Bed Aids for Elderly Loved Ones

Written By: William Rivers
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Published: October 27, 2020
Last updated: December 28, 2022

If you’re approaching your twilight years or if you have loved ones who are, it’s much better to invest in prevention today. Ensuring that our bedroom environment is safe and comfortable is crucial — and for the elderly even more so. Fortunately, bed aids for elderly individuals can help assist with daily movement and help avoid accidents from happening.

Living independently most of our lives makes it difficult to deal with the changes we experience in our bodies when we age. After decades of wear and tear, we begin to notice that our bodies heal slower, move slower, and tasks we used to do easily take a lot more energy to perform. Additionally, our cognitive abilities begin to slow as well, and we begin to forget things more easily or lose our coordination. 

These changes are completely normal but can become challenging if you live alone or like to move independently. Whereas you used to jump out of bed easily, you may now find yourself struggling to even sit up. Not to mention, aging has also made you more prone to injury. If you can simply shrug off a bump or a bruise before, now a fall can cause serious damage. 

As a matter of fact, the National Council of Aging reports that falling down is the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of non-fatal trauma-related hospital admissions in the elderly. And if that’s not enough, falls can be really costly as well. In 2015, the total cost of fall injuries in American elderly cost $50 billion and it’s estimated to cost around $67.7 in 2020. This is most concerning for people aged 65 and above.

What are bed aids?

Did you know the average American spends 33 years of their lives in bed? Since we spend so much time sleeping and in our bedrooms, it makes sense to make the bedroom a much safer environment for you when you get older. 

One such way is to install bed aids. This refers to any form of equipment installed in the bedroom that assists with mobility, provides comfort, and helps prevent injury.

What are the benefits of bed aids for the elderly?

Relying on other people especially when in bed at night can be difficult. Whether you live alone or not, enjoying some level of independence in the comforts of your own bedroom is always welcome. That’s why bed aids are a great option. 

Make moving around in the bedroom on your own a lot easier

With age, our mobility becomes more limited. Turning around in bed and rising after lying down becomes difficult. The right safety device for your bedroom can help with this. From poles and rails to ladders and pulls, these safety devices make it possible for you to move around on your own.

Help make your bedroom a safer place

As bedroom safety devices are designed to help you move around, they take the struggle away from activities that would normally be stressful for your body to perform. They also help prevent you from falling down and getting injured. Having such a safety device around can provide a sense of comfort and security in the bedroom.

Increases your comfort

Resting should be comfortable, but even the softest pillows and the smoothest blankets can be unpleasant. The appropriate bedroom safety devices can help make sure your resting experience will be comfortable. From elevating your back to eating comfortably, these devices help make your stay in bed a more enjoyable experience. 

What type of bed aids are there?

There are many varieties of bed aids available on the market today. Here are some that can help make your bedtime routine more comfortable.

Backrests, Wedges, and Pillows

These are wedges, pillows, and other mechanisms that can be placed on your back or under your feet to help you rest comfortably while lying down.

Bed Rails, Grab Poles, Bed Ladders and Bed Pulls

These are structures that can be installed into your bed frame or over your bed to help you sit up or move around. Ladders, rails, and grab poles serve as a support to help you sit or stand up; meanwhile, bed pulls help you move around while lying down.

Over Bed Tables

For people who spend a lot of time bedridden or with a disability, using over bed tables that are height adjustable helps them perform daily activities such as reading, writing, and eating, while lying down comfortably.

Blanket Cradles and Supports

Blanket cradles and blanket supports are fixtures installed into or next to bed to support the blanket and keep it off your legs. These help with reducing friction and preventing skin irritations like bed sores or pressure ulcers caused by your blankets and sheets.

Lifters and Elevators

For those who need help with sitting up, lifters and elevators are mechanisms installed into beds to help move the mattress and raise you up from a lying position, similar to hospital beds. These are customizable based on weight capacity and range of mobility. They are also remote-controlled and conveniently help you move independently at the push of a button.

Leg and Thigh Lifters

For those who cannot readily move their legs, leg and thigh lifters are straps that you hook onto your legs or thigh to help you reposition them.

Bumpers and Mats

Bumpers are paddings installed at the sides of a bed to help prevent falls. Mats are cushioning put near your bed to help prevent injuries should you fall or stumble.

Ask Senior Strong to Learn More About Bed Aids

With so many bed aids available in the market, selecting the one that best suits your needs can be a challenge. If you need help choosing the right bed aid for you, whether it’s the type, the brand, or even the price range, let Senior Strong help you. We’ve got experts with a wealth of experience who can help make sure you get the right product you need at the best deal possible. Contact us today!

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