The Best Home Security System For Elderly

Published: December 31, 2020
Last updated: February 6, 2023

Best Home Security System for Seniors

Nowadays, smart home security is a vital part of any home. After all, an excellent security system can help keep the members of any household safe while protecting valuables inside the home; be it jewelry, cash, or gadgets. This is why searching for the best home security system for seniors is crucial.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, around 1.4 million burglaries occurred in the United States in 2017. While this decreased by 7.6 percent compared to the previous year, this figure still shouldn't be ignored. Such burglaries resulted in more than $3.4 billion in property losses for United States homeowners in the same year.

Keeping a house safe is hard enough for those who live with their families—but it's even harder for elderly adults who live alone. Unlike younger and healthier individuals, seniors often lack the physical strength to defend themselves in case of home invasions or burglaries. This is why having a home security system is crucial, as it can mitigate any security risk.

The best home security system can help any elderly individual have a safe and secure home. It grants peace of mind for both the elderly and their loved ones that if something goes wrong, there are contingency plans in place.

Best Home Security System for The Elderly

There are many 'best home security reviews' online. However, it's important to note that different methodologies are used to select these security systems—which can affect what gets included in their top picks.

Our list of the best home security systems of 2021 for the elderly is based on a set of our own criteria—that which we think suits seniors best. Here are some of the factors that we looked at before creating our list.

Professional Monitoring

One of the main features of any home security system is professional monitoring. This feature provides a homeowner with 24/7 surveillance services. Various home security providers have monitoring centers specifically to provide assistance to their clients. It's often staffed by specialists trained to help homeowners in case an alarm gets triggered.

Professional monitoring is crucial for seniors who live alone, as they may not be able to get immediate assistance if nobody is monitoring them. A great security setup can make sure that senior homeowners get help as soon as they need it.

Fortunately, popular home security companies such as ADT, Vivint, and SimpliSafe have monitoring centers that provide customers with immediate assistance in cases of emergencies. In making this list, home security companies were evaluated based on the quality of professional monitoring services that they provide.

While rating a home security’s professional monitoring capability, we also took note of customer feedback on how quick the setup is in detecting intrusions or security threats. This includes a rating on the response time of monitoring specialists.

A home security's monitoring capability should also be accurate. False alarms can cause stress for any homeowner. For instance, a false alarm in the middle of the night can disrupt a senior’s sleep and deprive the homeowner of much-needed rest.

Mobile App

Mobile apps or companion apps are present in many technological tools today—not just home security systems. There are mobile apps for medical alert systems, fitness devices, and even household appliances. Mobile apps are specially designed apps that complement existing systems.

In the case of home security, mobile apps allow homeowners to easily control their security systems while using their smartphones. This means that homeowners can check the status of their systems remotely—whether they're out of the house or simply in bed.

While different companion apps have various capabilities, they do have some common features that are particularly useful for seniors. For instance, mobile apps often act as receivers for notifications in case alarms or sensors get triggered. Most mobile apps also have live footage functionality, which lets seniors safely view the outside of their homes from wherever they are.

More than its features, a good mobile app should be easy to use. As seniors may have difficulty working with technology, mobile apps should be simple and compatible with a variety of mobile devices.

Examples of mobile apps are Vivint Smart Home App, ADT Pulse, ADT Control, SimpliSafe Home Security App, and Frontpoint Mobile. These are downloadable mobile apps with easy-to-use menus and interfaces which means the learning curve should be relatively low.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is always a factor when rating home security systems, especially for seniors. Although there are a ton of complex home security systems with multiple advanced features, the question is still whether a senior can easily use the said features.

Seniors use home security systems so they can have an easy way of protecting their homes. During emergency cases, people tend to lose focus. A sound home security system should be easy to operate, even under stress.

In rating the systems on this list, the best home security systems of 2022 were evaluated based on how easy they are to use for senior homeowners.


The availability of upgrades is also a factor determining whether a security system is worthy of getting a good rating. Although most systems are great on their own, a future-proofed system is even better.

When getting a system, it is preferable to have one that allows users to expand or add additional equipment to boost its defensive capabilities. The best security systems allow users to install additional sensors, security cameras, alarms, and other gadgets to customize and beef up their home security.


Cost, of course, is a relative factor to how we rated our home security systems. An expensive system isn't always a good thing—as other factors such as ease of use come into play. We ranked products on our list based on systems that provide features proportional to their pricing.

Top Picks for Home Security for the Elderly

1. ADT Pulse

ADT is one of the most recognizable names in home security. The ADT Pulse has excellent remote capabilities that allow homeowners to control their smart security devices wherever they are.

2. Vivint Home Security

Great overall alarm system. Vivint’s alarms can protect homeowners not just from burglaries and intrusions but from fires and floods as well.

3. SimpliSafe: The Fortress

SimpliSafe Fortress is an amazing home security system for those who have large homes.

4. Blue by ADT

Blue by ADT is a great DIY smart home system. This DIY smart home setup also connects to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

5. Abode Pro Plan

Abode Pro Plan is a good security system at a very competitive price. The smart home devices of Abode Pro Plan can easily connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for home automation.

6. Ring Plus Plan

The Ring Plus Plan is one of the most affordable smart home setups that homeowners can have. The Ring Plus Plan might be cheap, but it has almost all the features that more expensive systems have.

7. Cove

Cove is famous for its DIY secure system. Customers can create DIY secure systems using Cove's security quiz. This allows homeowners to have a home security system that is tailor-fit to their needs.

Recommended Home Security System for The Elderly

Security systems vary, and some security systems have features or functions that make them more suited for some situations or living conditions.

Best Home Security Systems of 2022 for Elderly Pet Owners

While pets make wonderful companions for seniors, any pet owner will want to make sure their home security system doesn't mistake their dog or cat for an intruder.

1. SimpliSafe: The Foundation

The Foundation is an excellent choice for seniors who have cats or dogs living with them. SimpliSafe uses infrared heat sensors for its motion sensors. These sensors won’t detect pets up to 50 pounds in weight. This means that pets can roam freely around a home without accidentally setting off the motion sensors.

With the kind of motion sensor that The Foundation uses, there is no need to worry about false security alarms. The user can also place the motion sensor around 5 feet above the ground, well above the usual height of pets.

2. Protect America Copper

Protect America offers a security plan that elderly pet lovers can take advantage of. Their Copper Plan can help secure a home while ensuring that there won’t be any false alarms triggered by a pet moving around the house.

Copper Plan includes motion sensors that can help detect the presence of burglars and any unwanted visitors in a home. It detects the heat emissions of anyone inside a room. For seniors who own pets, these detectors will ignore the heat signatures of most pets that weigh under 40 lbs.

3. Frontpoint Security

For pet lovers who want a set of eyes on their pets while they are away from home, Frontpoint Security is an ideal security system. Just like the aforementioned home security systems, they have heat sensors that can detect intruders but are pet-friendly.

Frontpoint also has pet cams that seniors can use to monitor their pets while they're out of the house. Having a camera that they can remotely access to monitor their pets is a big help. It can help ease the anxiety of not knowing what is happening to a pet while the owner is not at home.

Best Self-Monitored Home Security Systems for Elderly

1. Ring Alarm Security Kit

The Ring Alarm Security Kit is a great starter kit for seniors who are looking for a DIY-monitored security system. The starter kit comes with 1 contact sensor and one motion detector that’s more than enough for a condo or a small apartment. The status of these devices is easy to monitor with the use of the Ring App.

What’s nice about the Ring Alarm Security Kit is how easy it is to customize. Seniors can add ring devices to their alarm system as they see fit. With the almost limitless expansion capabilities of this starter kit, seniors won’t have to switch to another security system in case they decide to move to a larger home.

2. Abode Standard Plan

Abode’s Standard Plan offers seniors a self-monitoring system that helps seniors keep an eye on their properties while they are away. With the help of Abode's companion app, seniors can watch video feeds of their homes from their phones. The mobile app also lets seniors remotely control their system and the devices connected to it.

3. Blue by ADT

Blue by ADT is an ideal DIY home security system for seniors who need added protection for their homes but aren't too keen on professional monitoring services. Not to mention, despite being a DIY home security system, seniors won’t have a hard time setting this system up.

What Makes These Security Systems Smart?

Almost all the best home security system reviews emphasize the smart capabilities of these tools and how they can help improve the user’s lives. But what exactly makes a home security system smart? And what can these features do to improve an elderly individual's home?

The Use of Wi-Fi

The best wireless home systems use Wi-Fi technology—which provides a range of benefits for seniors. From cloud storage and remote access to smart home capabilities, Wi-Fi technology lets seniors seamlessly work with other smart devices in their homes while staying secure.

For instance, seniors can create rules to turn on the lights in a room if motion from the security system is detected, or to have doors unlock when a smoke alarm goes off. If a smart lock has a built-in camera, the home security system can set a rule to start recording once someone is at the door. 

The use of Wi-Fi also ensures an aesthetically pleasing environment. Smart home security systems don’t require wires to connect to other devices in the home, leaving rooms clean and neat while staying secure.

The Usage of Cloud Storage for Video and Still Photos

The top home security systems often offer cloud and local storage. The former lets seniors save the video recordings and still photos online, while the latter stores it offline and on the device itself. 

One of the benefits of cloud storage is how it often has a larger capacity than physical storage devices. This saves seniors from the hassle of deleting files to keep the system running, and lets them record high-resolution videos with ease. 

Cloud storage also lets seniors and seniors and their loved ones can access these files remotely, whether it's through their phone or computer.

It’s important to note, however, that cloud storage often comes with an extra cost. Home security system providers let users purchase a certain amount of storage on their server on a monthly basis, which can reach up to hundreds of dollars. This is why it’s important for seniors to choose a security system with a cloud storage plan that works for them. 

The Types of Notifications and Push Alerts

Notifications and push alerts are a necessity for smart home security systems. Depending on the system, alerts can be received via SMS, email, or push notifications through a companion app. Having these options means that even with limited internet connectivity, seniors can still receive notifications.

Alerts are usually given if the camera detects motion close to the camera, or based on other parameters set by the senior. Once a notification is received, seniors can then opt to remotely access their camera and see if it’s a false alarm or if authorities need to be contacted. 

The Ability to Customize Settings for Contact Sensors, Motion Detectors, and Glass Break Detectors

Home security systems need to work according to the user's needs, which is why customized settings are so handy. These settings can allow seniors to manipulate the different sensors and detectors that come with the system to fit their daily routine. 

Indeed, a home security system can be programmed to follow a certain set of rules when the senior is at home and while they’re away, or even when there are guests. For instance, sensors can be disabled in certain rooms when visitors are over to avoid false alarms that could unnecessarily alert the authorities. 

The Mobile Apps

As mentioned earlier, the best security system for home use should come with a companion app. These companion apps allow users to remotely use access their systems using their smartphones.

A home security system should have a companion app that’s compatible with both Android or iOS devices. This ensures that users can link their systems to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant as needed

Of course, your system should also be compatible even with older smartphone systems. This will ensure that users who have older model phones can still take advantage of all the benefits that the system’s companion app can offer. This is also a practical matter since users don’t have to buy newer phone models just to have a phone that’s compatible with a security system.

The Motion Detection and Night Vision Capabilities

The best home alarm systems have both motion detection and night vision capabilities. Motion-activated cameras won’t start recording until it detects motion, which can greatly save on the cost of electricity and local or cloud storage space. This feature is also vital, as it allows for positive identification in case of burglaries or break-ins.

Modern cameras also have night vision capabilities and can record high-quality videos or take high-resolution photos even in the dark. Doing so saves electricity because there is no need to leave a light on just to ensure good quality videos or pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the monitoring system for the elderly in the home?

A smart home security system is a service provided by a chosen security company. It uses a combination of smart devices and an existing program that allows elderly homeowners to properly secure their homes.

Common smart devices include door locks, window sensors, and motion detection devices. When integrated into a security set up, these devices can help protect seniors from break-ins and forced entries.

Although most smart devices are easy to install, some homeowners prefer to pursue the services of a technician who can provide professional home installation services.

A great home security system can also help make the life of a senior easier through automation. Homeowners can link their home security system to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to automate lights and thermostats.

What is a video monitoring system for the elderly in the home?

A smart home security system uses cameras to monitor the interiors and exteriors of a home. This allows senior homeowners to check the surroundings of their homes without having to step outside.

That way, seniors can easily verify the identity of a visitor before opening their doors.
If a senior has to step out, a video monitoring system ensures peace of mind knowing that their house will be monitored

What is the best home monitoring system for the elderly?

The best home monitoring system for the elderly should be able to provide immediate assistance to homeowners in case of break-ins or intrusions. However, defining what the “best” one is can be a tricky question—as it relies a lot on the senior’s needs and capabilities.

That said, our list above lists out the best home monitoring system for the elderly based on various needs along with an overall list of the best home security system. 

What is home security for elderly parents?

A smart home security system is a great way for children to help provide an additional layer of safety for their elderly parents.

Indeed, children of seniors can even go with a smart home security system that requires professional installation such as ADT Home Security. They can also go with a DIY or easy-to-install setup, depending on their time and capabilities.

With a DIY setup, children can add third-party devices to customize a home security setup. They can add door locks or window sensors as they see fit, and can take advantage of sales and promotions to purchase these systems at a more budget-friendly price point.

What is the best security for the elderly living alone?

There are lots of factors that go into this question. As a general rule, however, the best security for seniors who live alone is one that offers 24/7 monitoring. Homeowners can subscribe to a monitoring service on a per-month basis, therefore ensuring total security and a peaceful mind.

With a monitoring specialist standing by, elderly homeowners can receive immediate assistance during emergency cases. The specialist shall be the one to call the authorities if needed.

Monitoring services are not limited to security systems that require professional installation. Customers who opt for DIY security systems can also purchase monitoring services on a per-month basis.

What is the best way to monitor elderly parents remotely?

The best way to monitor elderly parents remotely is through remote video monitoring, which can be done through smart home security systems. Trusted family members can access the security cameras in their loved ones’ homes if they want to check on them.

One can even opt to purchase security cameras that act as communication devices. This allows children or loved ones to easily get in touch with their elderly parents.


ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse is one of the most trusted home security systems available. It has many features that can help keep seniors safe and secure, even if they live alone.

Remote Access

One of the strengths of the ADT Pulse is its remote capabilities. Once connected to users’ mobile devices, ADT Pulse can help users manage their devices remotely.

On that note, users can arm and disarm their systems remotely. This is a useful feature if they have house cleaners coming in or if they have a visitor that they need to let inside their home while they are away. The alarms can easily be turned on again once the visitor has left.

Users can view their ADT home security camera using their mobile phones. In fact, seniors with pets can definitely use this feature to keep tabs on their furry friends while they're out!

Lastly, homeowners can also use this remote capability to manage their smart home devices. If they are running late from getting home, they can remotely power on the lights. They can also remotely activate smart thermostats so that their homes will be at the perfect temperature when they arrive.

Pet-friendly Motion Sensors

The basic package of ADT Pulse includes pet-sensitive motion sensors and wireless door and window sensors. There is also a backup power included, which ensures that the home security network will work properly even during power outages.

Professional Technical Assistance

Another good thing about ADT Pulse is customers can count on ADT’s certified technicians to ensure that they have professionally installed devices. Users who are not tech-savvy no longer need to worry about installing the system themselves. Technicians will install and test the setup to make sure that everything is in working order for customers.

ADT’s technicians will also help customers connect the home security system to the customers’ ADT app on their smartphones. This will help make sure that customers can easily control their ADT home system on the go.

Vivint Home Security

Seniors who live alone need all the help that they can get when it comes to matters of safety and security. Thankfully, the Vivint Home Security system can help keep seniors safe all year round.

Vivint has sensitive security sensors that can help secure every entry point to a home. These sensors can monitor doors, windows, and much more. If a burglar or an intruder tries to break in, an alarm will set off.

Reliable Monitoring Team

The system will alert Vivint’s professional monitoring team, in case of an intrusion. A member of the professional monitoring team will then check on the user and call the attention of the authorities if needed. It's worth keeping in mind that the subscription fee for the Vivint Smart Home Plan includes a monitoring plan, so users don’t have to worry about additional fees.

Of course, home safety isn't just limited to intruders: this is why Vivint has seniors covered with their safety alarms. The Vivint alarm system will detect fire, flood, and even carbon dioxide. The monitoring team will also contact emergency services in case the homeowner needs assistance.

What’s great about these sensors is they also protect the property and valuables of the seniors. Damage from fire and water can lay waste what a senior spent years building. With the help of Vivint’s safety alarms, customers are also protecting their investments.

Wide Selection of Devices

Vivint also has a wide selection of security cameras to fit almost any user’s needs. Aside from the usual security cameras, Vivint also has doorbell cameras. Users can first look and talk to whoever is in front of the door without having to open it. This can go a long way towards protecting a home from forced entry.

Indeed, Vivint's security cameras can also help prevent crime. Its security cameras have AI that differentiates between passers-by and lurkers. If the Vivint AI determines that the person is a lurker, the AI will power on lights to scare the lurker. Even if the homeowner is not at home, this can give the impression that there is someone inside the home.

Vivint’s cameras also allow homeowners to speak remotely with whoever is in the house. With the help of a companion app, seniors can talk to house cleaners and provide instructions even while they are doing their groceries.

SimpliSafe: The Fortress

For seniors who live in large homes, SimpliSafe: The Fortress might be an ideal home security system. With six entry sensors and two motion sensors, this SimpliSafe package has enough in its arsenal to keep a sizeable multi-bedroom home safe and protected.

Protection Against Break-ins

This SimpliSafe package comes with a Panic Button. This is a useful tool for seniors who would need immediate assistance from SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring team. A simple press of the Panic button will summon help from the professional monitoring team.

Aside from being useful in case of break-ins or home intrusions, professional monitoring can also be crucial in case of medical emergencies. Members of the professional monitoring team can alert authorities in case the homeowner needs medical assistance.

This SimpliSafe package comes with a 105-decibel siren that gets activated once the system detects an intrusion. The loud volume of the siren can help disorient and scare any intruder.

Of course, the siren is also loud enough to be heard outside the home, which means that neighbors will also get alerted.

24/7 Home Monitors

SimpliSafe also has 24/7 professional monitoring, which is like having a professional security guard. Pro monitoring specialists are on standby 24/7 and can provide immediate assistance to homeowners via a call or by alerting the authorities if needed.

What is great about SimpliSafe is that users are not tied to what’s included in the home security package: you can customize your own SimpliSafe system to suit your needs. If a senior homeowner needs more entry sensors, you can simply add the needed number of extra SimpliSafe sensors.

The Fortress by SimpliSafe is available with and without professional monitoring Customers who forgo the professional monitoring plan won't have to pay a fee should they choose to discontinue this service.

Blue by ADT

For seniors who want a DIY security system, Blue by ADT might be the perfect fit. This smart system has a contract, so there is no need to worry about penalties. Lots of reviews tout this system as easy to install and operate, making it a perfect DIY option.

Blue by ADT also offers different options based on the customers’ needs. They have the Build Your Own System, the Starter System, and the Starter Plus System.

Budget Pick

Among the three, the Starter System provides ample security so customers can have peace of mind without having to spend too much money. The Build Your Own System costs around $180 per month, while the Starter Plus System costs close to $300 per month.

For a little over $200 per month, the Starter Kit includes a base station, door sensors, and window sensors. There is also a yard sign and window stickers with the starter kit. Users can also use the ADT Home Security mobile app. This app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, so users can connect the app to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Customizable Set-up

Blue by ADT also lets customers choose whether or not they want a professional monitoring plan. Self-monitoring is an option for seniors who just need security equipment without all the bells and whistles. However, with self-monitoring, the senior will be responsible for alerting authorities in case of intrusions or if they need assistance.

Seniors can also choose to add a monitoring service if they feel that self-monitoring will not provide them with the peace of mind they need. What’s nice about Blue by ADT is customers can have monitoring services without a monitoring contract. Since there are no contracts involved, there are also no termination fees.

One of the most sought-after features by customers is Blue’s Doorbell Camera. This is a great piece of security system for seniors who live alone. Simply put, the video doorbell lets seniors screen whoever is calling before they open the door. Elderly homeowners can even use the 2-way talk feature of the video doorbell to speak with whoever is outside the door.

Blue’s video doorbell also has facial recognition, which means the camera can recognize facial patterns registered in the system. Even during the night, Blue’s Doorbell Camera works perfectly because it has night vision capabilities. The footage captured by the doorbell camera uses cloud storage, so there is no need to use local storage.

Abode Pro Plan

The Abode Pro Plan is another excellent smart home security system that comes with great features at a competitive price. This smart home system comes with 24/7 professional monitoring to ensure that seniors can get assistance whenever they need it.

Smart Home Integrations

Abode takes home automation to the next level. This system allows smart home integrations so seniors can link other smart devices to their systems. Seniors can link the system to Amazon Alexa, Sonos, or Google Assistant to enable remote control of smart devices such as light bulbs, thermostats, and security cameras.

This system works well even with third-party devices. When customers use their Abode with Z-Wave products, they can integrate other locks, lightbulbs, video doorbells, and thermostats with their systems. Such integration creates a seamless security network without the use of wires.

Third-party products for smart home integrations are available online, and customers can choose which ones they want to add to their setup. 

Abode also allows customers to review footage and the history of events. Pro Plan owners can review 30-days’ worth of videos with the included data storage, along with the history of triggered alarms and open or closed doors.

Mobile Integration

As mentioned previously, the Abode Pro Plan connects to the users’ smartphones. Customers can receive notifications and alerts when alarms get triggered via their email or push notifications sent to their phones.  Users can even customize their notifications and choose which alerts they want to receive.

Another great feature of the Abode smart home system is its redundant security backups. Most smart home securities rely on Wi-Fi to work correctly, but Abode can also work using the cellular network in case of internet outages. This helps ensure that seniors have a working home security system even if there is no Wi-Fi connection.

Ring Plus Plan

Those on a budget should seriously consider the Ring Plus Plan. This Ring Alarm system can compete against more expensive systems at just $10 per month.

Despite its low price point, each Ring Plus Plan includes 24/7 professional monitoring. Seniors who live alone can benefit from this feature since they can count on always having someone available to help them in case of emergencies. Ring’s professional monitoring team can dispatch real-time responders if there are break-ins or when the system detects a security threat.

Customers can remotely control their Ring alarm devices through a companion app. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, so customers can also connect their system to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for full home automation.

Ring’s security devices are also capable of doubling as communication devices. Customers can use their phones to speak to whoever is near the Ring device.

Ultimately, the Ring Plus Plan also allows homeowners to keep an accurate record of the events in or around their homes. Videos captured through a video doorbell or security camera are available to homeowners for up to 60 days. Customers can even download the said videos and photos should they need to do so.

Great Equipment Coverage

Plus Plan subscribers are also covered by lifetime theft protection. Customers can receive a free replacement device as long as the old device gets reported stolen within 15 days.

On top of the competitive monthly subscription fee, Plus Plan subscribers are also eligible for a 10% discount off selected products at Ring.com. This is great news for customers who want to expand their system but don’t want to wait for Black Friday. Plus Plan subscribers can enjoy a Black Friday-like shopping experience anytime they want to.


Cove is another security company known for its DIY system. Unlike most security companies that offer DIY home security systems, Cove’s DIY system is bare bones. This means that Cove doesn’t have a starter kit that customers can then expand or build on.

DIY Pick

Cove’s DIY system allows customers to choose smart devices that they want to include in their system. Customers can go to Cove’s website, where they can take a short quiz. This allows Cove’s system to suggest devices that might fit the customers' needs. It is then up to the customers to choose which devices to purchase.

What’s great about this DIY security is customers have the freedom to select only what they need. With other security companies, customers might get forced into getting devices they don’t want, just because the said equipment is included in the starter kit.

Easy to Install

Cove’s security devices are easy to install and operate. Unlike other smart devices that require them to be professionally installed, seniors can do the installation themselves. For seniors who are not tech-savvy, they can opt to have their devices professionally installed by a handyman.

Aside from the usual security camera and motion detection devices, Cove also offers alarms that can help customers quickly detect impending danger.

What's more, this system can be equipped with easy-to-install flood sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke heat freeze detectors. These detectors are often not included in the plans of other security companies.

While most DIY systems are self-monitoring, Cove’s DIY system allows a customer to add a monitoring service and get the best of both worlds.

Monitoring Capabilities

Cove’s Basic plan includes 24/7 live monitoring and environmental monitoring. Their environmental monitoring capability is a crucial service for seniors since it can help protect them from fires or floods. With an active environmental monitoring system, customers can avoid damages and health hazards that might result from floods and fires.

For seniors who are not technologically inclined, there is no need to worry whether their Cove home security is working or not. Cove checks the status of equipment every hour. This ensures that all customers have working equipment at all times. Thankfully, all of this equipment also comes with a 1-year warranty.

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