Best Golf Balls for Seniors

Golf is an extremely popular sport among seniors who want to stay active. Surveys show there are more than six million senior golfers in the country. Senior players enjoy this low-impact, non-contact game because it allows them to train their physical abilities while socializing with peers. In addition, it is a fun, casual way to squeeze exercise into their daily schedule.

Apart from being an enticing and relatively safe game, physical complications induced by aging have a negligible effect on their ability to play. Fortunately, they can use quality golf equipment to compensate for their weaknesses. In fact, with the best golf balls for seniors, even first-time players with a weak swing can reach a long distance and achieve excellent shot accuracy.

How Do Golf Balls Affect Your Play?

The golf ball you use has a direct effect on your performance. Therefore, you need a brand that matches your playing style, golfing preferences, and of course, swinging speed. Some of the most common types on the market include:

  • One-Piece Ball: These consist of a single material, making them highly resistant to external factors. However, they have poor performance, so nobody uses these anymore.
  • Two-Piece Ball: Most casual golfers use two-piece balls. These stand among the most widely-used options on the market.
  • Three Piece Ball: Three-piece balls are common among pros who participate in leagues and competitions.
  • Four-Piece Ball: The extra layer creates a unique "spin separation," but only a professional golfer could tell the difference.

What Should Seniors Look for When Buying Golf Balls?

Several factors contribute to a high-quality golf ball. However, you should generally look for options that have:

  • Excellent Visibility: Visually impaired players can go for bright-colored balls.
  • Low Compression: A denser golf ball allows you to reach a greater distance while exerting minimal swing effort.
  • Affordable Price Tag: Most beginners lose several golf balls while playing, so don't invest in expensive brands right from the get-go.

What Are Other Types of Equipment That Golf Enthusiast Seniors Need?

Those who wish to play golf would need the following equipment:

  • Ball markers
  • Divot tool
  • Golf bag
  • Golf cart
  • Golf clubs
  • Golf shoes with non-metal cleats
  • Multiple tees
  • Towels

Top Golf Balls for Seniors in 2024

Are you looking for the best golf balls for seniors? If you don't want to spend several weeks and thousands of dollars trying out different golf balls, use the guide below as a reference. We narrowed down the best golf balls available on the market today:

Best All-Around Golf Ball: Srixon AD333

  • Price: $19.97
  • Polypropylene 2-piece golf ball
  • Suitable for moderate swinging speeds

The Srixon AD333 definitely ranks among the best golf balls for seniors. It's a durable two-piece polypropylene golf ball suitable for swinging on the tee, fairway, and greens. This versatility makes it the perfect all-around golf ball.

If you dislike the idea of understanding the nuances between different golf balls, then you might find the AD333 convenient. Srixon used three patented technologies to make the AD333 as versatile as possible:

  • Spin Skin: The unique Spin Skin coating on the AD333 improves spin accuracy, which you can rely on for better shot control around the green.
  • Energetic Gradient Growth: These low-compression golf balls allow seniors to gain distance with even the softest swings.
  • 338 Aerodynamic Speed Dimple Pattern: This unique dimple pattern drastically reduces launch drags, which allows the player to swing straighter, more accurate shots.

Apart from its versatility, the AD333 also offers excellent value. You can get a 12-pack for just $20! No other option can match its superior quality and low price tag.

Best for Spin Accuracy: TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

  • Price: $39.99 to $47.95
  • 5-layer golf ball with dual-spin outer later and tri-fast core
  • Best for average swing speeds

If you want medium compression golf balls with good accuracy and greenside playability, try the TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls. TP5 ranks among the best golf balls for its top-notch ball spin control. These five-layer compression balls come with a unique tri-fast core, contributing to better driver spin. Plus, the overall soft feel reduces out-of-control spinning from high-impact golf swing speeds.

However, this isn't to say that TP5 can't reach long-distance shots. Golfers can breathe easy knowing that the ball's dual-spin outer layer gives even moderate swings excellent control around the green. As a result, you can confidently take on chipping and pitching shots in grassy fields.

The TP5 isn't the lowest compression golf ball on the market, but the added density improves air resistance—making it a more suitable option for windy playing conditions.

Softest Golf Balls: Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

  • Price: $21.99
  • 338-speed dimple pattern and superior soft consistency
  • Best for slower swing speeds

If you want the softest golf ball for seniors, try the Soft Feel Golf Balls by Srixon. Any player who has tried these balls out—even for just one or two games—knows that no other brand can compete with Srixon's quality soft response.

Srixon sets its balls apart with the patented FastLayer core. The softcore produces the high-quality soft feel that golfers love, while the firm outer layer improves ball flight.

For even better performance, Srixon equipped these balls with the 338-speed dimple pattern. This technology reduces launch drags and boosts descent lifts, which allows the ball to gain better distance despite windy weather conditions.

Best for Visually Impaired: Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls

  • Price: $19.95
  • Coated with a bright translucent, poly-resin Surlyn ball cover
  • Suitable for slow to average-paced swingers

Visual impairment stands among the biggest hindrances to golfing as a senior. Excellent spin accuracy and great penetrating ball flight do not mean much if you cannot even see the ball launch.

If your poor eyesight prevents you from swinging correctly, try the Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls by Chromax. These balls are coated with Chromax's patented Surlyn paint, thus creating their unique, glaring color. Most golfers choose orange-colored M5 balls, but they also offer them in blue, gold, neon green, pink, purple, silver, and yellow.

While the market offers dozens of brightly colored golf balls for seniors, you would be hard-pressed to find a brand that can compete with these balls' superior quality. The M5 isn't just for show, after all. Each ball comes equipped with 302 larger dimples, allowing golfers to achieve longer distances without compromising the ball's soft response.

However, one downside is that the other players might find the M5 distracting. Therefore, we suggest consulting your golf buddies before busting out these brightly colored, low-compression golf balls.

Best Suited for Beginners: Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

  • Price: $19.97
  • Ultra-low compression core
  • Suited for slow, weak swings

The Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball made a name for itself as the best golf ball brand for first-time players. Most of the best golf balls for seniors have a low compression core. However, Callaway takes the ultra-soft feel to a higher level with the ultra-low compression core. It ultimately helps golfers achieve better ball flight without learning advanced swings.

However, senior golf pros might not like the Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball since decreasing compression creates a dense, far-reaching golf ball at the expense of accuracy and control.

Best Hang Time: Mizuno RB566 Golf Ball

  • Price: $21.95
  • 2-piece, low-compression golf ball
  • Suited for medium to low swinging speeds

For senior golfers who focus on ball flight, try the Mizuno RB566. This two-piece, low-compression, micro-dimple golf ball can achieve superb hang time because of its durable Loonomer cover.

The RB566 Golf Ball has a relatively softcore, but it doesn't have a soft feel due to its thick, durable cover. Consider other low-compression brands if you want an ultra-soft alternative while playing the game.

Exceptional Distance Performance: Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Ball

  • Price: $34.99
  • Hard ionomer blend, low-compression 2-piece golf ball
  • Suited for slower swings

Reducing golf ball compression allows the ball to reach a greater distance without excessive force. Unfortunately, most golf ball brands have to nerf compressed distance performance to give way for other features like cover durability or unique dimple patterns.

If you want nothing other than a far-reaching golf ball, opt for the Wilson Staff DUO Optix. The brand boasts that its products have ultra-low compression and spin rates designed for maximum distance performance on the course.

Good health does not begin and end with sports activities. As per Senior Strong, traveling serves as one of the best ways for seniors to stay active. Check out our guide on the benefits of traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are expensive golf balls worth it?

Premium multilayer balls with urethane covers generally perform better than less expensive sets. Moreover, if you have a decent short game to back them up, these may just be what you need.

How do I choose the right golf ball for my swing speed?

There is a reason golfers choose different balls for their swing speeds. If you're swinging at under 90 mph, go with a two-piece ball with lower spin and more torque. On the other hand, if your swings are between 100 and 130 mph, get the multi-layered type of ball. This is because it's got less drag acting against these fast shots than its performance counterpart does when swung more than 135mph.

Do soft golf balls go further?

A softer golf ball will go farther from tee to green if your swing speed is low. However, that only amounts to an additional five yards on average across the whole range of balls.

What is the average swing speed of a senior golfer?

Golf is often considered a sport that you can play when you get older. Average swing speeds for senior golfers range from 72 to 86 mph.

Can a 70-year-old play golf?

Playing golf encourages seniors to socialize. Aside from that, it can improve their concentration and quality of life. However, seniors over 70 should consider their health and consult a health professional first before playing these types of sports.

The best golf balls for seniors vary on a case-by-case basis; basic game plans and equipment yield negligible results. So instead of blindly using the same ones that your buddies use, assess which options match your preferences. For reference, a low-compression ball helps weak swingers reach a great distance, while a high-compression one suits pros prioritizing ball speed accuracy and control.

Whatever brand you choose, try not to lose your golf ball while playing. Even the most inexpensive options on this list cost around $2 per ball. So unless you have no qualms about wasting hundreds of dollars on golf ball packs per game, keep track of your shots.

Do you want to maintain a good quality of life even as you age? Senior Strong can help. We have several resources on being proactive about senior health.

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