Top Adaptive Clothing for Women

In recent years, the fashion world been paying increasing attention to creating adaptive clothing options for men and women with disabilities and special needs. According to a report by Coherent Market Insights, the adaptive clothing market is projected to be valued at $392.67 billion by 2026. This rising demand has led to the rise of clothing lines that are stylish and comfortable.

For individuals who have issues dressing due to a lack of mobility, traditional clothing features like zippers and buttons can be challenging to use. Adaptive clothing enables the wearer to dress on their own by taking into account the disabilities of those who are wheelchair users, have Parkinson's disease, or lack dexterity in any other way.

For women, in particular, finding fashionable clothing options that have features like Velcro closures, snaps, and easy ties for dressing oneself can be a difficult process. To help address that, we've created a shortlist of the best brands that accommodate women of all shapes and sizes.

7 Clothing Labels with Adaptive Clothing for Women in 2022

This collection of clothing brands feature a range of styles and items that can accommodate senior citizens in need of hospice care or who have similar needs.

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive

One of the most well-known adaptive clothing brands for women is the Tommy Hilfiger adaptive line, which sells wardrobe essentials including dresses, pants, shirts, and shoes. The brand's trademark Americana aesthetic is featured throughout their stylish garments, but with the added ease of wear for those with disabilities.

Their clothes have all the essentials including one-handed zippers, adjustable hems to accommodate different leg lengths or heights, side-seam openings, bungee cord closure systems, and adjustable waist pants. Some shirts even have expanded back openings and wider-than-usual necklines.


Fashion-forward seniors will appreciate Silvert's mobility-friendly selection of pants for wheelchair users. Their extensive collection also offers easy-to-wear blouses and sweaters in elegant designs, guaranteed to stand the test of time.

In particular, their website is easy to navigate, with options for assisted dressing and self-dressing. They also have a "shop by need" feature, which organizes styles based on needs like Alzheimer's, diabetic footwear, post-operation clothing, Parkinson's, hospital gowns, and more.


Fashion-forward yet adaptive bras and underwear can be difficult to find for many women. One of the retailers that excel in this area is Intimately. Depending on your aesthetic preference, they offer a mix of categories including comfortable basics and more elaborate styles for date nights and formal events.

For instance, they offer bras that have magnetic closures from the front instead of the back, avoiding painful pressure points from attaching a tiny hook. They also offer a range of period panties for those who have trouble dealing with tampons and sanitary napkins, in addition to side-opening underwear for those who have limited mobility.

Alter Ur Ego

For those with disabilities, casual apparel basics like jeans can be uncomfortable to put on. However, Alter Ur Ego makes a line of stylish pants that have elastic waistbands for tummy control and large accessible pockets positioned in the front. For people who love casual yet adaptive clothing, this is definitely the brand for them.

The back waistline of each pair of pants sees to the needs of wheelchair patients with an especially high back to prevent any uncomfortable slips, and they also sell a line of comfortable t-shirts with funny slogans for the disabled like "Literally can't stand it" and "I'm in it for the parking."


Based in New York, Care+Wear currently offers 20% off the first order for new customers, and their range of clothes was specially designed by patients, professional caregivers, and designers for maximum style and functionality.

Their particular standouts include chest port access clothing to allow treatment without disrobing, post-surgical recovery bras for women, and accessories like wheelchair gloves and PICC line cover to cover all your dressing needs. They currently also offer a line of antimicrobial, breathable, and form-fitting face masks that are easy to breathe in.


Named after the ancient herb possessing healing and calming properties, Yarrow's versatile offerings include dresses, cardigans, jeans, and blouses geared towards the fashion-forward woman. Their clothing style is mostly minimal in nature, which is perfect for people who are interested in building a capsule wardrobe.

Made for all body types, their graceful draping is perfect for layering while their patented magnetic technology is durable and easy to use on an everyday basis. Unlike many brands, their magnetic offerings can withstand repeated cycles in the washer and dryer and still come out strong.


Specializing in designs for post-operative care, Reboundwear's line of adaptive clothing enables easy dressing despite post-surgery discomfort and pain. Their super soft fabric is easy to take on and off with easy zipper placement and accessible pockets.

Whether you're looking for stylish leggings, short sleeve tops, non-skid ankle socks, or a hoodie, Reboundwear combines both style and quality. They're ideal for people who need something to wear in the hospital, to physical therapy appointments, or even the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of adaptive clothing?

Adaptive clothing is made especially for people with disabilities who find it difficult to dress without any aid or for those who have sensory issues that make them sensitive to certain textures and materials. This includes jeans that have magnetic closures instead of zippers, shoes without shoelaces, and more.

Where can I buy adaptive clothing?

You can shop for adaptive clothing online at stores like Tommy Hilfiger and Silvert's or at an adaptive clothing showroom in person.

While finding an adaptive clothing line can often be frustrating for women dressing for both fashion and comfort, there are more and more brands that are seeing the value and need of offering more choices and senior care products for the disabled community. If you need any help placing orders online or finding styles that suit your needs, contact us today at Senior Strong!

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