Everything You Need To Know About Bath Lifts for the Elderly

Baths are essential to everyone’s health and well-being—and seniors are no exception. A study published in Nature shows that hot water bathing can significantly improve cardiovascular health among the middle-aged and elderly. In other words, a therapeutic bath can indeed do wonders. However, as you get older, the simple act of dipping into a tub can become a daunting task—but bath lifts for the elderly are built to help make this easier.

If you’re an older adult, or if you have some prohibitive ailment that makes moving a challenge, then you’ll need special assistance getting a soak. Luckily, there’s a solution to your needs; bathtub lifts are a brilliant innovation that assists you before, during, and after bath time. It's a turnkey solution that makes bathing so much easier!

We’ll cover everything there is to know about the bath lift. With a little help, you can turn a cumbersome wash into a glorious, fulfilling bath time experience. 

What Is A Bath Lift And How Does It Work?

A bath lift is an assistive medical device that gently lowers (or lifts) an individual into a bath. It's typically battery-powered, meaning they are charged before and after use. 

Bath lifts come with a waterproof controller or hand-held remote that should intuitively allow you to operate the device. As they’re specifically designed to be handled by older adults, hand control requires no tech skills. Maneuvering the lift should be a breeze. Additionally, the hand control is often waterproof and can float.

A simple but efficient scissor mechanism runs the lift. Two flaps are placed by the edge of the tub to facilitate easy transfer to the seat. Once seated, the individual can operate the flaps via the controller to have them fold upwards, allowing you to submerge in the tub. After the bath, the user can run the flaps once again and return the seat to a certain height.   

You can think of them as automatic bathroom chairs. Instead of legs, they have suction cups that hold them to the tub floor, providing a perfect seat for bathtub users.

How Can Bath Lifts Improve Living Conditions?

While not every senior needs the latest iPhone or the flashiest TV set, the aged can find a necessary amenity in the safety and comfort of a bathtub lift. Trust us when we say that bathtub lifts will revolutionize your lifestyle.

They Make Baths Safer

No more fear of slipping on soapy, wet floors that put you at risk of an injury. No more back and shoulder pains when hauling yourself out of the bath. It will transform the bathroom into a safe space. After all, most bath lifts have built-in safety features that guarantee you a risk-free bathing experience. 

If you suffer from the following health conditions, the bathtub lift is an amenity that will undoubtedly give you peace of mind:

  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Chronic pulmonary obstructive disease
  • Arthritis
  • Motor neuron diseases

They Offer You Privacy

Being wheel-bound or movement-restricted should never completely take away your privacy. Bath lifts are easy to use and can add a measure of independence to your daily life. They also help you or your loved ones maintain their dignity.

Enjoy your R&R bath without needing special assistance, and say goodbye to awkward interactions during bath time. Bath lifts allow you to enjoy your own private time, at your own convenience. 

They Are Affordable Solutions To Costly Problems

For less than $500, you can conveniently install a high-quality bathtub lift in your own bathroom. Compare this to the thousands you will need to spend if you want to install a walk-in bathroom.

The bathtub lift is an easy to use, cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for any expensive altercations. It’s a benefit that is often overlooked, so we’re letting you know that you can save up big-time with this one. 

We can go on and on about the spectacular benefits of this senior's amenity. But these safety, privacy, and affordability perks alone should help you achieve a safe, enjoyable bath time experience at any time.

What Should I Be Looking For In A Bath Lift?

Bath lifts come in different shapes and sizes. Like each species, no two bath lifts are alike. While you may have specific needs, we’ve outlined the general features you should be looking for when considering making the purchase.

Optimal Weight Capacity

While weight capacity varies from product to product, most bath lifts can carry up to 300 pounds. Built-in safety features for weight capacity also prevents these chairs for bathtubs from dipping when they are unable to lift. 

When in doubt, you can refer to the product description and specifications for weight capacity. While 300 pounds is a good benchmark, it can still vary based on the product. Keep weight capacity in mind before making that purchase.

Versatile Seat Height

You want to look for a bathtub lift that has adjustable seat heights. Some seats go too low, while others will leave you high and dry.  A good model should allow you to achieve the perfect dip height that perfectly fits your tub’s depth.

Reclinable Seats

The point of having a bath seat installed is to maximize comfort while eliminating any discomfort. A reclining seat offers both medical and comfort benefits that you deserve. It also allows you or your loved ones to move more freely during the ritual, maybe even get a little stretch here and there.

A bathtub seat that reclines? Now that’s a luxury indeed.

Ease of Use

Life shouldn’t be complicated, nor should your bath lifts be. We recommend choosing one that satisfies three ‘easy’ rules: easy to transport, easy to install, and easy to use. Look for lifts that have portable profiles, whether you’re on the go or not.

Installation should also be hassle-free. The right lift should follow your control — not the other way around.

The Best Bath Lifts for the Elderly

Okay, so now you’ve decided to get a bath lift. The problem?

Which one should I choose?

Fret not! We know how stressful narrowing down your options can be, so we’ve done it for you! Our detailed list should help you choose from the best bathtub lifts in today’s market.

1. Drive Medical Whisper Ultra Quiet Bath Lift

One of the leading lifts in the industry, the Drive Medical Whisper Ultra Quiet Bath Lift is designed with the user in mind. Its tool-free, two-piece construction makes for easy assembly and disassembly. Cleaning is never a chore with this one.

Weighing only 20.5 pounds, the Whisper Ultra Quiet Bath Lift is the lightest one in the market. Built-in transfer panels make it easier to transition both in and out of the tub. 

Four quick-release suction cups secure the Whisper in place. As an extra protective measure, two additional locations for suction cups are installed to prevent slippage.

Thanks to these nifty features, the Ultra Quiet Bath Lift is currently the highest-rated on Amazon. Grab one before it’s too late!

2. Drive Medical Bellavita Auto Bath Tub Chair Seat Lift

The state-of-the-art Bellavita Bath Lift combines functionality, portability, and aesthetic quality in one ergonomic device. Its two-piece, slimline profile allows the seat to be folded, making it easy for transportation.

It comes in a minimalistic design that should feel just right at home with most bathroom decor. And if that’s not good enough, the padded seat provides exceptional back support that reclines up to 50° for maximum comfort along with a 300 pound-maximum weight capacity.

Watertight hand controls make adjusting the height easier, even while you’re already soaking. The Bellavita also boasts a record seat height of 18.8”, making it excellent for deep tubs.

Drive Medical is a leading manufacturer of bathtub lifts, and the Bellavita is among the company’s most innovative selections.

3. Aquatec R Reclining Back Bath Lift

Standing at only 2.5”, the Aquatec R Reclining Back Bath Lift boats an ergonomic finish with all the convenient features you need —but don’t let its size fool you, as this model is capable of lifting up to 300 pounds. 

The high back support reclines by up to 40° and is supported by a stable, robust frame. Self-releasing suction cups hold the lift in place. Because of its mobile size, one can quickly fix the Aquatec R with just a single hand—easy to assemble is an understatement.

This lithium-ion-powered lift also sports a safety feature that prevents the lift from descending if there is not enough charge to raise the user.

With the Aquatec R Reclining Back Bath Lift, bathing could not be easier.

4. Lumex Splash Bath Lift with Ultra-Compact Design and Remote Control

Need something a little more subtle? The Lumex Splash Bath Lift might be what you’re looking for.

This lift boasts an ultra-compact, modern design that should suit whatever bathroom you’re in. Elevate your sense of taste by choosing this all-white lift: Unobtrusive, unimposing, and discrete—just how you like it. 

It’s not all about looks, though. A fixed back design allows Splash to fit close to the back of the tub, allowing your lower body to move around more freely. More legroom means a better bathing experience. 

Weighing only 14.3 pounds, the Splash is one of the smallest and lightest lifts in the market. When not in use, you don’t have to worry about storing it in the smallest spaces. 


Whether you’re a senior or someone experiencing an ailment that limits your mobility, a bath lift will help you regain your freedom and confidence. Purchasing one for your personal use is the first step towards the best bath experience that's both safe and rewarding.

All ready to take the lift (pun intended) and get the bath you deserve? Here at Senior Strong, our senior care experts are ready to gear you up for the best bath of your (senior) life. 

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