Savers Senior Discount Days: When And How To Benefit

Published: September 14, 2023
Last updated: December 21, 2023

Savvy shoppers are always on the lookout for ways to maximize their savings. One such avenue is the senior discount offered by various retailers, with Savers leading the pack. Stores also offer discounts for seniors on specific days of the month, so seniors can benefit from understanding these discounts and know when the latest offers are available. 

This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of the senior discount at Savers, from its benefits and eligibility criteria to the vast array of items available at slashed prices.

Overview Of Senior Discount Days At Savers

Savers is a renowned thrift store chain that champions the concept of reuse. While shopping at Savers doesn't directly support any nonprofit, donating reusable goods does. Savers pays nonprofits for these items, which in turn helps fund various community programs. This unique business model not only promotes sustainability but also aids in community development.

What Is A Senior Discount?

A senior discount is a reduction in price offered to senior citizens, typically those aged 55 or older. This discount is a way for businesses to show appreciation to seniors for their loyalty and to provide some financial relief. Senior discounts can be found in various sectors, from retail and dining to transportation and entertainment. The percentage of the discount and the age at which one qualifies can vary by business.

At Savers, the senior discount day is a special occasion where senior citizens can avail of discounts on their purchases. However, the specifics of the discount, such as the percentage off and the eligible age, might vary based on the location and ongoing promotions.

Why Senior Discounts Are Important

Senior discounts play a crucial role in today's economy. With the rising cost of living and many seniors living on fixed incomes, every penny saved counts. Discounts not only provide financial relief but also convey respect and acknowledgment for the contributions seniors have made throughout their lives.

Moreover, businesses benefit from offering senior discounts. It's a strategic move that can increase foot traffic, boost sales, and enhance brand loyalty. Seniors are more likely to return to businesses that value them, leading to consistent revenue and positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Who Is Eligible?

Eligibility for senior discounts, especially at retail stores like Savers, is typically based on age. However, some stores may have additional requirements or offer the discount on specific days. Here's a breakdown of the eligibility criteria for Savers' Senior Discount Days:

Age Requirement

The age at which one becomes eligible for senior discounts can vary from one establishment to another. At many places, the age is set at 55 or older, but it's essential to check with the specific store location. For Savers, while the exact age requirement might differ based on the store's location, it's commonly set for individuals aged 55 and above. It's always a good idea to have a valid ID on hand to prove your age and ensure you receive the discount.

Special Requirements

Apart from the age criteria, some stores might have additional requirements to avail the senior discount:

  • Membership: Some stores require seniors to be members of their loyalty or rewards program to benefit from the discount. For instance, joining the Super Savers Club at Savers might provide members with exclusive offers and updates about upcoming discount days.

  • Specific Days: The discount might not be available every day. Instead, stores might designate specific days of the week or month as "Senior Discount Days." It's crucial to be aware of these dates to maximize savings.

  • Exclusions: Not all items in the store might be eligible for the discount. There could be exclusions, especially if items are already on sale or part of a different promotion.

  • Location Variance: The discount percentage, eligible age, and even the day of the discount can vary based on the store's location. It's always recommended to check with the local store for the most accurate information.

How To Take Advantage Of Senior Discounts At Savers

Taking advantage of senior discounts at Savers requires a combination of awareness, planning, and strategic shopping. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to maximize your savings as a senior at Savers:

Signing Up For The Super Saver's Club

The Super Saver's Club is Savers' loyalty program that offers members exclusive benefits and notifications about upcoming sales and promotions. Here's why and how you should sign up:

  • Exclusive Offers: Members often receive special discounts and offers that aren't available to the general public.

  • Points And Rewards: Every purchase can earn you points, which can be redeemed for future discounts.

  • Email Notifications: Stay updated about Senior Discount Days and other promotions through email alerts.

  • Easy Sign-Up: Visit the Savers website or inquire in-store to join the Super Saver's Club. It's typically free to join, and the sign-up process is straightforward.

Locating A Store Near You

To take advantage of the senior discounts, you'll need to shop in-store. Here's how to find a Savers store close to you:

  • Store Locator: Savers' website features a store locator tool where you can input your city or zip code to find the nearest store.

  • Google Maps: Simply type "Savers" followed by your location in Google Maps to get a list of nearby stores.

  • Ask Around: Sometimes, word of mouth is the best way. Ask friends or family if they know of any Savers locations in your area.

Taking Note Of Sale Or Promo Codes

Promo codes can provide additional savings on top of the senior discount. Here's how to stay updated:

  • Email Alerts: If you're a member of the Super Saver's Club, you'll receive promotional emails that might contain exclusive promo codes.

  • In-Store Flyers: Savers often has flyers or posters in-store that advertise current promotions and any associated promo codes.

  • Social Media: Follow Savers on their official social media channels. They often post about ongoing sales and might share promo codes there.

Checking For Additional Discounts And Special Offers

Maximize your savings by being aware of other discounts and offers:

  • Seasonal Sales: Like many retailers, Savers might have seasonal sales, such as back-to-school or holiday promotions.

  • Clearance Sections: Some Savers stores have a clearance section where items are heavily discounted. These can be combined with the senior discount for even more savings.

  • Ask In-Store: It never hurts to ask. When checking out, inquire if there are any ongoing promotions or discounts that you might not be aware of.

Types Of Items Available With A Senior Discount At Savers

Savers is a thrift store that offers a wide range of items, from clothing to household goods. For senior shoppers, taking advantage of the senior discount can lead to significant savings on various products. Here's a breakdown of the types of items available with a senior discount at Savers:

Household Items

Household items are among the most sought-after products at Savers. Seniors can find a variety of these products, including:

  • Furniture: From chairs and tables to bookshelves and cabinets, Savers offers a selection of furniture suitable for different home styles.

  • Kitchenware: This includes dishes, utensils, pots, pans, and other essential kitchen items.

  • Home Decor: Items such as vases, picture frames, lamps, and decorative pieces can be found at discounted prices.

  • Electronics: Older models of TVs, radios, and other electronic gadgets might be available at a fraction of their original cost.

Variety Of Items For Sale And Retail Price Points

Savers is known for its vast array of items available for sale. The diversity ensures that shoppers, including seniors, can find almost anything they need:

  • Clothing: Savers offers clothing for men, women, and children, including dresses, shirts, pants, and accessories.

  • Books And Media: From novels to cookbooks and DVDs to vinyl records, there's something for every bibliophile and media enthusiast.

  • Toys And Games: For those shopping for grandchildren or looking for vintage toys, Savers has a selection to choose from.

  • Retail Price Points: Given that Savers is a thrift store, the price points are typically lower than traditional retail stores. With the added senior discount, seniors can expect even more savings.

Exclusive Discounts On Certain Items Vary By Location

It's essential to note that while Savers offers a senior discount, the specifics of the discount might vary based on the store's location:

  • Percentage Off: Some locations might offer a higher percentage off than others. It's always a good idea to inquire in-store about the current discount rate.

  • Eligible Items: While most items in the store might be eligible for the senior discount, there might be exclusions, especially for items already on sale or part of a different promotion.

  • Special Promotions: Some Savers locations might have exclusive promotions or sales events tailored for seniors. It's advisable to join the Super Savers Club or subscribe to email notifications to stay updated.

Pros & Cons Of Shopping With A Senior Discount At Savers

Shopping with a senior discount at Savers can be a rewarding experience, but like all shopping experiences, it comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages. Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons:


  • Significant Savings: The primary advantage of the senior discount is the cost savings. Seniors can enjoy a percentage off their total purchase, leading to substantial savings over time.

  • Exclusive Offers: By joining the Super Savers Club, seniors can receive exclusive offers and promotions tailored for them, enhancing the shopping experience.

  • Wide Range Of Products: Savers offers a vast array of items, from clothing to household goods, ensuring that seniors can find almost anything they need at discounted prices.

  • Supporting The Community: While shopping at Savers doesn't directly support any nonprofit, donating reusable goods does. Savers pays nonprofits for these items, helping fund various community programs.

  • Eco-Friendly Shopping: By purchasing second-hand items, seniors contribute to sustainability and reduce waste, promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle.


  • Varied Discounts: The percentage off and eligible age for the senior discount can vary based on the store's location, which can be confusing for some shoppers.

  • Limited Days: The senior discount might not be available every day. Specific days are designated as "Senior Discount Days," requiring seniors to plan their shopping trips around these dates.

  • Exclusions: Some items might be excluded from the senior discount, especially if they are already on sale or part of another promotion.

  • Stock Limitations: As a thrift store, Savers might not always have a consistent stock of items. Popular items can sell out quickly, especially on discount days.

  • Store Variance: The shopping experience can vary from one Savers store to another. Some stores might be larger with a more extensive product range, while others might be smaller with limited stock.

Take Advantage Of Savers Senior Discount Days

When senior discounts are added to the retail landscape, senior shoppers can make substantial savings, putting Savers at the forefront in the retail landscape. With its commitment to community support and sustainability, coupled with a vast array of products, Savers offers a unique shopping experience. By staying informed and shopping strategically, seniors can make the most of their visits to Savers, ensuring they get quality items at discounted prices. Whether you're shopping for household essentials or looking for a fashion find, Savers has got you covered.

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