Best Dental and Vision Insurance Plans for Seniors

As seniors age, they may require extra care in terms of dental treatments and vision checks. However, the vast majority of Medicare plans may not offer sufficient coverage, making affordable dental and vision insurance for seniors more important than ever. To make it easier for your loved ones, here’s a list of the top vision and dental plans for seniors. 

Top Dental and Vision Insurance Plans for Seniors in 2021

When choosing dental insurance and vision insurance plans for seniors, it’s best to check whether each option is available in your state of residence, along with the coverage limits and any waiting periods to take into account if you’re looking for time-sensitive treatments.        

Best for Flexible Dental and Vision Plans: Aetna

  • Costs range between $51 to $79 per month    
  • Offers two PPO insurance plans and two discount plans 
  • Waiting period of up to 6-12 months depending on the plan  

Aetna offers a Dental Direct plan that covers basic and more complex dental procedures. Their annual benefit maximums typically max out at $1,250 and they allow you to consult any dentist you want. Aetna also has several useful online tools on its websites and offers financial assistance for those who may have trouble paying for expensive premiums. 

If you choose to purchase their vision coverage in addition to your dental plan, some perks include a discount of up to 40% off additional pairs of, prescription glasses, discounts on hearing exams and hearing aids, up to 15% off LASIK surgery, and no deductible and waiting periods on a 12-month consecutive coverage period. 

However, it’s important to note that basic benefits such as simple extractions have a waiting period of six months while major services like root canals and dentures are only covered after a year. Some customers also claim that they have some trouble contacting customer service to resolve issues. 

Best for Affordable Vision and Dental Coverage: Humana

  • Costs range between $22 to $65 per month    
  • Offers 6 different dental plans 
  • Waiting period of up to 6-12 months depending on the plan

For those looking for more affordable dental insurance coverage options, Humana is a good choice. They offer various budget insurance plans, with the cheapest being the Dental Savings Plus Discount Plan. It charges a flat annual rate and a $15 enrollment fee.  

For senior veterans, the Preventative Plus Plan comes with plenty of benefits after a 1-year waiting period. There are also no copays and immediate care for preventive services such as routine cleanings and dental exams. However, coverage limits are at a maximum of $1,000 per person. 

Humana also offers a variety of accessible vision plans that include perks such as an annual eye exam, a yearly allowance for standard contact lenses or eyeglass lenses with low copay, and special options for lenses such as progressive bifocals and tinted options. With a frame allowance every one to two years, you can upgrade your glasses to designer options.

Some drawbacks include the more expensive cost of premiums for smokers and standard enrollment fees. Despite this, the Humana app provides plenty of convenient perks including refilling prescriptions, pharmacy locators, claim status updates, and dentist search functions. 

Best for Comprehensive Dental and Vision Bundles: Delta

  • Costs range between $8 to $70 per month    
  • Wide range of plans including both PPO and HMO options
  • Waiting period of up to 6 months depending on the plan

For seniors looking to bundle together vision insurance and dental insurance, Delta is one of the most effective options. They serve nearly 80 million Americans and their Delta Dental plan is highly competitive.

Like many other insurance plans, they offer a six month waiting period for basic and restorative dental care including root canals and fillings. You may also need a referral to see a dental specialist if you need further treatment. 

Unlike other insurance companies, many plans cover the cost of full mouth x-rays at 100% for preventative care which can help diagnose gum disease and bone loss for seniors. They also offer a convenient mobile app and online claims management. 

For their vision plan, coverage includes discounts of up to 71% on eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, and services such as laser vision correction. Delta Vision also provides eye exams, frames, and lens changes once every calendar year. 

They work with brands including Luxottica and RayBan. Key retail partners include LensCrafters, Target Optical, and Pearle Vision, making it easy to find a reliable provider near you.

Best for Easy Application Process: Spirit Dental & Vision

  • Costs range between $36 to $74 per month    
  • Provides vision add-on policy for $7 in addition to dental benefits.
  • No waiting periods for Preventive, Basic, or Major services

Those looking for senior insurance for dental and vision should apply at Spirit if they’re having difficulty gaining approval elsewhere. Their annual benefit maximum of $5,000 is significantly higher than most other insurance companies, and they offer a $100 lifetime deductible. 

Other benefits include the fact that seniors can get two free dental exams and three cleanings per year no matter which plans they choose. They can also get additional savings the longer policies are maintained. 

Spirit also takes pride in the fact that no applications are denied. However, they exclude dental conditions such as implants, broken dentures, and teeth. 

Best for Immediate Dental Coverage: United Healthcare 

  • Costs depend on age, location, and health assessment   
  • Offers 4 different policy types for seniors
  • No waiting period on all plans for most states

United Healthcare offers specially designed dental plans for seniors and is available in most states. Their Dental Gen plans come with coverage from day 1, which is fantastic for seniors looking for immediate coverage. They also come at a variety of different price points, which is good for those on a budget or for those looking for more comprehensive coverage. 

However, Connecticut and Illinois require a six-month waiting period on major services. Their annual coverage options range between $1,000 to $2,000, with deductibles ranging between $50 to $100. It’s also important to note that they don’t cover the coverage outside of the United States unless there is a medical emergency.

Other exclusions are the full or partial replacement of dentures, crowns, inlays, and bridges within 60 months of the last replacement.

Best for Major Dental Expenses: Renaissance Dental

  • Costs depend on age, location, and health assessment   
  • Offers 3 different policy types with the optional vision care bundle
  • Waiting period varies per plan 

With a relatively high annual maximum of $3,000 in coverage for the Max Plus Plan, Renaissance Dental is a good choice for seniors looking to cover major dental expenses. Some of their plans have no waiting period, and a major benefit is the coverage of free cleanings twice a year on some dental plans

There are no waiting periods for cleanings on any plans, although the cost of each plan varies significantly per state. Some basic plans also exclude coverage for major procedures such as root canals and crowns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medicare cover dental and vision care? 

Medicare Part A and B do not cover dental or vision care. There are only a select number of circumstances wherein Original Medicare may provide some sort of dental or vision care, such as in an emergency setting or as part of a surgical procedure. 

Is dental and vision insurance worth it? 

The long-term benefits of dental and vision plans pay off. Although many people think that these plans are unnecessary, having this type of coverage can increase your quality of life especially as you get older. 

How much is a dental cleaning without insurance? 

One dental cleaning can cost anywhere between $75 and $400 without insurance. 

How much does a dentist visit cost? 

A regular dentist appointment without insurance should cost $150 on average. If this appointment includes procedures like dental x-rays, the price can go up to $300 or more.

How much is eye insurance a month? 

Vision insurance costs $5 to $15 a month on average, in addition to any copays or deductibles.

To help older adults cope with the high cost of dental treatments down the line, it’s best to look for insurance providers that bundle together dental and vision insurance for seniors. You’re more likely to find cost savings and greater discounts by working with a single provider.

Read on to learn more about elderly health and wellness solutions for seniors here! 

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