Best Bath Lifts for Seniors

As individuals begin to age, regular activities such as bathing may potentially pose additional risks or hazards. A fourth of individuals aged 65 and above in the US fall every year, and the bathroom is a common site for these falls to occur. This necessitates precautions such as the installment of a bath lift or grab bars to make for a safe bathing experience for seniors.

If you fear that you or your loved one is a potential candidate for bathroom accidents, bath lifts are some of the best investments to ensure safety at all times.

Here is a rundown of some of the best bath lift chairs for seniors currently in the market today.

Top 5 Bath Tub Lifts for the Elderly in 2024

Best for Transfer Bench-Types: Eagle Health Supplies Swivel Sliding Bath Transfer Bench

  • Weight capacity of 400 lbs
  • Has a swivel seat that can rotate 360 degrees; locks at 90 degrees
  • Slides 15 inches to the edge of the tub

If you have more space in your bathroom or simply want a bath seat that is more of a transfer bench-type, the Eagle Health Supplies Sliding Bath Transfer Bench may be for you. It is extremely heavy-duty and has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. It is also packed with safety features such as a belt across its seat and anti-slip rubber covers to keep it in place. Users can slide 15 inches to the edge of the tub.

Its swivel seat can turn 360 degrees, making it simple to slide in and out of the tub lift. It also locks at 90 degrees for your peace of mind and easy access. The Eagle Health Supplies Swivel Sliding Bath Transfer Bench's seat and backrest are made of latex-free molded plastic, making it easy to clean. It has a lower price despite its quality and numerous features.

Best for Battery-Powered Mechanisms: Molly Bather Bath Lift

  • Remote-controlled with exceptional battery life
  • Comes with an adjustable belt
  • Can easily fit into any tub's existing dimensions

The Molly Bather Bath Lift is one of the more advanced options as it is a battery-powered bath lift. You might think that this is a superfluous feature, but the battery life of the tub is exceptional and can last two to three weeks, or 20 lifts on a full charge. The lift system is remote-controlled with a waterproof handset as well. The bath lift lowers you all the way down.

The bath chair lift can fit most tubs as it has an adjustable belt width, extender rails, and leg heights. You will be secured on its lift chair, which is both padded and equipped with a belt for optional use. One caveat is that it does not have built-in back support.

Best for Top-Rated User Reviews: Drive Medical Whisper Ultra Quiet Bath Lift

  • Mounted on the floor with four quick-release suction cups
  • Can recline 50 degrees
  • Cult-favorite among users, with many positive reviews

Drive Medical's Whisper Ultra Quiet Bath Lift ensures a safe, anti-slip bathing experience with its four quick-release suction cups to mount the mechanism in place. Seat height can be adjusted or reclined according to your desired specifications, up to 50 degrees. You can control these adjustments with a waterproof remote.

This particular product only requires a two-piece assembly, without the need for any tools. It can easily be folded away if you need to transport it elsewhere or store it. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. It is a cult favorite bathtub lift, having received high ratings from hundreds of users.

Best for Reclining Features: Aquatec SRB Special Reclining Bath Lift

  • Can fully recline
  • Textured surface material
  • Portable and lightweight but can accommodate up to 300 lbs

The Aquatec SRB Special Reclining Bath Lift is the ideal bathtub lift for those who want a full recline with neck support. Users will be able to choose among four reclining positions for greater comfort. The material of this lift is textured to prevent slippage during bath time.

The product's weight is relatively light, but its weight capacity is still 300 lbs. In addition, it is also fashioned with self-releasing suction cups to keep the bath lift in place when in use. You can disassemble the bathtub lift in two parts if you need to transfer it.

Best for Sleek Design: Lumex Splash Bath Lift

  • Compact and lightweight at 14.3 lbs
  • Simple, sleek, and modern design
  • Allows for more legroom

The Lumex Splash Bath Lift is a compact and lightweight product, designed to be sleek and unassuming. However, this also means that its weight capacity is slightly less compared to other models at 280 lbs.

Despite this, it is still stable and safe with its wall-mounted suction cups to keep it in place. The bath lift is meant to be positioned towards the back of the tub, which gives you more legroom. The seat height can be lowered close to the bottom of the tub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bath lifts covered by Medicare?

Medicare covers the cost of power bath lifts for users who meet certain criteria. As long as you, your prescribing doctor, and supplier are all enrolled with Medicare, these expenses will be covered by their plan.

How does a bath lift chair work?

This type of bath lift is an air-inflatable cushion that can be inflated by a battery-powered electric pump and deflated using push-button controls. The unit has two modes: the first is a lower mode, which allows you to get close enough for entering or exiting your tub without bending over. The second is raise mode, which is used to offer full seated support if need be.

Can you rent bath lifts?

The rental bath lift has become popular with numerous customers who are unable to get up out of their baths without assistance due to ailments such as arthritis pain and mobility issues following a stroke or accident. The backrest and base parts can easily be removed from your bath, fitting neatly together into a compact size so that this bath aid is easy for anyone to carry with them wherever they go.

What is bathtub transfer bench?

If you have a disability or an illness, it can be difficult to get into the tub. That's where transfer benches come in: they're bath safety mobility devices that allow people with disabilities easy access into and out of the shower. Transfer benches are also used by anyone who has trouble getting over the wall of a bathtub.

What should I look for when buying a bathtub?

Bathtubs come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Before you buy one, there are a few things to consider: what material is the tub made from? Will it be used for bathing or as an object of decor only? How will I care for my new investment over time? Considering the cost, tub material, and intended usage are all good places to start when shopping for a new bathtub.

Ensuring that seniors are afforded a safe bathing experience means investing in mechanisms such as bathtub lifts to restore their security and independence. Check out Senior Strong for more advice on the best products and services designed for the elderly.

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