Drop-In Tubs for Seniors

Is it inadvisable for seniors to use drop-in tubs? Not necessarily. Walk-in bathtubs are quickly gaining popularity for their easy installation and wide range of safety features. However, they do have their downsides. Surveys show that many older adults aren't comfortable using walk-in tubs since these have a high water level. Plus, they take too long to fill with water.

However, you cannot forgo mobility-aiding bathroom products, especially if you live with seniors facing mobility issues. Bathroom accidents are very common among the elderly. The best approach here is to go with drop-in tubs instead. Here, homeowners have more options with the tub installation, so you can easily adjust the fixture according to your senior companion's needs.

Best Drop In Tubs for Seniors in 2021

1. K-1490-X-0 Drop-in Soaking Bathtub by Kohler

Price: $1,593

Kohler offers a wide variety of drop-in bathtub options, but the K-1490 soaking tub model stands atop them all. What sets this gorgeous, pearl white model apart is its focus on comfort. Kohler designed the shell to provide a relaxing deep-soak spa experience guaranteed to heal you physically and emotionally.

Also, the bathtub only occupies four feet, so you'll have plenty of space left for the installation of extra safety fixtures like stairs, grab bars, and nonslip mats. It's a compact, multi-feature model perfect for almost any senior household.

Key Features:

  • 18-inch deep bathtub shell
  • Reversible overflow drain placement
  • Compact 48-inch installation space

2. Soaking Drop-In Bathtub by Carver Tubs Store

Price: $1,080

This Soaking Drop-In Bathtub is a spacious 70-inch model that can easily accommodate two adults. Plus, reliability won't be an issue since Carver Tubs Store manufactures and assembles all products in the U.S.

Key Features:

  • High-grade fiberglass-reinforced shell
  • Nonslip bathtub flooring surface

3. Underscore Rectangle Bathtub by Kohler

Price: $1,406

Kohler's Underscore rectangular bathtub model showcases a slotted overflow drain, deep shell, and comfortable bath rest that make it possible to enjoy deep-soak baths for hours without worrying about back and hip pain.

Key Features:

  • Slotted overflow bathtub drain
  • Sloped lumbar support

4. Studio Integral Apron Bathtub by American Standard

Price: $549

Keep installation costs to a minimum with the Studio Integral Apron Bathtub. American Standard strives to provide the best prices on the market without skimping on quality. No other bathtub option with the same pricing can match the wide range of features this model provides.

Key Features:

  • Contoured lumbar support
  • Fiberglass-reinforced frame
  • Pre-leveled bathtub bottom

5. Drop-In Soaking Tub by Fine Fixtures

Price: $635

You'd be pressed to find a bathtub model that's as ergonomic and functional as this soaking tub by Fine Fixtures. It has an easy-to-clean shell that doesn't stain, a curved backrest to prevent back pain, and a durable frame built to withstand daily wear and tear damages.

Pro Tip: Install the tub against the wall using tile flange to prevent overflowing water from damaging the tiles.

Key Features:

  • Inclined backrest
  • Fiberglass-reinforced acrylic frame
  • Spacious tub shell

Looking for a more modern, high-end bathtub model? Senior Strong has a complete guide on choosing the best walk-in whirlpool tub and shower combo installation for your home. Check it out today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a drop in tub mean?

The drop-in bathtub model gets its name from its installation process. You "drop" the tub shell inside a custom-fit frame or enclosure, which could consist of wood, tiles, or whatever surface you prefer. Only the tub rim should be visible.

How much does it cost to put install drop in tubs?

Statistics show that standard drop-in bathtub model prices range from $200 to upward of $1,000. Meanwhile, the labor and construction materials would set one back by an extra $400 to $2,000. Overall, expect to shell out around $800 to $4,000 for the full installation.

Note: The total installation cost also depends on the brand you choose. For example, a well-known brand like American Standard or Kohler has products priced as high as $10,0000. Meanwhile, smaller names like Ella by Ella's Bubbles has multiple tub and shower options under a grand.

How much space is needed for drop-in tubs?

Design flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of drop-in bathtubs. There's a wide variety of styles, features, and sizes to choose from during the installation.

If you want to make it easier to climb in and out of the bathtub, make the frame installation narrow, while those who want extra space can broaden the tub's frame. Also, consider adding stairs if the tub depth is too deep.

Why are drop in tubs more expensive?

Drop-in bathtubs are not expensive. On the contrary, they're more affordable than other tub options. You can get already get a high-quality drop-in soaker bathtub model for under $1,000.

Although, expect the installation overhead to increase if you plan on adding extra features to the tub, such as an acrylic deck or shower faucet.

Which would suit your home best: drop-in tubs or whirlpool bathtubs? The answer depends on the needs of the seniors in your household.

If you're looking for a simple, comfortable, budget-friendly soaker tub, go with the former. Meanwhile, those who want to take their bath experience to the next level can consider investing in tubs equipped with water jets.

If you're looking for hot tubs, click on our article about the best hot tubs for seniors to know our recommendations.

Older adults need more than just ergonomic bathtubs. Senior Strong has multiple resources on the best senior bath products every independent home should have. Check them out today!

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