Gadgets For Seniors Who Want To Remain Independent

Written By: William Rivers
Reviewed By: William Rivers
Published: March 3, 2022
Last updated: March 30, 2023

Growing older isn't easy. With age, you may experience a loss of mobility, agility, and even pain from doing things that once seemed so easy. Fortunately, there are practical gadgets that can make life easier for seniors.

There are different gadgets that can help elderly people maintain independence when daily tasks become too difficult. Innovative gadgets like the ones listed below can help seniors remain independent:

  • Dressing Gadgets 
  • Kitchen Gadgets 
  • Housekeeping Gadgets 
  • Bathroom Gadgets 

1. Dressing Gadgets

Dressing in the morning can be a challenge for seniors who have limited mobility due to back or joint issues.

Grip Button Hooks

The secure grips button hook, for example, makes it easier to get finicky buttons through buttonholes. Seniors can button everything from delicate shirt buttons to denim ones. Plus, it has a robust wire and a slip-resistant rubber grip.

Zipper Puller

Sammon Preston Zipper Pull is an ingenious device that makes it easy to zip coats and pants with its T-grip mechanism. You no longer have to struggle with small metal pulls. You no longer have to struggle with small metal pulls. Through the zipper pull hole, the hook slides into place, and it rises up.

2. Kitchen Gadgets

Knowing that elders can roam around our kitchens safely and securely will help us sleep better at night.

Automatic Jar Opener

You may not be able to twist tightly sealed lids or caps if your grips aren't as strong as they used to be. This device makes it simple to open a wide variety of glass jars (with lids from 1-inch to 4-inch in diameter).

Stovetop Protectors

Grannies may still enjoy spending time in the kitchen making their favorite cookie or dish. Stovetop shields provide you peace of mind, knowing that cooking fires and false fire alarms will be avoided.

3. Housekeeping Gadgets

Several modern gadgets can make all the difference between hiring an assistant and being able to do some household tasks yourself.

House Cleaning Robots

Robot vacuum cleaners can help ensure the cleanliness of the environment where independent seniors live in. Additionally, automatic service robots make it easier for them to clean their living spaces.

Lamp Switch Turner

For people with arthritis or a loss of finger strength, turning the knobs on their lamps might be difficult. Lamp switch turners provide your lamp switches with a wide, non-slip grip, making it easy to create mood lighting.

4. Bathroom Gadgets

The gadgets listed below ensure that seniors never have to call for help when it's time to go to the bathroom or take a shower.

Shower And Bath Chair

Most seniors find walk-in tubs to be inconvenient as they get older. Increase convenience and safety in the shower with a shower chair, which is a must-have for the elderly.

Wiping Aid

One of the most important aspects of old independence is the ability to go to the bathroom without assistance. The Self Wipe Assist wiping device is a game-changer, especially if you have back and hip problems.

We hope the list of things to make senior living easier provides some great ideas, whether you're looking for ways to help a loved one be more independent or you're looking for ways to make your own life easier.
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