Best Portable Wheelchair Ramp For Seniors

The best wheelchairs for senior travelers will need portable wheelchair ramps. They are specifically designed as a transport solution as ramps are not always accessible in commercial and public spaces.

Here is a quick list of the best portable wheelchair ramps for seniors and why you should buy them.

Best Portable Wheelchair Ramps For Seniors In 2021

Best Overall: Prairie View Industries SFW330 Portable Singlefold Ramp

  • Cost: $197.45
  • Weight capacity: 800 pounds
  • Type of ramp: Singlefold ramp

The top model on our list is this single-fold ramp from Prairie View Industries. First, it is admirable for being sturdy and durable, able to bear weight as much as 800 pounds. This ramp also comes with a slip-resistant surface to promote safety and prevent skids.

You can fold this ramp in half for quick portability. With its built-in handle, carrying this ramp is as easy as carrying a suitcase.

Best In Length: Titan Ramps Portable Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramp 

  • Cost: $399.99
  • Weight capacity: 600 pounds
  • Type of ramp: Multifold ramp

This wheelchair ramp deserves a spot on this list as one of the longest ramps available. With its 7-feet length and excellent build quality, it’s ideal for assisting on vehicle entry, even on pickup trucks and vans.

The main advantage of its length is that it allows a gentler incline, which makes it easier for seniors. Because of its width, it can cater to electric wheelchairs and motorized scooters, too. Now when it’s time to pack it up, it will be four feet in length.

Best Dual Track Ramp: MABIS DMI Portable Wheelchair Ramp

  • Cost: $187.10
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds per track
  • Type of ramp: Dual track ramp

Another good option on wheelchairs for seniors is the MABIS DMI Portable Wheelchair Ramp. Safety is no issue as this dual-track ramp has non-skid features, and there are 2.25-inch track rails that will prevent the wheels from accidentally leaving the track.

This wheelchair ramp is an ideal pick for steps, curbs, and vehicle entry. Now when it comes to the tracks, they are 4.5 inches in width, enough to handle occupied wheelchairs with assistance from another person.

Best For Varying Heights: EZ-Access Transitions Modular Aluminum Entry Ramp

  • Cost: Up to $150.99 for 6-inch
  • Weight capacity: 700 pounds
  • Type of ramp: Modular ramp

If you need a solution with various heights, you can pick up the EZ-Access Transitions Modular Aluminum Entry Ramp. It is available from one-inch to six-inch heights, and because it comes with interlocking segments, it’s up to the user to make it a perfect fit.

Additionally, this ramp comes with a grooved surface, so the senior will be safe from slipping. It is also ideal for semi-permanent use, so seniors can use it daily for entering and exiting their homes.

Best Budget Option: Stalwart Curb Ramp

  • Cost: $56.99
  • Weight capacity: 1,000 pounds
  • Type of ramp: Solid ramp

The Stalwart Curb Ramp is a portable solid ramp with a huge weight capacity at a very low price. The most noticeable thing about it is its bright yellow color, which makes it very easy to spot when used.

Because this curb ramp weighs fewer than 10 pounds, it’s very easy to handle. Plus, the most affordable model among portable wheelchair ramps comes with two built-in handles, so you can take it on the go whenever you need it.

Best For Small Heights: Drive Medical Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramp 

  • Cost: $100.69
  • Weight capacity: 600 pounds
  • Type of ramp: Single fold

If you’re looking for easy portability, this Drive Medical ramp is a good choice. It is made for use with a single step up to six inches in height, and it offers excellent quality for an affordable price. This lightweight ramp is built from aluminum, and it comes with a carrying bag for easy transport.

Moreover, this wheelchair ramp has drainage holes to avoid water from accumulating on your ramp and making it slippery.

The Benefits of Portable Wheelchair Ramps For Seniors

  • Enter And Exit Vehicles Quickly - Wheelchair ramps help seniors enter and exit cars, SUVs, and vans whenever they need to travel. These ramps make traveling more efficient and limit the need for assistance.
  • Establish A Sense Of Independence - Wheelchair ramps give seniors a sense of independence, especially when they want to do things in and around the home without seeking the help of others.
  • Navigate Doorways Easily - In some places, doorways can be hard to navigate, especially when thresholds are high. However, ramps allow wheelchairs to glide over them without any problems.
  • Be Ready For Any Accessibility Situation - When you travel in a wheelchair, there’s no telling if your destination will have ramps to help you explore the space. With a portable ramp, you have a go-to travel solution in your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are portable wheelchair ramps? 

The right portable ramp should be safe and sturdy in build. That said, using these ramps on uneven ground can be dangerous. That said, you need to check the landing surface as well to make sure your ramp is level. 

Can wheelchairs go up ramps?

36” is the recommended ramp width, as this accommodates most wheelchairs and walkers. Of course, those with extra wide wheelchairs will require a wider ramp; a ramp of 72” can accommodate around two wheelchairs. 

What is the proper slope for a wheelchair ramp? 

A wheelchair ramp must have a 1:12 slope ratio, which means that the ramp must have a one-inch rise for every corresponding 12 inches. 

Does Medicare pay for a wheelchair ramp?

Medicare typically doesn’t pay for wheelchair ramps since Medicare Part B only covers “Durable Medical Equipment” when a licensed physician has identified them as a medical necessity. Exceptions may be available within specific Medicare Advantage plans. 

What is the best material for a ramp?

Steel and aluminum are two of the sturdiest materials when it comes to building a ramp. You can also use pressure-treated wood to build a ramp; just ensure that these are properly built and maintained.  

Final Thoughts

Help your loved one live a life of convenience and independence with a wheelchair ramp. They can make activities in and out of the home easier, especially in places that lack accessibility. 

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