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Founder & Senior Editor

William Rivers

William Rivers has a master’s in health services. He put up Senior Strong as an avenue to address the needs of citizens in his hometown of Maine who were in their twilight years. He cares deeply about senior citizens and their families. 

For more than two decades of experience working in senior healthcare industry, William has worked at all levels, serving as director of admissions and marketing for assisted living, nursing homes, memory care and independent living communities. He also served as a support group facilitator for the Alzheimer's Association of Maine. 

Today, William brings his compassion and expertise to SeniorStrong.org, where he takes a personal and warmhearted approach to help aging adults improve their lives. He continues to make home visits, and he even consults with companies on senior safety, independence and quality life.

He earned his masters degree in Human Services Counseling from Maine State University.
William Rivers
Co-Founder & Senior Discount Expert

Charlotte Senger

Charlotte Senger met co-founder William Rivers while they were both volunteering at the same healthcare facility years back. 

As Senior Strong’s senior discount expert, she handles its financial concerns. She is very much involved in the hands-on work of helping families opt for the best discounts for their particular needs.

Charlotte believes whether someone is turning 55 or in their 90's, life can be embraced with the right tools and best advice. That's why she co-created Senior Strong.

As a blogger,  a social worker, an accountant and an advocate- Charlotte has over 10 years of experience in helping adults and their families. She knows firsthand the challenges they go through. She is so passionate about helping the elderly and explore their options.

She completed her accounting program from The University of Texas.
Charlotte Senger
Dementia & Eldercare Professional, Consultant and Writer

Laura Herman

Laura brings a rich history of family support, guidance, and education to Senior Strong. She deeply understands the challenges people with dementia and their caregivers face and is familiar with resources available to minimize problems and enable those with dementia to live at their best.

Laura’s past and current certifications include: Certified Caregiver Facilitator, Certified Nurse’s Aide, Certified Medication Aide, Assisted Living and Residential Care Facility Administrator

Currently, Laura still works in senior care because she loves it! She also shares her expertise via her professional writing and consulting services.

Laura’s the author of Hilltop Heights: Home for the Memory Impaired, a memoir based on her experience as a frontline caregiver in a memory care facility, and ABC Dementia, a blog focused on Appreciating Behavioral Communication in Dementia.

If you’re struggling to care for a loved one with dementia – or just want to take a proactive approach to minimize future problems – please contact Laura for a no-obligation call to explore how she can support you and your loved one.
Laura Herman
Elder Care Expert

Nathan Justice

Nathan Justice is Senior Strong's expert on aging and spirituality. He offers a wealth of wisdom for seniors. He spearheaded the creation of Senior Strong's community outreach program and forums that benefitted a lot of senior citizens across the United States.

His online and offline forums serve as a channel for the elderly community with lively discussions related to longevity and their caring families. 

With over a decade of experience as an educator, Nathan knows how to speak to the aging community on topics that matter. He also write topics offering great compassionate take on deeper matters related to aging and caregiving. He truly believes that seniors can live out their golden years with dignity and grace. 

Nathan earned his post graduate certificate in Counselling from Maryland's Post Graduate Center for Mental Health.
Nathan Justice
Senior Advisor

Irene Lefever

Irene Lefever has been an advisor for Senior Strong since its inception. She oversees the psychological, physical, mental, and emotional needs for every senior citizen. 

She manages editorial and product reviews, and various other business activities for Senior Strong. Her insights has been very valuable to the elderly living as they enter this new stage of their lives.

She tirelessly works on researching the latest trends in the industry, and aims to apply these on Senior Strong’s website. She bridges the gap between aging and the digital worlds. No matter what the is medium, she communicates complex topics and health issues to adults in a way that is understandable and actionable.

Irene earned her degree in Multimedia Arts  from the University of California, Riverside.
Irene Lefever
Senior Mental Health Expert

Elizabeth Kogut

Elizabeth Kogut reviews all content posted on Senior Strong. When she’s not overseeing a team of writers, she speaks directly to elderly communities to get an idea of how their reviews have helped families.  She helps our fast growing community of seniors and caregivers navigate the uncertain waters of growing old.  She offers expert insight on a a range of senior care topics. She also lends her time to optimizing Senior Strong’s content to reach and benefit more families in need especially those with Alzheimer's and Dementia, as she has a special interest and first hand experience on them.. 

She had been at the forefront of medical field for nearly two decades and a trusted authority on topics ranging from senior care management to Dementia and everything in between. As a medical expert, seniors and caregivers of all backgrounds, trust her research and heed her advice. 

As a registered nurse from University of Missouri, Elizabeth serves a critical role as our Senior Strong  Senior Mental Health Expert. 
Elizabeth Kogut
After years of living under the care of your parents and other family members, the time will arrive for you to reciprocate. At Senior Strong, you can show your loved ones just how much you value them.
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