Best Bed Alarm for Seniors

Alzheimer's is extremely prevalent in the United States, that over 6 million Americans suffer from it. In fact, the majority of these individuals are aged 65 and above. In many cases, this could lead to fatal accidents or falls.

Senior alert systems, also known as bed sensor pads, are some of the best things you can invest in if you or your loved one needs a good night's sleep because of the difficulties brought about by this disease.

Bed alarms are a type of device that sounds off an alert when an individual gets out of bed. Through pressure sensors that detect movements, bed alarms can notify caregivers or loved ones of the whereabouts of the elderly person in question, and thus, prevent major accidents from occurring.

Top Bed Alarms for Seniors in 2021

Best for Cordless Bed Alarms: Smart Caregiver Wireless Monitor Bed Pad

  • Price: $185.95
  • Type: Cordless and wireless bed pad
  • Settings Available: Volume settings can be adjusted from low, medium, and high

The Smart Caregiver Wireless Monitor Bed Pad is a waterproof alarm system made of comfortable vinyl. It lets you receive alerts through pager beeps when the user gets up or down. It is a great bad pad for incontinence protection because it is also easy to clean. The average range of this system is roughly 150 ft.

The system can be placed underneath your bed's fitted sheet, and you will be able to adjust the sensor pad's alarm volumes and alert levels.

Best for Seniors with Dementia: Secure 45BSET-1Y Bed Alarm System

  • Price: $49.99
  • Type: Portable bed and sensor pad
  • Settings Available: Loud volume control

With its bright yellow color and relatively larger size, this bed alarm system is one of the best models for seniors with dementia. Compared to other models, this system comes with a velcro case to make it easier to carry around to other rooms. It also has a water-resistant cover. One caveat is that missed alerts may occur because it is battery-operated.

Many people recommend this model as it is also very affordable, with loud alerts that can signal you if you are in need of critical care.

Best for Simplified Features: Smart Caregiver FallGuard Basic Fall Monitor Bed Pad

  • Price: $44.95
  • Type: Monitor and sensing bed pad and wall mounted alarm
  • Settings Available: Battery life indicators and monitoring

The Smart Caregiver FallGuard Basic Fall Monitor Bed Pad is equipped with both a simple monitor and a traditional bed pad. It may be mounted on the wall of a patient's room. As a corded device, it has a relatively reduced range compared to cordless models that do not necessarily have to be in the same room.

The system offers protection for those who have incontinence as well because its pad is sealed with soft vinyl. You will be able to tell if its juice is running low as it has battery life indicators, but in most cases, this can last up to around 45 days prior to replacement.

Best for Flexibility: Secure Wireless Caregiver Pager and Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

  • Price: $31.99
  • Type: Wireless pager and motion sensor pad
  • Settings Available: Sound and vibration alerts

Although it is one of the more basic models in the market, the Secure Wireless Caregiver Pager and Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor does the job of alerting caregivers or loved ones of their patient's movements. As a wireless bed alarm or portable alarm system, it can be mounted to any convenient location. You may be able to attach it with screws or 3M tape.

Since it has a pager, you can sync its motion sensor in order to track user's movements remotely. Settings can be adjusted to send out a sound alarm, vibration, or both. You can even clip the remote alarm onto the patient's body for greater access and more accurate monitoring.

Best for Pull-Cord Alarm Types: Secure MAG-3 Magnet Pull Cord Alarm

  • Price: $30.99
  • Type: Pull-cord alarm
  • Settings Available: Three different volumes for alarms

As one of the best pull-cord type bed alarms, the Secure MAG-3 Magnet Pull Cord Alarm is a great model for individuals who are bedridden. This durable model is also break-resistant with its magnetic pull cord trigger system. It has the same features as most other models, including many options for adjustable volume.

You can mount the alarm system by the patient's bedside, their chairs, or the walls of the room with the help of its velcro strap. Batteries come with the system, making it easy to set up and use immediately.

Best for Floor Mat Types: Secure Wireless Caregiver Pager Floor Mat

  • Price: $129.99
  • Type: Wireless floor mat type
  • Settings Available: Comes with a belt clip to attach

The Secure Wireless Caregiver Pager Floor Mat is rather different compared to other systems out there, as the floor mat can be strategically placed anywhere around the room. It is ideal for individuals who have the tendency to wander around at night. You can attach the system with its belt clip as well.

Together with the mat, the system also includes a wireless sensor pad transmitter and a wireless pager for a caregiver or loved one to wear around. It will immediately alert if it detects movement, whether through sound or vibration.

Best for Combo Model Types: Drive Tamper Proof Pressure Sensitive Chair and Bed Patient Alarm

  • Price: $84.49-$109.45
  • Type: Cordless and wireless bed pad
  • Settings Available: Volume control systems that can be turned off after safe return to bed

The Drive Tamper Proof Pressure Sensitive Chair and Bed Patient Alarm is a good option if you want to have the option to combine different alarm types. You will be able to choose between a chair sensor pad, bed alarm, or both. This model has useful volume control settings, and it will continue to alert until the patient is able to return safely to their beds.

Because it is battery-operated, this model is a portable wireless alarm. You will also be able to set delay times if needed.

Best Bed Mat Type: FallGuard Basic Fall Monitor Bed Pad

  • Price: $185.95
  • Type: Cordless and wireless bed pad
  • Settings Available: Reset button to silence alarm

The FallGuard Basic Fall Monitor Bed Pad is one of the best options for those who prefer bed mats as their alarms. You can put the pad under your sheet, then connect its cord to the monitor that you can leave nearby.

There is a reset button on the alarm, which you can use to silence it when needed. The pad itself is made of soft vinyl and foam, making it safe for those who suffer from incontinence. You will be able to control the alarm's volume on the monitor's battery compartment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bed alarms effective? 

According to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), bed exit alarms can help with existing risk reduction strategies. Although they do not prevent falls on their own, they can alert a loved one or a caregiver.  

When should you use a bed alarm?

Bed alarms can be useful for seniors with medical conditions or weakened joints. They are also useful for seniors with dementia so that caregivers can provide the assistance they need to walk at a moment’s notice.

Where should I put my bed sensor? 

The best place to put your bed sensor is somewhere by the upper back, ideally in between the shoulder blades. This allows for more accurate detection for when your loved one tries to sit up in bed. 

Do all hospital beds have alarms?  

Most hospital beds are alarmed in order to detect sudden movements and prevent potential falls. This is in addition to the other alarms you’ll see in hospital beds, which measure heart activity, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and the like. 

Why are bed alarms considered restraints? 

It is important to use bed alarms safely and responsibly. Whether silent or audible, bed alarms are considered restraints when they are used to closely monitor resident movement and/or result in seniors being afraid to move in fear of setting off the alarm.

From bed pads to other additional bed aids for seniors, it can't be argued that these sensor pads can be extremely beneficial in preventing grave accidents. Contact Senior Strong today to learn more about tools to improve seniors' quality of life.

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