Walk-In Tub Shower Combo for Seniors

Reports indicate that many older adults are reluctant to have their caregivers or loved ones give them a bath. Most prefer to bathe alone. Unfortunately, bathrooms are quite hazardous, and statistics show that 80% of all falls among those aged over 65 happen in the bathroom. If you're having trouble getting a senior in your care to take a bath, consider upgrading to a walk-in tub shower combination.

As the name suggests, these are senior-friendly walk-in tubs equipped with a walk-in shower. This setup restores one's independence and privacy by giving him or her the freedom to bathe alone while minimizing the risk of bathroom-related accidents.

The Best Walk-In Tub and Shower Combo for Seniors in 2021

Best Overall Option: Finestra Walk-In Pure Air by Jacuzzi

Price: $6,464

  • 256-color chroma therapy lights
  • High-grade air jet system
  • Spacious tub enclosure

The Finestra Walk-In Pure Air by Jacuzzi offers unique features that compensate for the high price tag. Turn on the chroma therapy lights for some soothing electromagnetic pulses as the tub's air jet system pummel every aching part of the body.

Best Multi-Feature Tub: Dual Massage Walk-In Tub by Ella

Price: $5,692

  • 14 hydrotherapy jets
  • 16 3-speed air jets
  • Thermostatic control faucet

The Dual Massage Walk-In Tub by Ella is a fully-loaded option that comes with both air and hydrotherapy whirlpool jets, thermostatic handheld showerheads, and a self-cleaning system.

Best for Compact Spaces: Sanctuary Shower Enclosure Walk-In Tub by AmeriGlide

Price: $4,850

  • Industrial-grade acrylic tub frame
  • Full safety features
  • Outward-swinging door

What sets this tub apart from any other walk-in tub and shower combination on the market is its compact, easy-to-install body. You can set this up anywhere as long as the tub's enclosed sides are pressed against framed walls. This tub is ideal for small apartments and mobile homes.

Focus on Safety and Maneuverability: The Hybrid Tub by Safe Step

Price: Get Quote

  • MicroSoothe air therapy technology
  • 17" tall comfort seat
  • Versatile shower door

The Hybrid Tub is a popular hydrotherapy tub that features 10 powerful jets, foot massagers, and a personal bidet. Safe Step manufactures all tubs domestically for better quality control.

Best for Cost-Efficiency: Walk-In Tub With Seated Shower by American Standard

Price: $2,277

  • High, comfortable seat
  • Multiple grab bars
  • Nonslip flooring

Not everyone wants a modern walk-in tub that offers a wide range of high-tech features in their home. If you want something simple, try this option by American Standard. It's a standard soaker tub that offers basic safety features, is easy to install, and can easily fit into existing bathtub spaces.

Building a senior-friendly bathroom goes beyond installing walk-in tubs. Visit the Senior Strong website to learn more about what devices and fixtures are a must for dexterity-impaired older adults.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medicare Cover Walk-In Tubs for Seniors?

Medicare covers Durable Medical Equipment (DME), which includes physician-prescribed pieces of equipment that serve a therapeutic purpose. Unfortunately, the original Medicare plan does not classify walk-in bathtubs as DME. However, Medicare Advantage (Part C) also covers devices that provide health-related supplemental benefits. This section has a much broader scope.

How Much is Are Walk-In Tub Shower Combos?

Statistics show that the average American household spends around $4,000 to $8,500 to have a walk-in tub and shower combination built. Installation costs vary based on multiple factors, such as:

Brand: Research shows that Kohler offers the priciest safety tubs on the market today, while Ella by Ella's Bubbles showcases a good line of quality yet inexpensive options.
Size: Models that eat up a large bathtub space are pricier than smaller alternatives.
Features: Expect multi-feature tubs to cost more. Standard soaker bathtubs only cost around $2,000. Meanwhile, hydrotherapy whirlpool tubs would set you back by at least $5,000.

Will Social Security Pay For a Walk-In Tub?

Social Security automatically enrolls individuals to Medicare Plan or Plan B. Unfortunately, these only cover DME. If you want your policy to cover your new tub's installation, upgrade to Medicare Plan C.

Who Makes the Best Walk-In Tub?

The most popular walk-in tub brands you'll see in stores include Kohler, Jacuzzi, Ella by Ella's Bubbles, American Standard, and Safe Step. These are all brands that exceed the market's quality standards.

Are Walk-In Tubs Worth It?

Walk-in tubs are an excellent addition to any independent home. They're ideal not just for elderly adults, but also for any patient suffering from dexterity, flexibility, and mobility challenges. Some of the benefits they offer include:
Easy Access: The flexible doors on these tubs allow easy entry and exit. This feature greatly reduces the risk of falls since there's no need to lift your leg over a high bathtub ledge.
Independent Bathing: Independence is crucial to older adults. Giving them the freedom to shower and bathe alone would exponentially boost their overall confidence.
Better Safety: A walk-in bathtub has all the accessibility features a senior would need to bathe alone without compromising safety, from the shower seat down to the nonslip flooring.

These are just some of the best walk-in tubs available on the market. Feel free to explore other tub and shower combinations that might suit your household's specific needs and demands. There's no need to limit yourself to popular options. The overall goal is to find walk-in tub and shower combos that would elevate and improve your elderly loved one's bathing experience.

Looking for more devices to improve senior quality living? Senior Strong has multiple resources on safety products for older adults—check them out today!

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