Supercuts Senior Discount

Published: December 16, 2023
Last updated: February 1, 2024

Does Supercuts Offer A Senior Discount?

No, Supercuts does not currently offer a senior discount for individuals aged 60 and older. However, as of October 26, 2023, Supercuts has discontinued their senior discount program. Despite this, there are still ways to save on your purchase, such as using coupons and promo codes.

Supercuts Overview

Supercuts, a well-established hair salon franchise, operates over 2,600 locations across the United States. Founded in 1975, the first salon opened in California. Now headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Supercuts is part of the Regis Corporation family, which is known as the largest salon company globally. Supercuts stands out for its affordable prices, knowledgeable staff, and reliable services, including haircuts, styling, coloring, and waxing. They also sponsor Major League Baseball, being the official hair salon of MLB​​.

Website: https://www.supercuts.com/ 

Other Benefits For Seniors At Supercuts

  • Access to Supercuts gift cards which offer discounts, cashback rewards, and exclusive promotions.
  • Opportunity to sign up for the Supercuts Newsletter for updates on deals and offers​

Coupons, Deals, And Promotions Offered By Supercuts

  • Discounts with email signup.
  • Special offers such as $5 off every third haircut with Foursquare check-in.
  • Gift cards starting from $10.
  • Various services like the Tea Tree Experience and waxing at select locations.
  • Beard trims are also available as a part of their special offers​​.

Additional Tips For Saving Money At Supercuts

  • Always check for current coupon codes and deals before visiting.
  • Use the Supercuts app for convenient online check-in, which might offer additional savings.
  • Choose services that fit your budget, as Supercuts offers a range of options from basic haircuts to more comprehensive packages including shampoo and styling​​.

Alternatives To Supercuts For Senior Discounts

  • Great Clips
  • Sport Clips
  • Fantastic Sams
  • Hair Cuttery
  • JCPenney Salon
  • MasterCuts
  • Cost Cutters​​

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Supercuts discontinued their senior discount program?

Yes, Supercuts has discontinued their senior discount program. However, some individual locations might offer a $2 discount for seniors. It's best to check with your local Supercuts salon for specific discounts​​​​.

Can I still save money at Supercuts without a senior discount?

Absolutely! Supercuts offers various ways to save money, including coupons, promotional codes, and special deals like $5 off every third haircut with Foursquare check-in​​​​.

How can I stay updated on Supercuts' latest deals and offers?

You can stay updated on Supercuts’ latest deals and offers by signing up for their newsletter. This way, you'll receive updates directly in your inbox​​.

What services does Supercuts offer?

Supercuts offers a wide range of hair services including haircuts, styling, coloring, waxing, and beard trims at select locations. They also have a Hot Towel Refresher service as a finishing touch to every haircut​​​​.

Are there any special offers for first-time customers at Supercuts?

Supercuts frequently offers various promotions, which may include special deals for first-time customers. It's recommended to check their website or contact a local salon for current offers​​​​.

Do Supercuts prices vary by location?

Yes, Supercuts prices may vary depending on the location. Factors such as local market conditions and regional cost of living can affect pricing​​.

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