Best Air Tubs for Seniors

Older adults yearn for just as much independence as young kids do. Unfortunately, moving independently becomes an issue as you grow old and the body weakens. Research indicates that 75% of seniors over 65 can no longer execute daily tasks such as bathing, showering, and toileting. Luckily, you can restore self-reliance with the help of fixtures like air tubs.

Walk-in bathtubs equipped with water jets allow those with limited mobility to bathe, soak, and shower on their own any time they want. Regaining control over one's daily routine can significantly a senior loved one's confidence.

Not to mention, safety won't be an issue as walk-in tubs come with features like grab bars, nonslip matting, and outward swinging doors. These health and wellness products for seniors will always prioritize safety.

The Best Air Tubs for Elderly Individuals in 2021

Best Overall Option: Jacuzzi Finestra Walk-In Pure Air

  • 256-Color Chroma Therapy Lighting
  • Quiet air induction pipes
  • Heated air-jet blowers
  • Thermal Lumbar Comfort Backrest
  • Built-In Aromatherapy Diffuser

Pure Air from Jacuzzi's Finestra walk-in bathtub is our top walk-in bath choice for older adults. What sets Pure Air a cut above the rest is its unique forced-air system. These jets pulsate gentle yet firm air-filled bubbles against the skin. Unlike other options, you won't feel any pain or irritation, even if you turn the settings up to max.

Plus, this walk-in tub comes from Jacuzzi, a globally recognized brand dominating the tub industry. The brand is so well-known that people even use the word Jacuzzi interchangeably with hot tub and massage tub. They earned the public's trust by consistently providing top-notch air and whirlpool jets tub models at reasonable prices.

Best for Durability: Acrylic Luxury Series by American Standard

  • 26-Piece Air Jet System
  • Guaranteed leak-proof door
  • Rapid draining system
  • Chromatherapy Lighting System

If you are in the market for a durable and luxurious walk-in tub designed to take your bathing experience to the next level, consider the Acrylic Luxury Series by American Standard.

One feature that makes the Acrylic Luxury Series stand out is its durability. American Standard has so much confidence in their products that they provide a lifetime warranty on door seals, 15 years on tub shells, and 10 years on other components. You'd be hard-pressed to find another walk-in tub manufacturer with that much trust in their products.

Best Cost-Efficient Option: 3060WILWD Air Jetted Walk-In Tub by Meditub

  • 1-Horsepower, 16-Injector Air Jets
  • Durable Stainless Steel Frame
  • Inline Friction Heater

Statistics show that most retirees only receive around $3,100 per month from Social Security, so it's understandable why many feel they cannot afford the cost of a walk-in bathtub. Of course, you can always opt for a standard soaker option, but they don't offer as much as whirlpool and air-jetted options do.

If you want to keep your overhead to a minimum without sacrificing quality, opt for the 3060WILWD walk-in tub by Meditub. For just $4,761, you already get a 16-injector air jet system, molded bath chair, nonslip matting, and spacious walk-in bath door.

Pro Tip: You can finance the amount at zero interest via Amazon's Rewards Visa card. An 18-month plan would have low monthly payments starting at just $265.

Best Walk-In Tub for Large Users: Celebrity Walk-In Bathtub by Independent Home

  • 18-Piece Air Jet System
  • Dual Air and Whirpool Jet Combo
  • Centralized Massage Experience Settings

The Celebrity Walk-In Tub is the best option for large, heavy users. It has a massive shell that measures 31 x 50 x 38, holds up to 80 gallons of water, and accommodates users of up to 500 pounds. Plus, the fixture has a high shower chair standing at 17 inches, so heavy users suffering from joint pain won't have to bend too low.

If you feel that this tub is still a bit too small for you or your elderly loved one, you can opt to attach the walk-in bath extension panel. The extender hides specific fixtures to add around 20 inches more to the shell.

Best Multi-Feature Tub: Air Jet Walk-In Bathtub by Safe Step

  • Aromatherapy diffusers
  • Thermal backrest
  • Patented safety features

Safe Step showcases a fully loaded walk-in tub complete with multiple patented technologies geared toward safety and comfort. First, their MicroSoothe Advanced Air Therapy System strives to provide a more relaxing, rejuvenating soak by reducing the size of the bubbles produced.

Second, Safe Step showcases unique, company-manufactured safety fixtures, such as the low-entry door, spacious entry space, anti-slip matting, and built-in shower bars.

Third, all Safe Step products were made in the U.S. Local manufacturing allows the company to track orders better and ensure that each item upholds the high level of quality they guarantee their clients.

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Can't afford a walk-in bath but tired of having to stand up throughout your shower time? Senior Strong has multiple resources comparing the top bath chairs for older adults to use. Check out our complete guide on how to buy a suitable shower chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an air tub worth it?

For those looking for a more relaxing and luxurious bathing experience, an air tub can be well worth the extra investment. Air baths provide some of the same benefits as whirlpools but are also gentler on sensitive skin than water-filled ones because there is no risk of scalding or exposure to chemicals in traditional bath oils that may irritate your skin.

While they're not quite as powerful, their ease makes them perfect if you want something comforting after a stressful week at work.

Which is better, an air tub or a whirlpool tub?

The biggest difference between air and whirlpool baths is how their pump mechanisms work. In general, a deep massaging sensation can be felt from the jets of a whirlpool bath. An air tub is much gentler as the jets create a more bubbly effect.

Can you use bath salts in an air tub?

Bubble baths are acceptable for an air-jetted tub, but they can cause damage when used with a water-jetted model. Bath salts and oils are not recommended for jets because they can cause damage to the fixture's operation when used with water-jetted models.

Are jet tubs sanitary?

Jet pumps eject a continuous stream through small holes by creating pressure with air bubbles at high speeds. This means no standing water ever makes contact with any part of these jets or tubes.

The most important thing to take into consideration is how often the jetted tub will be cleaned. If it's properly taken care of, then there shouldn't be any issues with its sanitary standing as long as you're taking precautions against bacteria or other potentially harmful microbes from proliferating in and around your bathtub.

How much does it cost to install a jetted tub?

Installing a jetted bathtub costs an average of $1,500 to $17,000 while installing a whirlpool hot tub averages between $1,250 and $10,700. The primary difference is in the cost of the fixture itself, though that doesn't mean they're more expensive or affordable than each other when it comes to installation fees.

Air jetted walk-in tubs are excellent fixtures that give mobility-impaired individuals access to a private, spa-like space. If you and your elderly loved ones enjoy hydro massage sessions, struggle with standard soaker tub models, and want to enjoy the comfort features of modern luxury tubs, you should definitely consider adding an air jet walk-in tub to your house.

Although, bear in mind that other options are available, such as standard soaker and whirlpool types. So don't limit yourself to one or two choices. Overall, assess the different walk-in tub models on the market, assess the tub features they offer, then see which ones best match your and your family's lifestyle. One-size-fits-all solutions never work.

Having dozens of bathtubs to choose from can intimidate first-time shoppers. Luckily, Senior Strong can help buyers compare the best, safest options on the market. Check out our article on choosing the right bathtub for your household.

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