How Do I Get Aetna OTC Card?

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Published: January 30, 2024
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Existing Aetna members can access their card through the member portal or by contacting Member Services. New members receive the card automatically upon enrolling in an eligible plan.[1]

The card is accepted at any CVS Pharmacy and for certain plans, additional stores like Kroger and Walmart. Online and phone orders are also options.[2]

Only specific items, such as pain relief and first aid products, are eligible for purchase with the card. Each plan has an annual spending limit for OTC purchases.

For Aetna Extra Benefits Cardholders, unused amounts can roll over to the next month. However, standard OTC Card benefits usually don't roll over.

Balances and transactions can be managed through Aetna's member portal or by contacting Member Services.

This card, available under certain plans, offers a broader range of eligible purchases, including groceries and personal care items.

Navigating the healthcare benefits can often be challenging, especially when it comes to understanding and using specialized benefits like the Aetna Over-the-Counter (OTC) Card. A common query people raise is, “How do I get Aetna OTC card?”

This comprehensive guide simplifies this process, providing you with essential information on obtaining, using, and maximizing the benefits of your Aetna OTC Card. Whether you're a new or existing Aetna member, understanding the nuances of your OTC card can lead to significant savings on health and wellness products.

How Do I Get Aetna OTC Card?

For Existing Aetna Members:

Checking Benefits:

Existing Aetna members should begin by accessing their member portal or app.[1] This is a crucial step in understanding the specifics of your OTC benefits, such as the amount you're eligible for and the products covered. If you face difficulty finding this information online, Aetna's Member Services is available to assist.

Ordering The Card:

Members can order their OTC card in several ways:

  • Online: Register or log in at CVS.com/otchs/myorder using your Aetna member ID and email. This platform shows your OTC benefit amount and the available items for order, with delivery by mail at no additional cost.

  • Phone: Place your order by calling 1-833-331-1573, available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM local time. An automated system is also available 24/7.

  • In-Store: Use your benefit at CVS stores, excluding locations inside Target stores and Schnucks. Not all items may be available in all stores, so it’s advised to check beforehand.

Fast Facts

Aetna OTC Cards receive funds reloads every quarter for consistent health product purchases.

For New Aetna Members

New members often ask, “How do I get Aetna OTC card?” New Aetna members can't directly get an OTC card until they enroll in a plan that offers the benefit. Here's a breakdown of the process:

Choosing A Plan With OTC Benefit:

For those considering Aetna plans, it’s essential to compare different options and focus on plans that include OTC coverage. Pay close attention to the details of the OTC benefits, such as coverage limits and eligible products.

Enrolling In The Plan:

You can enroll in an Aetna plan online, over the phone, or with agent assistance. The enrollment process is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Once you complete the enrollment, the OTC card is sent automatically.

Fast Facts

The card is accepted at CVS Pharmacies nationwide, providing extensive access to eligible products.

Maximizing Your OTC Card Benefits:

Both existing and new members should familiarize themselves with eligible products, which can be found in the OTC catalog. Regularly updating yourself on any changes to your OTC benefits through the member portal or app ensures you make the most out of your card. Also, remember that Aetna’s Member Services are always there to assist you in navigating your OTC benefits.

Using The Aetna OTC Card:

Where To Use The Card:

The Aetna OTC Card can be utilized in various locations depending on the type of plan you have:

  • General OTC Card: For most Aetna Medicare Advantage plans, the OTC card can be used at any CVS Pharmacy nationwide. You have the option to order products online (with delivery by mail at no extra cost), over the phone, or directly in the store. However, it's important to note that CVS Pharmacy locations within other stores like Target or grocery stores are not eligible for the benefit.[2]

  • Aetna Extra Benefits Card: If you have an Aetna Dual Special Needs Plan, you'll have access to this card, which can be used for a broader range of purchases, including groceries, household items, and OTC products at eligible retail stores like Kroger and Walmart. For specific services like transportation, utilities, and rent assistance, you can directly pay using the card.

Payment Process At Checkout:

Using the Aetna OTC card at checkout is similar to using a debit or credit card. Just present it at the time of purchase for the eligible items. For online purchases, you'll typically enter the card information just as you would for any other online transaction.

Potential Limitations Or Restrictions:

The Aetna OTC card does come with certain limitations:

  • Annual Spending Cap: Your plan will have a specific amount allocated for OTC purchases. This cap can vary based on the plan you have chosen.

  • Ineligible Products: Not all products are eligible for purchase with the OTC card. You should refer to your OTC catalog to understand which items are covered under your benefit. Typically, these include health and wellness products like pain relief medication, first aid items, cold and flu medicine, and dental care items.

  • Plan Variations: It's important to review your plan details, as the range of eligible items and the amount of money you receive can vary between different plans.

  • Rollover of Unused Funds: For the Aetna Extra Benefits Card, any unused amount from a given month will roll over to the next month, allowing you to utilize these funds later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Aetna OTC Card for online purchases?

Yes, you can use the Aetna OTC Card to make eligible purchases online. This includes the CVS website for most general OTC products. For Aetna Extra Benefits Cardholders, other online platforms like Aetna.NationsBenefits.com are also available.

What happens if I lose my Aetna OTC Card?

If you lose your Aetna OTC Card, you should report it immediately to Aetna Member Services. They will guide you through the process of getting a replacement card.

Are prescription medications covered by the Aetna OTC Card?

No, the Aetna OTC Card is specifically for over-the-counter items and does not cover prescription medications. You should refer to your plan's pharmacy benefits for prescription medication coverage.

Can family members use my Aetna OTC Card?

The use of the Aetna OTC Card is generally intended for the cardholder only. Sharing the card with family members might be against the terms of use, so it's important to check your plan's specific guidelines.

How do I know which items are eligible for purchase with my Aetna OTC Card?

Eligible items are listed in the OTC catalog specific to your Aetna plan. This catalog can be accessed online through the Aetna member portal or by requesting a physical copy from Member Services.

Is there a deadline to use my OTC benefits each year?

Yes, there is typically a deadline by which you must use your OTC benefits, as they may not roll over to the next year. The specific deadline can be found in your plan documents or by contacting Aetna Member Services.

Getting An Aetna OTC Card

The Aetna OTC Card offers a practical and beneficial way to manage healthcare expenses, providing coverage for various health and wellness products. You can maximize your healthcare benefits by understanding how to obtain and use this card effectively. Regularly checking your plan details and staying updated with eligible items ensures you fully utilize the available benefits. Should you have any more questions or require assistance, Aetna’s Member Services are always there to provide support, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience in using your Aetna OTC Card.

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