Sheets and Beddings For Seniors

Purchasing new sheets and beddings for elderly loved ones in your life is always a treat. You might already be aware that their linen needs are slightly different given incontinence issues that occur with age. However, this is nothing to be ashamed of.

According to the World Health Organization, incontinence, or the involuntary loss of urine, is a very common condition in elderly adults aged sixty and above. Whether caused by chronic diseases or environmental factors, you can help dispel the shame that an elderly loved one might feel about their incontinence by purchasing high-quality products that can combat this.

This way, seniors may feel more comfortable and go to sleep knowing that they will be fine. With the addition of other accessories such as memory foam mattresses and pillows, as well as bed rails to prevent injuries, seniors can look forward to their best quality of sleep in years.

Best Sheets and Bedding for Seniors in 2022

There are tons of brands and products for seniors' bedding needs, so we have created a comprehensive list that considers existing reviews, together with quality, price, comfort, and more, to help you make more informed decisions. If you know someone in need of these items, you can help support them by going through the following list of bed sheets for seniors.

1. CGK Unlimited 4 Piece Sheet Set

CGK Unlimited's 4 piece set has you covered with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and even two pillowcases. Made from breathable fabric that is cool to the touch, CGK Unlimited's set is made from double-brushed microfiber yarns.

This set has an affordable price considering its high quality and 1800 thread count, fit for a queen or king. It isn't just comfortable, but also stain-resistant, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean.

2. QuickZip Fitted Sheet

This two-piece set by QuickZip assures that the fitted sheet remains firmly attached on the bed, thanks to its signature SuperGrip Corners. This product is convenient for caregivers who often find themselves changing bed sheets, as all it requires is unzipping the top part of the sheet to wash it. Afterwards, this layer can be zipped back onto its base.

The zipper does not cause any discomfort and is not an eyesore, as there is a subtle fabric flap to conceal it. This product is available in seven different finishes and colors, and can fit up to King-sized mattresses.

3. PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats

PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats are a crowd favorite product among hot sleepers, boasting numerous positive customer reviews. These sheets do not change hormonal levels or body chemistry if you perspire often, but they manage wetness. This also makes them excellent bed wetting sheets.

They have moisture wicking and airflow properties and dry quickly as well. Made from athletic grade poly microfiber, these 1500 thread count sheets are said to become even softer with every wash. They come in several colors too. Seniors who sweat easily or have incontinence problems may sleep better knowing that their bed sheets wick away moisture just like that.

4. Epica Premium Quality Bed Pad

This 34"x52" waterproof bed pad by Epica is a great addition to one's bed to protect the mattress and any sheet with an additional layer of absorption. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester on quilted three-layer fabric, this mattress pad is also great for individuals with sensitive skin.

Its non-slip backing keeps the bed pad firmly in place, and its inner core locks in moisture even after multiple washes. Caregivers simply ned to wash the pad every time it's been soiled.

5. Drive Medical Mattress Cover

Go-to medical brand Drive Medical's mattress cover is an essential addition to place in between one's mattress and sheets. It can fit mattresses up to 80"x42". This mattress cover by Drive Medical is made from waterproof and non-allergenic vinyl, working as mattress protectors to combat stains, odors, incontinence, and dust. Contoured and zippered options are both available.

6. Stearns & Foster Waterproof & Cooling Mattress Protector

With this mattress protector by Stearns & Foster, you can be assured that dust, oil, and allergens are kept away. Its material is infused with nylon and cooling fiber, which allows it to regulate temperature and remain waterproof for people who suffer from incontinence. It also feels luxurious as it features a knit design and a fleur de lis pattern.

7. Preventa Wear Incontinence Sheets

Preventa Wear's incontinence sheets are the perfect bed wetting sheets as they are waterproof. Its material facilitates air flow, wicks away moisture and contaminants, and assures that customers won't have a problem sleeping as they are very breathable. The sheets come in sizes fit for a twin, full, queen, and twin XL bed. Family members and caregivers can trust that nothing will leak into the mattress.

8. The Original GORILLA GRIP Incontinence Pad

GORILLA GRIP's mattress pad protector is a hospital-grade product to place over your bed sheets. Its four layers include a proprietary non-skid backing, leak-proof inner layers, and a cotton blended quilt top. It is one of the most absorbent bed pads, as it can hold up to eight cups of liquid. It is also free from lead, chemicals, and other dangerous substances, and has been granted a Confidence in Textiles label.

9. AmazonBasics Lightweight Microfiber Sheet Set

AmazonBasic's queen sheet set is inclusive of a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillow cases to ensure that your pillows are also protected. It fits snugly on most mattresses up to 16-inches in depth. It is made from polyester microfiber material, making it soft and durable enough to withstand multiple washes for ultimate comfort.

Customers have given this set an average of 4.6 star ratings. There are 45 different colors and patterns available, and the sheets will fit mattresses of Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

10. Luna Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector

This vinyl-free, fitted sheet type of mattress protector people can opt for if they need something more hypoallergenic. With an average of 4.5 star reviews from people who have tried this on their own beds, you can trust that this is a good choice. It has a 100% waterproof membrane, and its Luna Airflow Technology facilitates the circulation of airflow.

You will still enjoy maximum comfort as its cotton terry material does not alter your mattress' texture, and its surface is also noiseless.

What Do the Best Bedsheets and Bedding for Seniors Look Like?

Aesthetically, the best bedsheets for seniors do not look any different compared to other bedding products out in the market, but make use of absorbent, moisture wicking, or waterproof/resistant materials to ensure that the bed remains protected and that the senior is comfortable throughout the night.

Best Types of Sheets and Bedding

Bedding needs differ with age due to changes in the body. The best types of sheets and bedding should balance comfort and safety. The following are the best types for senior care.

  • Mattress covers go directly on top of the mattress and are usually made of vinyl to protect against dust, oil, stains, allergens, and incontinence.
  • Mattress pads can add an extra layer of support and comfort for better sleep. For seniors, these may be made of absorbent material.
  • A fitted sheet is snugly pulled over a mattress to protect it. A flat sheet is usually placed on top of the fitted sheets, but below blankets and duvets.
  • Bed pads are removable square or rectangular pads for seniors to lie directly on top of to ensure safety from accidents during the night. These are are either disposable or washable with every use.

Best Materials and Weaves

Common materials used for seniors' bedding are microfiber, as this tight weave is soft, water resistant, and allergen-proof. Polyester or poly blends are common moisture wicking fabrics used on bedding for the elderly.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Bedsheets

  1. The material should be soft enough to ensure a good night's rest – ideally, it should also distribute moisture away from the body so that the individual stays dry and cool.
  2. Also, fabric should be absorbent or waterproof/resistant to avoid large messes that will seep in all the way to the mattress.
  3. Mattress protectors or pads may make a lot of noise when they are not securely in place. Read the labels to check if these are noiseless or have non-slip backing so that sleep is not disrupted during the night.
  4. Sheets should be durable to withstand frequent washes.
  5. Lastly, they should be easy to remove and clean, considering the number of times you will be changing beds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bedsheets

Do you have any questions so far? Check out some of our FAQs below to see if your query has been answered!

What can I make with old bedsheets?

You can make anything from cleaning rags to cloth bags, curtains, and ironing board covers with old bedsheets.

How often should I wash my sheets and blankets?

The rule of thumb is that you should strip your pillows and bed to wash your sheets every two weeks. During hotter months, you may wash them every week. For seniors, items like bed pads are a big help as these can simply be removed and washed whenever they are soiled.

What are the different parts of a bedding?

The different parts of a bedding are mattress covers, mattress pads, fitted sheets, flat sheets, and bed pads.

How long should a bedsheet last?

Most bed sheets last two to three years if they are of good quality. You may want to check the fine print of the products you buy as some brands will give care instructions and indicate the maximum number of washes they can take.

Getting the right bedsheet can do wonders for any senior. Aside from battling incontinent, it also lets them get comfortable sleep—but it can go beyond that. Check out our reviews on senior care products in the bedroom today.

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