Bed Rails for Adults

Getting a sufficient amount of sleep is paramount to maintaining a healthy lifestyle at any age. However, seniors falling out of bed due to REM behavior disorder, dementia, medication, space issues, or other physical struggles can disrupt sleep. This is why bed rails for adults are an easy solution to ensure a good night's rest for any loved one in your life who is of older age.

The aforementioned issues coupled with other phenomena that come with aging, such as poor eyesight or incontinence, increase the likelihood of seniors falling out of bed.

The fear of falling out of bed alone—whether or not this has happened before—can affect one's sleep. A bed rail protector can give the semblance of sleeping safely, which is similar to the feeling of sleeping in hospital beds. There's no reason to avoid getting this for any loved one in your life who may need it.

Safety Bed Rails for Elderly

Bed rails for adults are an accessible solution if you are supporting a loved one who is aging in place. These assist rails or safety rails are fantastic options for those who seek to provide seniors with sufficient home care. The US Food & Drug Administration notes that bed rails promote fall prevention, aid in repositioning, and provide patients with a sense of security.

To help you choose your ideal bed rail, this list of the safest bed rail for adults considers features, brands, prices, and individual needs.

The Best Bed Rails for Adults in 2022

Senior Strong has factored in numerous features, price points, and personal preferences in determining the best products for every kind of need.

Here is a list of of the best bed safety rail models you can put on your shopping list today:

1. Drive Medical Home Bed Side Helper

Trusted brand Drive Medical's Home Bed Side Helper is for those who are concerned with its fit on the bed. It has handles that attach to either side of the bed by sliding in below your mattress. The base bar is finished off with no-slip foam to keep it stable and in place.

This Home Bed Side Helper has removable handles, and the entire mechanism is made with steel and chrome-plated material. You can assemble the three-piece unit without any tools. Retailing at $99.99, this is one of the models with a limited lifetime warranty.

2. Able Life Bedside Mighty Home Bed Rail

While lightweight at less than two pounds, this bed rail by Able Life can support up to 300 pounds. Its bed rail handles are cushioned for better comfort and grip when you are getting out of bed or climbing back in. Not to mention, its additional organization pouch is washable.

This is also one of the more affordable bed rails, retailing at $54.99.

3. Drive Medical Home Bed Style Adjustable Length Bed Rail

Also by Drive Medical, this safety rail can be adjusted on both sides through a spring-loaded release button. It is suitable for all home beds but works best as a king-size bed rail frame. The length of its safety rail can go from 37, 43, and 57 inches. Its crossbar can also be extended from 36 to 72 inches.

Costing $82.38, this Drive Medical pick is made of steel and is coated with a brown vein finish. You can cover it with extra bumper pads that go on both sides of the bed. When not in use, you can pull the rails all the way down to prevent obstruction.

4. AdirMed Height Adjustable Slip Resistant Bed Rail

This particular model by AdirMed is made of powder-coated steel, making it a stable and sturdy choice that can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds for $40.59. In addition, this durable material is also easy to clean. As its name implies, this bed rail is slip-resistant as it provides individuals with assistance in getting in and out of bed.

The AdirMed requires only minimal assembly and no tools. You simply have to slide the mechanism under the bed's mattress. Its height and depth are both adjustable, so it is sure to fit in practically any bed. It also comes with an attached organizer pouch to keep any materials users need access to at night.

5. Vaunn Medical Bed Assist Rail

The Vaunn Medical Bed Assist Rail fits in any adult bed that has a mattress thicker than five inches. While appearing basic and streamlined, it has all the practical features to prevent your loved ones from falling out of bed. Its foam grip prevents slippage, and the mechanism is crafted from heavy-duty, powder-coated steel.

At $39.99, this option can support a bodyweight of up to 300 pounds. Both its width and height can be adjusted through the tool-free assembly.

6. Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail

The EZ Adjust Bed Rail by Stander is frequently mentioned as it is one of the more popular options out in the market today. One standout feature of this safety rail is that you can extend it even after installing it for maximum protection.

During the day, it can be utilized as support in getting in and out of bed. With a push of a button, it may transform into a full-sized option with an adjustable length of up to 42 inches. Retailing for $144.99, this also has a convenient storage pouch attached to its side rails.

7. Signature Life Sleep Safe Bed Rail

You can adjust the length of this Signature Life Sleep Safe Bed Rail with a click of a button and watch it go from 26, 34, and 42 inches. Safety rails can be pushed all the way down when you are changing the sheets or making the bed.

At $170, there are no additional tools required while you are assembling the bed. Its organizer pouch can keep glasses, medication, phones, remotes, and other loose items for easy access.

8. MedPro MGrip Adjustable Contoured Bed Rail

Unlike other adult bed rails, this one by MedPro has unique M-shaped assist bars to accommodate different hand positions. This contoured handle design is finished off with foam for better grip. Additionally, it also has an adjustable strap and steel buckles to keep it in place with different types of mattresses.

Mobility transfer is made simpler with this home bed assist handle, and seniors who use it can also reposition themselves for maximum comfort. Retailing at $47.99, the rail can also be used as a grip handle for seniors to pull themselves up to reach nearby items or perform other tasks.

9. RMS Dual Bed Rail

The RMS Dual Bed Rail is advisable for those who want maximum bed safety and fall prevention as it can be attached to both sides of the bed. Its atypical three-handle design gives you different options for grip and stability at $69.99, it is adjustable and made of durable premium powder-coated steel together with non-slip bed handles.

10. Step2Bed Bed Rail with Adjustable Height and Step Stool

Step2Bed's assist rail is on the pricier end of the spectrum, but it is also equipped with more features than your average model. It has assist rails to help you get in and out of bed and minimize the risk of falling out.

At $139, it has an extra-wide, non-slip stepping stool with a handle that can support individuals who weigh up to 400 pounds. Its step stool also has motion-activated LED lights to illuminate the area at night, for better fall prevention.

11. Platinum Health LumaRail Bed Rail

For customers who were intrigued by the earlier option of motion sensor LED lights but are on a tighter budget, you may want to go for Platinum Health's LumaRail option. It has a bed anchor strap to keep it in place and the bed assist bars are padded to avoid slips.

Priced at $56.77, this is one of the most affordable portable bed rails for the elderly that can be folded up and transferred to another bed for instances such as travel.

12. Boxcumo Bed Rails for Elderly Adults

Hospital bed rails for elderly individuals are often made of premium quality with materials such as iron, aluminum, and root wood. This one is no exception: it's sturdy enough to promote senior patients' independence as they get in and out of bed and can minimize the risk of falling out of bed altogether.

At $78.99 per piece, its hospital bed-like design has two braces that you can install on the bed frame or on its slats. With the push of a red button, you can fold it down. Customer service at Boxcumo is available 24/7 for any concerns or assistance.

Considerations When Purchasing a Bed Rail for Adults

The following points tackle common elements, additional specs, and costs, types, and the like. Your chosen bed safety products should note all of these, with your decision being supported by both the user and a physician.

Features to Look for in a Bed Rail

  • Tool-Free Assembly - Most bed safety rails do not require tools to be assembled. These can be installed with DIY assembly, but in case you need any assistance, double check if the provider offers customer service support for bolt on bed rails for headboard and footboard or your bed rail slot bracket.
  • Motion Sensor LED Lights - This is a unique feature in safety rails that can illuminate the paths of people who need to see the railings if they get up at night. In some cases, bed rails can cause accidents when people trip over them, so motion sensor lights can be extremely helpful in mitigating additional injury.
  • Organizer Pouch - A lot of bed rails on the market have an attached organizer pouch for storage of any item a user will need access to while in bed.
  • Adjustability and Foldability - A removable bed rail can be used as a grab bar, but you may also want your handles to be foldable when not in use to avoid additional obstruction while changing sheets.

How to Choose A Bed Rail or Handle for Safe Bed Mobility

While you may have an idea in mind regarding your budget and personal preferences, you should also consult with a physician to ensure that you choose bed safety rails that are best suited for the person who will be using them.

Average Cost of a Bed Rail

Bed rails can go for as low as $30, but full-size metal bed rails may hit $200. When purchasing an additional attachment, you can expect to spend somewhere between $50 and $60 on average, so a full-size metal bed rail with hooks can run up your costs. Your walker's total price may depend on brands, materials, special features, and functions.

Brands of Bed Rails

While going for a known brand may factor into your decision in purchasing your bed safety rails, this should not be your main consideration. Trusted brands may give you peace of mind, but you can always look into other factors that fit your needs just as well. Some common brands include:

  • MedPro
  • Drive Medical
  • Vaunn Medical

Types of Bed Rails for Adults

  • Standard Bed Rails - These bed rails for adults may be sold singularly or in pairs and can be fitted along the side of the bed. In most cases, their lengths are adjustable. These are good options if you're looking for folding bed rails elderly.
  • Single-Sided Grab Rails - Otherwise known as 'bed sticks,' this kind of assist rail offers users support in getting up from their mattress. They are mostly used for sitting and standing, and these side rails are advised for double beds where one edge of the bed is against the wall.
  • Double-Sided Grab Rails - Double-sided grab rails have handles that exceed the mattress level for sitting and standing transitions. Usually, their widths are adjustable depending on the mattress size.
  • Extra-High Bed Rails - Those who own particularly thick mattresses with pressure-relieving features may opt for extra high bed rails in order to get the necessary support and boost.
  • Cross Bar Bed Rails - Crossbar bed rails for seniors have horizontal bars across the rail to support seniors at different heights. The multiple bars offer additional support and can accommodate people who have different types of grips.


What are bed rails?

Bed rails are mechanisms that you attach to beds to prevent falling. These help in mobility transfer, can function as a grab bar, and improve sleeping environments in aging-in-place or assisted living facilities.

Where can I buy queen bed rails near me?

Most of the bed rails for seniors listed are found on Amazon, and they can handle shipping for these directly to your homes. However, customers may prefer testing these out prior to purchasing them. We've also provided you with information to help you compare models and seller information before you arrive at your decision.

Are bed rails safe for elderly individuals?

While there may be a few risks involved in using bed rails such as scrapes, trips, or the feeling of suffocation, the benefits outweigh the risks. When you have a safety rail installed, keep a close eye to observe how well these are suited to the seniors who will be using them.

Are bed rails covered by Medicare?

Original Medicare Part B covers hospital beds as these can be considered as durable medical equipment (DME). Those who have Part B Medicare benefits may get coverage for things like bed rails for Alzheimer's patients if they have a prescription from their physician. The mechanism must also be used for home care.

How to install bed rails?

When it comes to installing a bed rail attachment, most options that are out in the market require tool-free assembly. These have been designed for easy installation, so you can definitely have a go at it on your own. Be sure to test out the finished product before having your loved one use it.

Sleeping aids can help seniors feel safe in the bedroom—helping them sleep better and have an overall better lifestyle. To find out more about why you should have bed rails, check out our elaborate guide on safety rails today.

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