Netflix Senior Discount

Published: December 29, 2023
Last updated: February 2, 2024

Does Netflix Offer A Senior Discount?

Yes, Netflix does offer a senior discount. Seniors can enjoy a 25% discount on Netflix subscriptions. To be eligible, one must be at least 65 years old and have a valid ID. This offer is only available in the United States and for new accounts​​​.

Netflix Overview

Netflix is a leading streaming service known for its vast library and original series. It offers three main subscription tiers: Basic at $9.99/month, Standard at $15.49/month, and Premium at $19.99/month. Netflix's popularity continues even with emerging competition from other streaming services​​.

Website: www.netflix.com 

Other Benefits For Seniors At Netflix

  • Share your subscription with friends or family to split the cost.

  • Look for discounted Netflix gift cards on websites like Raise.com.

  • New subscribers can sign up for a one-month free trial.

  • Consider downgrading your subscription to the basic plan for $9.99/month if you watch less.

  • Keep an eye out for occasional promotions and partnerships that offer discounted or free subscriptions​​​​.

Additional Deals And Promotions Offered By Netflix

  • Netflix offers deals through partnerships, such as "Netflix on Us" by T-Mobile, covering the basic or standard subscription, and a bundle deal with STARZ through Verizon +play for a free Netflix Premium subscription.

  • Target offers up to 5% off on Netflix gift cards for Target RedCard users.

Netflix does not directly offer free trials or specific discounts, like student or military discounts​​​​.

Additional Tips For Saving Money At Netflix

  • Share your account with family or friends within the same household.

  • Purchase Netflix subscriptions using gift cards, which might be available at a discount.

  • Regularly check for promotional offers or bundle deals with mobile carriers or other services.

  • Consider adjusting your subscription plan according to your viewing habits to save costs​​.

Alternatives To Netflix For Senior Discounts

  • Hulu

  • FuboTV

  • Sling TV

  • Amazon Prime Video

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different Netflix subscription plans and their costs?

Netflix offers three subscription tiers: Basic ($9.99/month), Standard ($15.49/month), and Premium ($19.99/month), each offering different features like video quality and the number of screens you can watch on simultaneously​​.

Can I share my Netflix subscription with others to save costs?

Yes, sharing your Netflix account with friends or family members in the same household is a common way to split the cost. The Premium plan allows streaming on up to four screens at once​​.

Are there any ongoing promotions or bundle deals with Netflix?

Netflix partners with services like T-Mobile and Verizon for bundle deals, such as "Netflix on Us" by T-Mobile and a free Netflix Premium subscription with a STARZ subscription through Verizon +play​​.

Does Netflix offer a free trial for new users?

As of the latest information, Netflix no longer offers a free trial period for new subscribers. However, you can still subscribe and cancel before the first charge if you wish to test the service​​.

Are there alternatives to Netflix that offer senior discounts?

Yes, other streaming services like Hulu, FuboTV, Sling TV, and Amazon Prime Video offer various content options, some with discounts or budget-friendly plans​​.

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