The Best Memory Care Facilities In The US For Seniors

Alzheimer's Disease, dementia, and other memory loss problems are normal health concerns that a senior adult might face. As a carer, it is essential to think about all the possible ways to bring them comfort. Thus, to provide them with the best, you might want to bring your senior adult to assisted living facilities, especially those that specialize in memory care.

Memory care facilities provide all the services to improve the life of a senior loved one while ensuring that he or she can enjoy a sense of community. Most facilities offer services that assist seniors with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, housekeeping, meals, and recreation.

Are you planning to place your loved one in a memory care facility any time soon? Read on to see our list of the 5 best assisted living facilities in the United States that specialize in memory care.

Memory Care Facilities For Your Loved One

Best Overall: Grand Oaks Assisted Living

  • Large and spacious apartments
  • Excellent holistic resident programs
  • Tons of enjoyable activity plans

If you're looking for memory care facilities, it's always beneficial to go for the best. Grand Oaks Assisted Living offers top-notch resident programs to give your senior adult a place to enjoy and make the most of their time.

Grand Oaks' assisted living facilities offer an amazing array of activities, including physical pursuits, mental challenger games, fitness classes, music and art classes, and outdoor outings. Not only that, they have a dedicated unit wing plus licensed nurses available all day, every day to provide support.

Above all else, Grand Oaks received the 2020 Silver National Quality Award from the American Healthcare Association, plus they have an abundance of online reviews that sing praises towards their programs and caretaker.

Best For Affordable Rates: Canterfield of Tallahassee

  • Secure memory care unit
  • Three levels of programs
  • Less expensive across other areas of the country

If you want a luxury experience for your senior family member without making a dent in your budget, Canterfield of Tallahassee is an amazing choice.

This facility was designed to feel like vacationing at a hotel instead of the retirement home ambiance. Residents will surely enjoy elegant common areas, bright spaces, clean rooms, and tons of indoor activity options to keep your loved one busy despite the limited outdoor space.

Moreover, seniors will enjoy the sense of community, and long-term care involves assigning a particular staff member per resident. This will help seniors develop a sense of comfort, familiarity, and trust with their nurses.

Best For Hospice Care: Serenity House

  • Designed for end-of-life care
  • With onsite hospice staff
  • Large rooms with patios for visitors

Most senior care facilities do not have hospice wings until the time of passing. Serenity House, however, provides everything a family with a senior at this stage might need. There is 24-hour care available, doctors, nurses, counselors, therapists, and other important staff members.

Moreover, Serenity House is designed to feel like a home, so the space is smaller than usual. However, the ambiance is very peaceful, and the seniors will be looked after as they deserve.

Best In Staff To Resident Ratio: Belmont Village Senior Living

  • High-end luxury facilities
  • Licensed nurses always available on site
  • Self-contained memory care areas

If your family has the funds to splurge for a high-end facility with specialized care for seniors with memory issues, Belmont Village Senior Living is a good choice. This facility was designed to offer life enrichment for seniors with comfort and accessibility as a priority to promote independence even at the latter part of their lives.

Families can get a secured memory care unit for a senior adult, but other assisted spaces are available as well. Aside from indoor activities, there is also an outdoor heated pool, meals cooked by chefs, fitness centers, and other recreation points.

With the best staff to resident ratio, seniors will always have someone attending to their needs, especially for daily activities like bathing, dressing, and housekeeping.

Best For Private Rooms: Brookdale Senior Living

  • Spacious rooms and numerous private amenities
  • 24-hour health and security services
  • Clean and bright facilities

Brookdale Senior Living has made its name in the senior care industry, especially since they have different communities spread throughout the entire country. Their reviews from residents and family members shine mainly because of the stellar customer service, excellent facilities, and a program for recreation and regular activities.

One of the best things to like about this facility is the large floor plans per resident room. Additionally, their offerings for the residents involve game nights, movie nights, fitness activities, healthy and yummy meal plans, with a medical team on standby 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a memory care facility?

Before choosing memory care facilities, the factors you should think about are the cost, location, monthly fees, activities, program inclusions, level of care, customer reviews, and quality of services. You can consider taking a tour of the property to see everything yourself.

Are memory care options covered by insurance?

Memory care facilities are not covered in most Medicare plans. However, some costs included may be covered by long-term insurance.

Do I have to put my loved one in a care facility?

Caregivers might feel the pressure of caring for their elderly family at home. However, if they do not have enough knowledge for caring or don't have the time to provide around-the-clock supervision, putting them in a care facility might be the best choice.

What kinds of activities do seniors do in these care units?

Memory care units offer therapy and memory-enhancing activities to help them exercise their minds. These may involve music or art activities, time with pets, occupational therapy, and reminiscence therapy. These things go beyond 24-hour supervision, medication management, and personal care support.

Choosing the best facility might be a little daunting, but it is only because you want the best for your loved one. Keep the factors in mind while comparing different programs, and you'll reach a good choice. Learn more about long-term care facilities for seniors by reading other resources from Senior Strong.