Best Sandals For Seniors To Check Out

The risk of chronic foot complications increases as you reach old age. Even simple tasks like taking the bus, going to the store, walking in the park, or falling in line will make your feet swell and ache. To ensure healthy feet, you might have to swap out some of your old footwear. Elderly feet need more cushioning, arch support, and toe box, so start looking into the best sandals for seniors.

High-quality footwear will make your daily life significantly easier. Not only do they deter swollen feet, but they can also protect you from accidents like slips and falls. And you don't have to invest in custom orthotics either. Unless your doctor advises wearing an orthopedic shoe, you'll only need comfy, nonslip sandals for elderly individuals.

What Are The Best Sandals For Seniors To Wear In 2022?

Choosing between the available open-toe sandals and shoes might make your head spin. Unless you regularly shop for new footwear, you might not even know where to start looking. To make shopping easier, we narrowed down your options to the top five best sandals for seniors! 

Product NameClarks Women's Saylie Spin SandalsNaturalizer Women's Scout Flat SandalsRockport Men's Darwyn Quarter Strap SandalsGold Pigeon Women Signature Comfort Walking SandalsNunn Bush Men's Rio Grande Closed Toe Fisherman Sandals
Price$74.99 - $101.38$46.50 to $105.07$49.95 to $123.99$25.00 to $59.99$44.95 to $114.66
Size 6.5 to 85 to 86.5 to 10.55 to 10.57 to 14
Straps Riptape adjustable strapsAdjustable hook-and-loop strapsInstep strapSnap-lock magnetic closureAdjustable velcro straps
Comfortcushion soft technology and ortholite footbedCushioned insolesFlexible sole and extra cushioningArch heel and strapsFully padded sock lining
BreathabilitySynthetic leather and fabric strapsSmooth liningLatex foam footbedContoured beddingBreathable memory foam

1. Clarks Women's Saylie Spin Sandals

Clarks Women's Saylie Spin Sandals

The Saylie Spin Sandals from Clarks rank among the best sandals for elderly women. They have a wide, comfy footbed and provide excellent support, so you won't have trouble using them on long walks.

They're also quite fashionable. The premium suede and textile straps give it a neat, versatile aesthetic. You can wear it for almost any casual event, from beach trips to Sunday brunches.

Can withstand years of wear and tear damageShort straps don't fit larger feet
Comfortable footbedMore expensive than other safe sandals for seniors
Excellent heel supportNo size chart online

2. Naturalizer Women's Scout Flat Sandals

Naturalizer Women's Scout Flat Sandals

Elderly ladies who want a comfortable yet stylish pair of sandals should check out these flat sandals from Naturalizer. Each open-toe sandal features a sleek leather hook-and-loop closure. Not only does it make the sandals easy to put on and take off the feet, but it also gives them a classy, elegant look. You can match the leather strap with your other accessories (i.e., belt, watch).

You won't be worried about wearing these flats on hot summer days since the upper is loose and breathable. This keeps your feet cool and fresh for long hours.

Breathable material keeps feet freshFootbed doesn't have thin cushioning
Best suits narrow, slim feetNarrow footbed
Has excellent supportRigid, rough synthetic leather material

3. Rockport Men's Darwyn Quarter Strap Sandals

Rockport Men's Darwyn Quarter Strap Sandals

Do you find yourself wearing the same flip-flops everywhere? If you want something equally comfortable but less casual, try the Darwyn quarter strap sandals from Rockport. Each open-toe sandal uses a 100% leather upper. You can rock these sandals anywhere, whether you're going on a quick picnic or running errands at the supermarket.

Also, don't worry about foot fatigue. The latex foam footbed on these sandals cushions every step you make so that you'll feel like you're on soft mats. You'll find this feature helpful on long walks.

Wide, comfy footbedVelcro straps were too short
Suits mild to moderate physical activityLeather and fabric might feel itchy
Provides excellent arch supportLack of grip on soles

4. Gold Pigeon Women Signature Comfort Walking Sandals

Gold Pigeon Women Signature Comfort Walking Sandals

You don't have to drop hundreds to get the best sandals for seniors. Elderly ladies on a budget can look in these comfort walking sandals from Gold Pigeon. We think they're the most affordable of all our recommendations. Despite the low price tag, each sandal comes equipped with several helpful features like adjustable straps, a cushioning insole, and an anti-slip synthetic rubber outsole.

They're also very easy to clean. Other sandals with sensitive leather upper require dry cleaning techniques. However, what makes the Gold Pigeon comfort walking sandals stand out is that it’s made from BPA-free materials and is machine washable. Just dump them in your washing machine, and you're good to go!

Adjustable straps suits wide feetPattern on insoles might hurt your feet
Provides arch supportLoose, flimsy straps
Wide footbedInadequate cushioning

5. Nunn Bush Men's Rio Grande Closed Toe Fisherman Sandals

If shock absorption isn't a priority for you and you'd rather have heel support, you might want to consider the closed-toe Fisherman sandals from Nunn Bush. The insoles are wide and firm. Although they feel a bit rigid, they'll help you maintain your balance after standing for hours on end.

Also, these sandals feature high-quality rubber soles. You won't easily slip and fall even if you step in oil, water, and grease on smooth surfaces.

Great arch supportNot enough instep
Accurate sizingNot enough cushioning
Adjustable straps suit swollen feetFoam breaks down quickly

What To Look For In Sandals For Seniors

Are you still on the fence about which of our recommendations to get? Consider the following factors to ensure that you get the perfect sandals for your foot shape, lifestyle, and fashion sense.

Comfortable Footbed

Standing on rigid sandals with no firm heel counter will cause toe and heel pain, so choose sandals with a comfy footbed. A good pair of shoes should let you stand for hours without having foot problems. However, don't automatically get memory foam sandals. Although cushioning has excellent shock absorption, excessive dependence on them leads to leg stiffness.

Cooling And Ventilation

The hook-and-loop closure on sandals already feels comfy. However, if you want to keep your feet cool for longer periods, choose footwear with a breathable mesh upper. The loose, breathable fabric gives your adequate ventilation on scorching-hot days, while on cold winter nights, it'll keep your toes snug and cozy.

Straps And Stability

Get open-heel sandals that don't restrict movement. Avoid walking shoes with a tight velcro strap, and use sandals with enough room for sudden swelling and inflammation. Again, swelling feet is common as you age. Wearing comfortable shoes and sandals will help you alleviate inflammatory issues.


Flip-flops with a rubber outsole prevent slip and fall accidents, but their efficacy decreases as they deteriorate. Take anti-slip soles as an example. Once they exceed their lifespan, they'll no longer have the rigid grip they once had, thus putting you at risk.

As such, choose the best walking shoes and sandals proven to last several years.  Otherwise, you might end up buying a new pair every month, especially if you go on long walks frequently.


Sandals with a wide toe box give your toes enough room to splay naturally. Forcing your entire foot inside tight, compact footwear puts you at risk of rashes, bunions, and hammer toes. Your feet need enough space. Also, your feet will sweat less if your shoes have a roomy toe box, thus avoiding bacteria growth and infections.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sandals For Seniors

Check out what shoppers often ask when looking for the best walking sandals for seniors: 

How do I find the right sandal for my feet?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to orthopedic shoes and footwear. The "perfect sandal" depends on your foot type, activity level, lifestyle, and wardrobe. You might try out different options during the selection process.

What is the recommended footwear for older adults?

It's a common misconception that seniors automatically have to get orthopedic shoes. Although the best orthopedic shoes might feel comfortable, it's not required if you have no chronic foot pain, infection, or complication. Just get a comfy pair with a big toe box and excellent support.

How do you know if a shoe has good arch support?

Grab your shoe on both ends and squeeze the padded heel cup. It should bounce back like a spring if it has adequate arch support and cushioning.

Wearing stylish shoes might make you look trendy, but don't sacrifice safety for aesthetics. Ill-fitting footwear will only lead to swollen ankles. Instead, opt for comfy, supportive sandals that you can easily slip on and off your feet—even if they look outdated.

Keep in mind that it’s vital not to limit yourself to just one or two sandals for elderly individuals. Select several of the best shoes and sandals you find so that you can alternate between them every day. Wearing the same walking shoe is neither safe nor hygienic. To know more about the best walking shoes for seniors, read through our blogs at Senior Strong.

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