Best Dental Insurance for Seniors on Medicare: Finding Comprehensive Coverage

Written By: Nathan Justice
Reviewed By: William Rivers
Published: July 17, 2023
Last updated: October 22, 2023

As seniors on Medicare enter their golden years, maintaining good oral health becomes paramount for overall well-being. However, Medicare does not typically cover routine dental care, leaving many seniors searching for the best dental insurance options.

This comprehensive guide will explore the best dental insurance plans for seniors on Medicare, enabling them to make informed decisions to protect their oral health and financial security.

Why Dental Insurance Matters for Seniors on Medicare

As people age, dental health becomes increasingly vital. Unfortunately, Medicare Part A and Part B do not typically include coverage for routine dental procedures, such as cleanings, fillings, and extractions. Without proper dental insurance, seniors may face exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses for essential oral care, leading to potential health complications. Selecting the right dental insurance plan can offer seniors the peace of mind they deserve.

Key Features to Look for in Dental Insurance

When searching for the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare, several key features should be considered:

  • Coverage for Routine Dental Services: Look for plans that cover routine dental care, including check-ups, cleanings, and X-rays. Preventive care is crucial for maintaining oral health and identifying issues early on.

  • Affordable Premiums and Deductibles: Seniors should seek plans with reasonable monthly premiums and deductibles, ensuring that the coverage remains cost-effective.

  • In-Network Dentists: Opt for plans that have a wide network of dentists to choose from, reducing the likelihood of having to switch dentists.

  • Coverage for Major Procedures: Comprehensive dental insurance should cover major procedures like crowns, bridges, dentures, dental implants and root canals, which become more common with age.

  • No Waiting Periods: Some dental insurance plans may impose waiting periods before certain services are covered. It is advisable to select plans that have minimal or no waiting periods for essential services.

Best Dental Insurance for Seniors on Medicare

As seniors on Medicare seek to safeguard their oral health, finding the best dental insurance becomes paramount. Here, we explore some of the top dental insurance options tailored to seniors' needs, along with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

1. Delta Dental

Delta Dental stands out as one of the most reputable and widely recognized dental insurance providers, offering a range of plans catering to seniors on Medicare.


  • Extensive Coverage: Delta Dental plans often encompass comprehensive coverage for preventive, basic, and major dental services, ensuring seniors have access to a wide array of treatments.

  • Vast Network of Dentists: With a large network of dentists nationwide, seniors can easily find an in-network provider for their oral care needs, maximizing convenience.

  • Preventive Care Emphasis: Delta Dental places a strong emphasis on preventive care, encouraging regular check-ups and cleanings to maintain optimal oral health.


  • Cost: While the coverage is comprehensive, Delta Dental plans may have slightly higher premiums compared to some other options, potentially affecting seniors on a tight budget.

2. Humana Dental

Humana Dental offers a variety of dental insurance plans tailored to seniors' unique needs, with a focus on preventive care and comprehensive coverage.


  • Budget-Friendly Options: Many Humana Dental plans feature competitive premiums and low or no deductibles, making them an attractive choice for seniors seeking affordability.

  • Preventive Care Coverage: Humana Dental plans often cover preventive services with little to no out-of-pocket costs, encouraging seniors to prioritize regular check-ups and cleanings.


  • Limited Availability: Humana Dental plans may not be available in all regions, potentially limiting choices for seniors depending on their location.

3. Aetna Dental

Aetna Dental is a well-established dental insurance provider offering several plans catering to seniors, with a focus on comprehensive coverage.


  • Coverage for Routine Services: Aetna Dental plans commonly cover routine dental services, such as cleanings and X-rays, with minimal copayments, providing seniors with accessible preventive care.

  • Major Procedures Coverage: Aetna Dental often includes substantial coverage for major procedures like crowns, dentures, and bridges, crucial for addressing age-related dental issues.


  • Waiting Periods: Some Aetna Dental plans may impose waiting periods before certain services are covered, which could be a concern for seniors needing immediate dental care.

4. Cigna Dental

Cigna Dental is a prominent dental insurance provider with a broad network of dentists across the United States.


  • Extensive Network: Cigna Dental boasts an extensive network of dentists, ensuring seniors have access to a wide range of dental professionals.

  • Preventive Care Focus: Cigna Dental plans often offer preventive services with little or no cost-sharing, encouraging seniors to prioritize regular check-ups and cleanings.


  • Limited Coverage for Major Procedures: While Cigna Dental covers preventive and basic services well, the coverage for major procedures might be comparatively limited, potentially impacting seniors requiring extensive dental work.

5. UnitedHealthcare Dental

UnitedHealthcare Dental is a reputable dental insurance provider, offering multiple plan options to cater to seniors' diverse needs.


  • Flexibility: UnitedHealthcare Dental provides various plan options, allowing seniors to choose coverage that aligns with their individual requirements and budget.

  • Additional Benefits: Some UnitedHealthcare Dental plans may offer additional benefits, such as coverage for vision and hearing care, enhancing value for seniors.


  • Cost: Depending on the plan and location, UnitedHealthcare Dental premiums may be higher compared to some other options.

Selecting the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare involves careful consideration of individual needs, budget constraints, and coverage requirements. Each insurance provider mentioned above has its unique strengths and weaknesses, making it crucial for seniors to review the pros and cons of each plan before making a decision.

By understanding their oral health needs and priorities, seniors can confidently choose a dental insurance plan that offers comprehensive coverage, financial security, and peace of mind throughout their golden years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is dental insurance necessary for seniors on Medicare?

Yes, dental insurance is essential for seniors on Medicare. Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) typically does not cover routine dental care, leaving seniors vulnerable to high out-of-pocket costs for necessary treatments.

Can seniors on Medicare get dental coverage through Medicare Advantage?

Yes, some Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) offer dental coverage as an additional benefit. Seniors can opt for Medicare Advantage plans that include dental benefits to get more comprehensive coverage.

What does dental insurance for seniors usually cover?

Dental insurance for seniors often covers routine services such as cleanings, X-rays, fillings, and extractions. Many plans also provide coverage for major procedures like crowns, bridges, and dentures.

How can seniors find the best dental insurance plan for their needs?

Seniors should research and compare various dental insurance plans, considering factors like coverage, premiums, deductibles, and in-network dentists. Additionally, seeking advice from insurance professionals can be beneficial in making an informed decision.

Are there dental insurance plans specifically designed for low-income seniors?

Yes, some dental insurance plans cater to low-income seniors, offering discounted premiums and cost-sharing options. Seniors can explore Medicaid or dental discount programs to find suitable options.


Securing the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare is a vital step in maintaining optimal oral health and overall well-being. With a plethora of dental insurance options available, seniors should carefully consider their needs and budget to find a plan that offers comprehensive coverage, affordable premiums, and access to quality dental care. By making an informed decision, seniors can enjoy peace of mind and confidence in their oral health care throughout their golden years.

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