Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids for Seniors

Hearing loss is more common than you think. Statistics show that almost 25% of seniors aged 65–74 are dealing with hearing loss. This figure increases to 50% among individuals aged 75 and above

Years of exposure to loud sounds, as well as aging or Presbycusis, sicknesses, excessive earwax production, medications, and genetic makeup may all contribute to loss of hearing. Although age-related hearing loss is irreversible, many professionals and specialists advise getting hearing aids to help amplify sounds and allow you to hear better. 

These devices have all kinds of benefits, and may actually help you feel more empowered. Read on to discover the best Bluetooth hearing aid for you. 

Top Bluetooth Hearing Aids for Seniors in 2021

Best for Basic Features: Lively

  • Cost: Starts at $2,000
  • Battery Life: Rechargeable battery that lasts 30 hours 
  • User-Friendly Feature: Adjustments may be done on the app

Lively’s Bluetooth hearing aids are  an affordable model compared to others in the market — particularly if you go with the battery-operated pair. They are not obtrusive, with a hidden receiver kept behind your ear. These hearing aids are FDA-approved as well. 

Although the Lively hearing aids are made for iPhones, Android users can still purchase this pair as it works through both Bluetooth and the brand’s app. Adjustments and customizations for the hearing aids can be done on the app as well.

Best for Selection: Miracle-EarENERGY Hearing Aids

  • Cost: Price available upon request
  • Battery Life: Rechargeable battery that lasts 24 hours
  • User-Friendly Feature: Voice recognition technology for better personalization

Miracle-EarENERGY Hearing Aids have a great selection of different rechargeable models, depending on what your needs are. They carry in-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, and behind-the-ear hearing aids. All models are very sleek and have direct audio streaming for iPhones. Additional features include tinnitus control, digital noise reduction, and voice recognition technology.

Hearing aids from this range have lifetime aftercare services, which allow you to return for cleanings, free hearing checks, and adjustments to your model if needed. 

Best for Those Who Want a Discreet Pair: Signia

  • Cost: Price available upon request
  • Battery Life: Rechargeable battery that lasts a full day
  • User-Friendly Feature: TeleCare app allows you to reach hearing professionals right away

Signia’s hearing aids are discreet, making them the perfect pair for users who are often out and about. You can recharge the pair even while you are out. The brand also has its own myControl app, which records sounds of your surroundings that get sent directly to your hearing aids, and a TeleCare app that gets you in touch with professionals.

Models here have Made-for-iPhone connectivity (MFi), but non-Apple users can opt for this pair and operate it through a streamer. It also has Own Voice Processing (OVP) among all of its many models.

Best for Those With Tinnitus: Embrace Hearing

  • Cost: $1,249 for one ear
  • Battery Life: Rechargeable battery that lasts 20 hours; disposable battery lasts 3-10 days
  • User-Friendly Feature: Tinnitus Manager for relief from ringing sounds

Embrace Hearing has cost-effective hearing aids that give you good value for money. It is pre-programmed with a Tinnitus Manager, which you can activate whenever the need arises. It also connects directly with Android and Apple.

In group settings, you can use its LiveSpeechFocus feature to improve communication. They also have different styles, such as behind-the-ear or in-canal models. Embrace Hearing also offers 24/7 support, which can give you relief if you are new to hearing aids.

Best for Those With Severe Hearing Loss: Phonak

  • Cost: Price available upon request
  • Battery Life: Rechargeable battery
  • User-Friendly Feature: Motion sensor that lets you switch easily from different Bluetooth devices

Phonak’s hearing aids are great for those who have severe hearing loss, as the models they carry can adjust to suit your changing needs. Because they have a motion sensor, you can switch easily from device to device as needed. This brand of hearing aids has a PRISM chip, which allows for a better hearing experience.

These hearing aids can also offer tinnitus relief for those who suffer from it. You can simply tap a button to answer calls as well.

Why Get Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth hearing aids are ideal for those who are hard of hearing because of their user-friendliness. Through wireless connection, you can easily improve your sense of hearing without worrying about pesky wires and difficult adjustments. 

At times, you may forget that you are even wearing hearing aids because they adjust to your surroundings, voice, and personalized preferences. Some models may even have tinnitus relief, noise cancellation, and directional microphones. You can listen on different Bluetooth devices with ease, make calls hands-free, and in many cases use a remote app to adjust settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does severely deaf mean? 

Being placed in the “severely deaf” typically means that your decibel hearing range spans from 71-95 dB. 

How many years does a hearing aid last?  

Hearing aids can last for three to seven years on average. The lifespan of your device will depend on its build, how you maintain it, and how much wear and tear the device gets from your day-to-day routine. 

Should you remove hearing aid batteries at night? 

Leave the battery compartment of your hearing aid open at night so moisture can escape. Doing so will keep the battery from corroding and damaging the hearing aid. Remove dead batteries immediately.

Does your hearing get worse if you don’t wear a hearing aid? 

It is important to keep in mind that hearing loss may occur over time regardless of whether you use a hearing aid. That said, your ability to discriminate speech may quickly worsen without the use of a hearing aid. 

Are Bluetooth hearing aids safe?  

Wireless hearing aids are regulated medical devices, which means that they meet government standards and are safe for use. 

Looking for other hearing amplifiers for your loved one? Visit our article about the best hearing amplifier for seniors to learn more.

Bluetooth hearing aids may be the senior care devices you didn’t know you needed to improve your quality of life. For more guidance regarding devices and gadgets for aging in place, such as senior medical alert systems, contact Senior Strong today!

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