discounts, and promos.

2. What age does one start to qualify for a senior discount?

This can vary depending on a variety of different factors. The organization you join is a pretty significant factor as it can dictate a majority of the discounts, promos, and special rates. For the most part, senior discounts kick in at the age of 50. Most establishments also require individuals to be at least 50 years old to qualify for their senior rates, discounts, and promos.

3. What stores give senior discounts at 50?

Many stores and restaurants have started offering senior discounts to individuals aged 50 and above, including Bonefish Grill, Denny's, Savers, T.J. Maxx, and The UPS Store. However, the availability of these discounts can vary by location, especially in establishments operated by independent franchisors.

Inquiries and Eligibility

Always validate the availability and terms of senior discounts by speaking with customer care or checking through official channels. Sometimes, proof of eligibility or age, such as presenting an AARP card or ID, can be crucial in availing these exclusive discounts and additional benefits. From rates for seniors on select cruises to savings for seniors in healthcare, always consider checking the discount to seniors applicable at select locations.

Additional Resources

Check out these lists for a more in-depth list of establishments, stores, restaurants, and organizations that give senior discounts:

American Association of Retired Persons Member Benefits

The American Seniors Association Member Benefits

Various other resources offer insight into discounts on hotels or possibly discount fares for senior travel, accommodating smoother and more financially feasible adventures from one location to another. Ensure to verify the discount eligibility for each location to make the most of your exclusive and additional benefits across various sectors.

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