Steps for Installing a Fiberglass Tub Shower Combo

Written By: Nathan Justice
Reviewed By: William Rivers
Published: June 23, 2021
Last updated: April 6, 2023

If you’ve recently purchased a luxurious walk-in tub or fiberglass tub and shower model for your bathroom, you may be wondering how to install it in your home. With a project this ambitious, it’s best to seek professional guidance, especially if you don’t have prior DIY experience. However, if you’re determined to try it on your own, it’s vital to take special care. 

Wearing protective gear and double-checking any measurements, such as your bathroom dimensions can help you avoid costly mistakes later on. Although fiberglass bathtubs are lightweight and therefore easier to install compared to other types, cutting corners can lead to leaks and moisture buildup if you make small mistakes. 

How to Install a Shower and Tub Combo 

  1. The first step is to install a ledger board to support the back of your tub and keep it level. You should also check that your plumbing is in good shape and replace any valves and parts that show wear and tear. This can help prevent leaks later on.
  2. Next, install your overflow pipe and attach it to your fiberglass tub and shower before you set the unit on the ground. Putty can help prevent leaks and hold it in position. The gasket should be positioned on the other side to secure the drain. 
  3. After this, install the stopper which will plug your drain. It should be fed through the pipe and covered with a topper.
  4. Finally, it’s time to install the entire bathtub and shower unit. Fit it into its corner or wall area and ensure that everything is properly positioned and tightened. 
  5. When everything looks like it’s in place, test out your shower and tub to see if the level of water flow and pressure is sufficient. 
  6. Lastly, regularly check your unit for any pesky leaks and issues that can lead to mold growth. When in doubt about the proper installation of your tub, contact a plumber for help and troubleshooting. 

Since installing a fiberglass tub and shower combination can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools or experience for the job, it’s important to take your time and ask for aid if you need it. A fiberglass tub is a costly investment, so keeping it in good shape is essential to prolong its lifespan. 

For more tips on bathtub care and maintenance, feel free to read our article on how to whiten your fiberglass tub on Senior Strong.

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