Overbed Tables for Elderly

An overbed table for seniors is a common purchase for individuals who are opting to age in place. This is where a senior wants to live in their own house throughout their golden years.

As such, depending on one's existing home, a number of modifications and adjustments will need to be made to ensure that your loved one has all that they need to spend their days as comfortable, safe, and happy as can be. Thus, an overbed table for elderly individuals is a fantastic addition to one's home to help make the space more senior-friendly, adding a bit of convenience to their daily life. 

Why Buy An Overbed Table

Purchasing an overbed table can help instill a sense of independence in seniors, allowing them to carry out their daily tasks and activities with an additional layer of security. Since your elderly loved ones will be spending a lot of time at home, it is worth investing in an overbed table for home use, considering the variety of options available in various stores and online shops.

Caregivers can use the overbed table to dispense medication or feed patients in bed. However, an overbed table is simple enough for a senior to use even when they are alone at home. They can easily reach for any objects that they need, use the table to read, eat, or write, among many other uses. They can view the table as a solution to many of their needs, providing a sense of balance in their daily routine. In addition, Renray Healthcare says that these can be especially helpful in case of an emergency or injury.

Since an overbed table is easy to maneuver, it can be moved directly out of the way so that caregivers, family members, or attending physicians can check on the person in bed. Reversely, if a senior is in bed and needs to get out immediately, they can push away the table quickly and easily, offering a greater amount of accessibility and safety.

There are several uses for today's overbed tables for elderly individuals, and rooms may be incomplete without the presence of this handy little tool. From holding medications to being a station for writing reviews of their favorite books, the uses are plenty.

Still not convinced? View our site for customer reviews and read on as we discuss some of the best overbed table options out in the market today. We did the research—all you have to do is select the table that suits your needs and check out the reviews on our page to make an informed decision! 

Best Overbed Tables for Seniors in 2022

To simplify your shopping experience, we have crafted a list of some of the best overbed tables for seniors, taking into consideration factors such as features, price, existing ratings, and expert opinions.

1. Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed

This overbed table by Vaunn Medical is often recommended by doctors for its sturdiness, durability, and ease of use. It has an H-shaped base made of welded steel, and is topped by a walnut wood tray table and T-molded edge design. It has a weight capacity of fifty pounds.

2. Vaunn Medical Deluxe Tiltable Overbed Bedside Table

Vaunn Medical Deluxe Tiltable Overbed Bedside Table

Trusted brand Vaunn Medical has a more deluxe overbed bedside table for those who are looking for a little more versatility. This model is likewise recommended by doctors for both hospital bed and home use.

Its dual tilt table top allows you to adjust one tray to numerous different positions, while the other smaller tray remains stationary. It can also be rotated 360 degrees and has a weight capacity of 50 pounds.

3. DMI Heavy Duty Tilt-Top Overbed Table

While simple in design, the DMI Heavy Duty Tilt-Top Overbed Table has all the basic features you could possibly need for this type of mechanism. Its heavy duty frame carries a heavier weight capacity, which is an important consideration for tilt top bed tables.

It can withstand the pressure if users lean on it, making it much safer. This is also an ideal option for high beds such as those in hospitals, as its height can be adjusted from 34 to 46 inches.

4. Drive Medical Seat Lift Chair Overbed Table

Trusted brand Drive Medical has created this overbed table to be used with a lift chair, couch, or standard recliner. Its table tray can be swiveled, allowing your family member to easily get in and out of bed or their seat while the mechanism remains in place. It has a built-in magazine rack as well.

It can be positioned on either side of the bed or chair with a 180-degree rotation. Its table top can also pivot 360-degrees. Lastly, it is finished off with an elegant teak wood grain laminate.

5. Medline Overbed Table with Wheels

Medline Overbed Table with Wheels

Medline's overbed table with wheels is a simple but durable option. Its surface area is made from hard wood grain, allowing it to be both durable and able to hold a high weight capacity. This is a budget-friendly model that can be used in conjunction with a hospital bed, wheelchair, or bed at home. It has four swivel castors that make it easy to move, and two of these wheels can be locked in place for safety.

6. Carex Overbed Table

The Carex Overbed Table has been recommended for either a home a home bed or a hospital bed. This lightweight model is made from high quality plastic, making it easy to maintain and clean. Its C-shaped design may be particularly helpful if your loved one is left-handed.

It has more than one cup holder and a lip around its surface to avoid spills and items from falling off. The Carex overbed table also has four swivel castors for easy movement, which also makes it easy to slide under the bed when not in use. Its frame can also be used as a foot rest.

7. Medacure Bedside Table with Wheels

Medacure Bedside Table with Wheels

Medacure's overbed table has a large surface that measures 31.5 inches by 15.4 inches, and is made of a laminate wooden flame resistant top. Its table tray has a vinyl anti-spill rim around its perimeter as well. This medical overbed table is extremely sturdy as it rests on a steel U-shaped base that can take a weight capacity of 50 pounds.

Through an adjustable coil spring, this product has infinite locking settings. You will be able to adjust the height between 28 to 45 inches with a small lever. It is also easy to move around, thanks to its 2-inch swivel casters. This is a best selling product, which is also easy to assemble in just four steps.

8. Steelcase Opus Overbed Table

This professional-quality overbed table by Steelcase is a product similar to hospital bed tables. It has an adaptable surface that suits various purposes and needs, along with a height-adjustable surface and a thermoform top with a rimmed edge to reduce spills, as well as cup holders. This model has a secondary standing height surface that remains fixed for caregivers to use.

This overbed table has a storage space on both sides and optional vanity drawers. The entire mechanism can be kept under the bed by sliding it in.

9. Coavas Medical Overbed Table

Coavas Medical Overbed Table

The Coavas Medical overbed table is not just used for hospital bed tables, but it also purchased as a multipurpose computer desk. This desk is made from MDF and steel tubing, which means that it's durable and can also accommodate a heavier weight allowance. It comes in various colors and finishes to match the space, and is recommended for users who have lower beds.

10. Dline Overbed Table

The Dline Overbed Table looks a little different compared to most of the other bed tables for sale. This model is placed over the entire width of the bed, whether twin-sized or California King. It is a particularly sturdy model that can also hold up to 330 pounds. Its surface area is 55.1 inches long, with two additional holes for cables and wires.

Its height and width can both be adjusted and its frame is supported with extra tubes. Although it may take up more space, it has four wheels to move it away when you need to get in and out of bed.

Best Manual Overbed Tables For Seniors

Sometimes, all you may want is a classic model that is easy to use and does the job excellently. A manual overbed table is your more traditional product, which does not boast any fancy features but sticks to the basics. These may be best for people who prioritize simplicity and ease of use in their products above all else.

1. Drive Medical Non-Tilt Top Overbed Table

Those who want a simple manual overbed table may opt for this affordable model by Drive Medical. It features an H-shaped base with 2-inch swivel casters for maximum stability. It is easy to assemble and easy to adjust. Its tray table can be lowered or raised from 28 to 45 inches. Lastly, the bed desk has a laminate finish, making it easy to clean.

2. Vive Overbed Table

This simple but sturdy manual overbed table by Vive is compatible with a hospital bed or wheelchair. Its height adjustment is between 28 to 39 inches with a light pull of the lever, which is great if a caregiver is not present to help your loved one out. This bed table is finished off with both high quality wood grain and laminate for a longer lifespan and simple maintenance.

Its surface area is slightly larger compared to other bed tables, with a lip around its wood grain table tray. This product also has excellent customer service and a lifetime warranty.

3. Roscoe Medical Non-Tilt

Roscoe Medical Non-Tilt

This basic manual overbed table by Roscoe Medical can take a load of up to forty pounds. The overall width of its base is 26.5 inches and its table top can be raise through slight pressure. It is easy to adjust in an infinite number of different positions. This surface is fashioned on a chrome-plated steel H-shaped base, and it has swivel caster wheels to make it easy to move.

Best Electric Overbed Tables For Seniors

Electric overbed tables are rather rare and limited in today's market, but there is no doubt that these will be the products of the future. Packed with additional features to accommodate changing work environments and electric needs, these may be ideal for the tech savvy senior.

1. AtHand Premium Overbed Table Bundle

If your loved one is looking for something with some more advanced features, or an update on the standard overbed table, the AtHand overbed table system may be the way to go. Although on the pricier side, this model has loads of different elements and accessories that are far from the usual. It has drawers for storage of loose items, a trash bin, and a cup holder.

Aside from these, the AtHand overbed table system also has an 8-ft. power cord that supplies power to 4 regular outlets and 4 USB ports, making it a great choice for seniors who work or use their gadgets often, or those who want a portable laptop table. It also has an LED reading light.

2. Balee Overbed Table

Although it may be hard to top the AtHand Premium Overbed Table, given that this kind of overbed table is harder to come by, the Balee Overbed Table is a fair compromise. This may be the best overbed table for those who frequently use gadgets while in bed, as it has been specifically designed to accommodate all electrical needs.

It features a tablet holder and a slot for cords and cables to prevent clutter. It also has a built-in cup holder. The Balee Overbed Table rests on a heavy duty carbon steel frame, and you can adjust the height between 25.6 to 38.2 inches with a simple crank system. Unlike most other bed tables with wheels, it does not have casters, but two hidden ball rolls and rubber feet to move around.

3. Bedchill 2 Overbed Table

Far from your average hospital bed tables, this model by Bedchill takes your standard mechanism a notch higher with the addition of four power outlets, four USB charging ports, and LED lights. Its LED lights can be controlled with a remote., and the Bedchill 2 has integrated Bluetooth speakers which you can hook up to any device. Its power cord retracts automatically.

This model has drawers for storage, and other common features such as raised edges to prevent spills, casters on its legs, and height adjustment. This product is also made-to-order, and people interested in this can choose their Bedchill with particular sizes and specifications in mind.

Best Bariatric Overbed Tables For Seniors

A overbed table is a specialized mechanism for people who need larger and sturdier models to fit their bariatric beds or chairs. These products have a heavier weight capacity and wider surfaces for better functionality, stability, security, and comfort.

1. DiaMedical USA Bariatric Overbed Table

DiaMedical USA's bariatric overbed table fits most bariatric beds, and has a weight capacity of 500 poounds. It features a larger high pressure table top made of laminate, which makes it easy to clean. This table top measures 18 by 40 inches. For your peace of mind, it has been structurally reinforced as it is mounted on a steel welded frame and has locking caster wheels.

2. Novum Medical 149-BAR Acute Care Bariatric Overbed Table

Novum Medical's model is suitable for most bariatric beds, chairs, and wheelchairs as it has a 35-inch cross member base. It supports a load of 500 pounds, as it rests on a reinforced tubular steel frame. Its table top is likewise 18 inches by 40 inches, and its height can be adjusted with a range of 30.5 to 45.5 inches. It also has caster wheels so that your loved one can maneuver it easily.

3. Drive Medical Bariatric Heavy Duty Overbed Table

In its locked position, Drive Medical's Bariatric Heavy Duty Overbed Table can take a load of up to 500 pounds. Its table top height can be adjusted in one inch increments from 30 to 45 inches. Its frame can also be extended to almost the entire length of its top. While it has been structurally reinforced with a steel welded frame, it is still easy to maneuver with wheels and the product itself is just 70 pounds.

Best Active Overbed Tables For Seniors

Some people may not need an overbed table simply because they have limited mobility. Thankfully, many of these in the market today are active or suit individuals who are more active. These store multiple items and are easy to move around the home, depending on what users choose to use the product for.

1. Amfab Company Overbed Table with Vanity Drawer

Seniors who are slightly more active and who need an overbed table to accommodate their various activities may appreciate the Amfab Company Overbed Table with Vanity Drawer. It has an aesthetically pleasing storage compartment with a drawer that slides out from its frame. This can be used to store anything from reading and art materials, to makeup.

As a result, it can give seniors more independence in going about these activities without much assistance needed.

2. BarleyHome Side Table

The BarleyHome Side Table is an inexpensive option for seniors who are looking for a more active overbed table. It has lockable swivel casters which allow users to move the mechanism from room to room. These caster wheels can also be removed for safety if you want the bed table to be held firmly in place.

This bed table also comes with a very useful storage rack, allowing people to keep items like books or magazines. It also features a base that can be used to carry around larger items to different rooms, almost like a cart.

3. KosmoCare Deluxe Tilt Top Height Adjustable Multipurpose Overbed Trolley Table

This multipurpose trolley table by Kosmochem is a great option for those who want a mix of a traditional manual overbed table, and a reclining one. Its larger desk can be tilted when users are reading, writing, or using gadgets, while its smaller side desk is stationary. Active seniors will be able to maneuver the mechanism easily on their own with the help of its stable steel base and swivel castors.

Best Ergonomic Overbed Tables For Seniors

Ergonomics is all about making sure that an individual is given comfort, support, and safety. This is especially important for seniors as they are going through numerous physical changes. You will often hear the term in light of workplace solutions, therefore it makes sense that there are ergonomic overbed tables for seniors to also enjoy doing work or other activities with sufficient support.

1. UNICOO Height and Width Adjustable Overbed Table

For seniors who still do some form of work, the UNICOO Height and Width Adjustable Overbed Table is a great model. This bedside table also functions as a desk, and features an adjustable width of 51 to 92 inches, which is a relatively large surface compared to other models.

As such, it can conveniently hold up to two monitors, which has become a popular ergonomic work set-up that may increase productivity.

2. Platinum Health Acrobat Professional Overbed

The unique shape of Platinum Health's Acrobat Professional Overbed table is ergonomically designed to accommodate different types of seats, to maintain good posture. Its vertical table surface may be adjusted through a tilt top and it is flexible enough to fold compactly for storage, when needed. It is also compatible with most chairs at is has a U-shaped base.

3. Seville Classics AIRLIFT Overbed Medical Pneumatic Adjustable Table

Seville Classics' overbed table is sleek, simple, and stable. Its monochrome color scheme makes it a suitable option, even for those who are not seniors. Think of it as a modern update on bulky hospital tables. Its table tray is finished with spill-proof PVC laminate, which is durable and ideal for easy cleanups.

It has beveled edges and tapered ends, making it a great ergonomic option that can be used as a workspace. Ease of use is assured with its split ends and locking caster wheels. It is also easy to assemble as it does not require any additional materials or equipment.

Best Reclining Overbed Tables For Seniors

Reclining overbed tables may be up your alley if you are looking to use this mechanism for purposes other than eating. The ability to incline the table top can give users more freedom to use the mechanism in ways other than a regular hospital bed table. Reclining tables can allow for better posture and flexibility as well.

1. Invacare Hospital Overbed Tilt Top Table

Invacare's hospital bed table has a table tray that may be tilted in any direction, with three angle positions. A light downward tap also ensures that the mechanism will automatically lock in place. Its steel base is easy to clean, and boosts its longevity. It has caster wheels that have brakes for safe use. The tabletop has a lip around it to prevent unwanted spills.

Users have commented that this product has fantastic customer service, as replacements arrive quickly.

2. Silver Spring SDL102 Adjustable Tilting Overbed Table

Silver Spring's overbed table features a revolving H-base design and caster wheels that lock. Its height can be adjust from 28 to 43 inches, and users have the ability to tilt the table forward. Its laminate surface makes it easy to clean, and its additional rim prevents further spills. The table can be slid under the bed when not in use.

3. TigerDad Tilting Overbed Table

TigerDad's Tilting Overbed Table is sleek and functional as it can be adjusted at any height or angle that you please. This multifunctional product is often used as a rolling laptop desk, but it can be used as you would any other hospital bed table. It has an edge stopper to prevent items from falling as well. You can roll it around from room to room if needed as it has 1.5-inch caster wheels with brakes.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing an Overbed Table

When making your decision on the best overbed table, there are certain key features to keep an eye out for. Although there have already been several new additions, these basic features are a good place to start in gauging the quality of the item. This list covers all the basics, from size to height adjustments and even offers insight into different types of wheel lock mechanisms, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make an informed choice. 


Overbed tables come in various sizes, and your choice depends on how much surface area you need. You may opt for a more compact table tray if this is simply going to be used for meals. A larger table top may be ideal if the bed table is going to be used for a number of other purposes. If the bed has other accessories such as rails or steps, the table should be able to fit in well with these.


Wheels make overbed tables very convenient, especially if you intend to move around the mechanism to the left or right side of the bed. However, these can also be a liability when they are not locked. Make sure that whatever bedside table you decide on has wheels that can be locked easily for your peace of mind. Your overbed table with wheels should also glide easily on any kind of floor surface.

Storage and Other Accessories

If you have a senior family member who is bedridden or spends most of their time in bed, a table with storage spaces built-in can be helpful. These can hold medication, books, remote controls, and other loose items for easy access. Some bed tables may also have additional LED lights as a functional accessory to illuminate reading materials, or help seniors find their way in and out of bed at night.


The ability to tilt the table to one's desired height is vital for those who will be using the overbed table for multiple purposes. Aside from placing trays to eat, these can be used to hold books, or function as stands similar to a laptop table for better elevation at a proper angle.

Height Adjustment

A good number of overbed tables have adjustable heights, which is an important consideration depending on how much space you have or where you will be using it. Individuals with conditions such as arthritis or those who suffer from limited mobility may benefit from an overbed table model with height adjustment capabilities.


For those who are concerned with their overbed table's aesthetics and appearance with the rest of the room, style may be a key feature when choosing your ideal model. Some overbed tables may look similar to a hospital overbed table, but others are more simple but still made with high quality materials, to ensure that the mechanism blends both form and function.

Frequently Asked Questions About Overbed Tables

We're always happy to discuss any questions and concerns you might have. If there is anything else you'd like to know, have a look at our frequently asked questions to see if your query has already been answered.

What is an overbed table used for?

Overbed tables are used for meals, activities, reading, surfing the web, and many other activities. These can be used by the patient, but an overbed table can also be used to facilitate interactions between patients and family members or patients and caregivers.

What is an overbed table?

An overbed table is an adjustable table (usually with wheels) that has been specifically designed to work with people in their beds, couches, or wheelchairs. While they are common fixtures that complement hospital beds, these have now been adapted for home use as well. These give users a sense of independence and allow them to go about their daily tasks from the comfort of their beds.

How much are overbed tables?

Depending on added features, materials used, and the brand, the prices of overbed tables vary. These can go for less than 50 USD, but some can even be pegged at thousands of dollars. Although this is quite a wide range, you can budget something in the hundred dollar price range for a good quality overbed table.

How to install medical overbed tables?

Several of the medical overbed tables for sale these days require minimal assembly and no additional materials. You simply have to follow the instructions to put the mechanism together, but installation is not exactly required since an overbed table is mobile. In some cases, users can even adjust the table height on their own with the pull of a lever or twist of a knob.

How much does an overbed table cost?

Overbed tables can go as low as 50 USD, while some are over 1,000 USD. You can find many reasonable models that are of good quality at around 100 USD or slightly more.

Why do hospitals need overbed tables?

Patients who are confined in hospitals may spend the majority of their time in the bed. Overbed tables make their lives easier by giving them access to everything they need, allowing them to eat properly, and continue doing other activities to keep entertained. In hospitals, these can even be used by healthcare professionals who need to conduct checks and tests.
They are extremely convenient in hospitals as they can be moved around in case a patient needs to get up from lying down, and these mechanisms can usually be adjusted to suit one's ideal height.

How do hospitals adjust overbed tables?

An overbed table in a hospital can be adjusted in the same way most other models for home use can. Wheels usually have brakes or locks to hold the entire mechanism in place for safety measures. Patients or caregivers can adjust the table height with levers or knobs.

Have you found an overbed table that works for you? If you want to learn more about senior care products, visit the rest of Senior Strong today!

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