Why Senior Living Apartments Are Growing In Popularity

Written By: Elizabeth Kogut
Reviewed By: William Rivers
Published: September 11, 2021
Last updated: March 31, 2023

Senior citizens need a safe place to live while also being able to socialize within a community. Senior Living Apartments are apartments and condos that have a fixed age limit and amenities designed for seniors. The experts explain why these apartments are growing in popularity.

1. Convenience And Cost Savings

A senior living apartment is an apartment inside complexes or communities that are specifically designed for an older person's wants and needs. They usually have age restrictions to them, and they have a host of amenities like housekeeping and laundry services, fitness centers, spas, salons, and more. It's convenient because you don't have to go far from your front door to get most of your basic needs covered.

The convenience and cost-savings factors are two large draws to living in these style apartments. When you compare them to a house, they need much less maintenance, and this could lower your monthly payments. Selling your home to move to one of these apartments could free up money that you could use to enjoy life, travel, or spend with children and grandchildren. 

Another big benefit is that you get privacy while being in close proximity to friends or people around your age. You can live the way you want to while being a part of a much bigger community, and you're usually only a short walk away from fitness, dining, and activities. Some senior apartments offer activities on a regular schedule for you to attend, like social events, holiday parties, guest speakers, fitness classes, and hobby classes.

Jen Stark is the founder of Happy DIY Home

2. Cheaper With Low Maintenance Costs

Senior living apartments are growing in popularity, and for a good reason, too. One of the biggest benefits is that they tend to be cheaper with low maintenance costs, ideal for someone living off of retirement. They’re also the ideal size for this age group. 

3. Social Interaction Opportunities

Aside from finances, senior living apartments bring people of similar age groups together in one place. This presents an opportunity to make new friends and perhaps even fall in love. With plenty of senior apartments offering amenities like clubhouses and pools, there’s plenty of room to spark up new relationships.

4. Upgraded Security

Lastly, senior apartments also have upgraded security measures such as cameras and a live security officer patrolling through the night. Some even have a security guard letting people in and out of the complex. All of this can give seniors more security in their living space. 

Michelle Keldgord, Co-founder BakingHow

5. Offer An Abundance of Appropriate Amenities

Senior living apartments are growing in popularity because it is typically more affordable, and they offer an abundance of appropriate amenities for the older demographic. Families are comforted when their parents/guardians are involved in a community with similar interests and lifestyles, and senior living apartments offer just that. I think the increased popularity of this type of housing stems from an increased cost of living and also the desire to live within a community as individuals grow older. 

Leonard Ang, CEO, iPropertyManagement

6. A Sense of Community

No matter whom, a sense of community and belonging is very important to anyone and reinforced as you mature. The popularity of senior living comes from a generation that put others ahead of themselves, and now it's time to enjoy the latter years and live in the best way they know how, which is with other like-minded individuals. Trying new activities, hobbies, and attending events are not always easy, so when there are many in the same situation, it brings a sense of relaxation and ease, so getting out of your comfort zone is just a little easier, with others going through the same situation. 

Lastly, it's about convenience, and with onsite amenities, nurses, coordinators, etc., you have a sense that you'll be taken care of and looked after, which is not the case when you're doing it solely. 

Nick J Kyte, a Realtor, International Real Estate Market Speaker. Kyte has established himself as a skilled top producer.

7. Eliminates The Need For Home Ownership

Senior living apartments are just condos, townhouses within regular neighborhoods, or communities explicitly catered for adults over 55. They are designed with the care and need of adults in mind with provisions such as a limited number of stairs, laundry, and housekeeping, grab bars, onsite amenities, low pile carpet, fitness centers that will help seniors navigate their lives safely.

They are numerous benefits senior citizens can reap from these senior apartments, which include:

They eliminate the need for homeownership and all the tasks associated with keeping the yard tidy, gardening maintenance while providing social comfort surrounded by your peers.

It significantly reduces the house’s maintenance cost, lowering monthly payments, depending on your situation. Living in a senior apartment frees up equity, and that money can be used somewhere else like traveling, help your kids with tuition fees, and enjoy a happy life with financial freedom.

It also offers excellent security with most neighbors always at home they can look after your house while away. Most apartments provide excellent security with guards, locked doors, and gates before entering.

The Rise in Popularity

Today, many adults consider the burden of maintaining a traditional home is no longer a convenient and most appealing living option for their condition. There is a rise of children creating their lives elsewhere away from their parents, leaving them unable to take care of daily chores and routines. With senior apartments, the elderly can enjoy the luxury of laundry services that would otherwise make their lives much more difficult. These and so many other reasons are pushing forward the growing popularity of senior apartments.

Harriet Chan, the Co-Founder and Marketing Director at CocoFinder.

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