Comprehensive Estate Planning with Feldman Law Group

Situated in the heart of Walnut Creek and extending its services throughout Contra Costa County, Feldman Law Group promises solutions and a comprehensive strategy for estate planning. Whether a simple plan or a more intricate one addressing special needs, their expertise shines bright. 

Beyond planning, they represent and guide clients in probate and trust administration affairs. Their commitment goes beyond immediate issues, focusing on long-term interests and preemptive problem-solving.

A Personal Drive Turned Professional

Aaron's foray into this law niche wasn't just a professional decision but a deeply personal one. Leaving a collapsing partnership in 2006, he was drawn to special needs planning. This inclination was further fueled by his inspiration from his uncle—a formidable figure in the independent living movement. Paralyzed and bedridden at 38, his uncle's fight for independent living during the '70s deeply resonated with Aaron, motivating him to champion the cause of helping others.

Starting from Scratch

Beginning anew wasn't a stroll in the park for Aaron. Walking away from a waning partnership without a planned next move was both brave and challenging. Financial constraints marked the initial phase, but perseverance saw him through.

A Client-Centric Approach

Feldman Law Group's forte? A personal touch characterizes a superior client experience. Their service amalgamates top-notch legal expertise and genuine care for the client's well-being.

Celebrating Success

From starting with a single full-time employee to now boasting a team of five, the journey has been incredibly rewarding. Aaron takes immense pride in devising plans that resolve intricate estate planning issues and assisting in elder abuse cases. The joy lies in making a difference.

Customer First, Always

For Feldman Law Group, ensuring customer satisfaction starts right from the first interaction. Their unique intake process, spearheaded by an intake coordinator, emphasizes understanding client needs and offering personalized solutions. The firm believes in addressing not just the primary issue but every concern that intertwines with it.

Staying Ahead, Staying Relevant

To stay atop the dynamic realm of elder law and special needs, Aaron ardently attends industry conferences, imbibing knowledge from the best legal minds. With an impressive 25-30 hours of legal education annually and a personal coach for holistic development, Aaron's commitment to excellence is unwavering.

Choosing the Right Expertise

Experience is paramount in estate planning. Aaron advises potential clients to seek reviews, trust their intuition, and ensure timely communication and deliverables. And if things don’t seem right, it’s never too late to pivot.

The Road Ahead

Exciting times are on the horizon for Feldman Law Group. With webinars in the pipeline and active plans for a satellite office, the aim is to widen their reach and serve a larger clientele.

A Commitment Beyond Business

Social responsibility is integral to the firm's ethos. Aaron's association with the Downs Syndrome Association of Northern California and the forthcoming webinar, "Planning for Their Future," reflects this commitment, addressing pivotal topics like special needs trusts and retirement benefits optimization.

Envisioning the Future

The future beckons with prospects of geographical expansion. As Feldman Law Group sets its sights on capturing a broader client base, their ethos of comprehensive, client-centric solutions promises to remain unwavering.

If you are interested in the business profile of this firm, you can check it out here.

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William Rivers is an editor with a master’s degree in Human Services Counseling at Maine State University. He has more than 20 years of experience working in the senior healthcare industry.
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