WellCare Arizona: Everything You Need to Know

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Published: January 18, 2024
Last updated: January 26, 2024

WellCare Arizona provides dedicated phone lines for Medicare and Prescription Drug Plans to ensure efficient communication for healthcare providers.[1]

The WellCare Provider Portal is a comprehensive online tool for managing patient eligibility, submitting and tracking claims, and accessing healthcare policies.

Specific Medicare claims for WellCare in Arizona should be submitted to designated addresses based on the service type and date of service.

For Medicare claims in Arizona, submit to WellCare for Ambetter from AZCH Physical Health Services for services before and after 1/1/2021, Allwell from AZCH for services after 1/1/2021, and Arizona Complete Health - Complete Care Plan for services after 10/1/2018.[2]

Welcome to your essential guide to WellCare Arizona! In this article, we're going to untangle the often complex web of healthcare administration, providing you with the key information you need to interact effectively with WellCare. Are you a healthcare provider in Arizona grappling with Medicare plans, prescription drug plans, or the maze of claims and payer IDs? We've got you covered. 

From essential phone numbers that put you in direct contact with WellCare representatives, to a walkthrough of the user-friendly Provider Portal, and the nitty-gritty of Medicare claims addresses – this guide is your one-stop resource. We understand that in the healthcare profession, time is of the essence. Therefore, this article is crafted to give you quick, easy access to the information you need, helping you streamline your administrative tasks and focus more on what you do best – providing excellent care to your patients. Let's dive in!

WellCare Arizona Provider Phone Number

Healthcare providers in Arizona seeking assistance or information from WellCare have dedicated phone lines for different WellCare plans. These contact numbers ensure that providers can quickly reach the right department for their specific needs, ensuring a more efficient communication process.

  • For WellCare Medicare Plans: Providers can contact WellCare regarding Medicare plans by calling 1-855-538-0454. This line is equipped with TTY services for those with hearing impairments, accessible by dialing 711. This dedicated line ensures that Medicare-related queries are addressed promptly and effectively.

  • For WellCare Prescription Drug Plans (PDP): Providers handling prescription drug plans can reach WellCare at 1-855-538-0453. Similar to the Medicare line, this number also provides TTY services (711) for the hearing impaired. This line is specifically tailored for inquiries related to WellCare's prescription drug plans, offering specialized support.

These numbers are designed to provide direct, specialized assistance to healthcare providers, ensuring that their queries related to Medicare and prescription drug plans are handled efficiently by WellCare's knowledgeable team.

WellCare Arizona Provider Portal

Fast Facts

WellCare Arizona's services are designed to streamline administrative tasks, allowing providers to focus more on patient care.

The WellCare Arizona Provider Portal stands as a pivotal online tool for healthcare professionals, streamlining a multitude of tasks that bridge patient care and administrative responsibilities. This portal is thoughtfully designed to serve as a one-stop destination, enabling providers to efficiently manage patient eligibility verifications, a task fundamental to healthcare delivery. Additionally, the portal facilitates a smooth process for submitting and tracking claims, a crucial aspect for the financial operations of healthcare services. This functionality not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy and timeliness of claims processing.[1]

Beyond these operational tasks, the Provider Portal is an invaluable resource for handling prior authorization requirements. This feature is particularly beneficial, ensuring that necessary medical procedures and medications are approved swiftly, thereby minimizing delays in patient care. The portal also provides comprehensive access to up-to-date healthcare policies and guidelines, which is essential for providers to stay informed about the latest changes in healthcare standards and regulations. 

This repository of information supports healthcare providers in adhering to compliance standards and in making informed decisions for patient care, thereby promoting a high standard of healthcare services.

WellCare Arizona Medicare Claims Address

For submitting Medicare claims to WellCare in Arizona, providers should use the following addresses based on the service type and dates of service:

  • Ambetter from AZCH Physical Health Services (For Services Before and After 1/1/2021): P.O. Box 9040, Farmington, MO, 63640-9040

  • Allwell from AZCH Physical Health Services (For Services After 1/1/2021): P.O. Box 9030, Farmington, MO, 63640-9030

  • Arizona Complete Health - Complete Care Plan (For Services After 10/1/2018): P.O. Box 9010, Farmington, MO, 63640-9010

In summary, for Medicare claims with WellCare Arizona, healthcare providers should select the appropriate address based on the specific service type and date range.[2]

What Is the Payer ID for Wellcare of Arizona?

Fast Facts

Healthcare providers must use the correct payer ID when submitting claims to WellCare Arizona, with IDs varying based on the plan and service type.

When submitting claims to WellCare of Arizona, it's essential for healthcare providers to use the correct payer ID, which varies depending on the specific plan and the type of service provided. Here's a streamlined guide to help you determine the appropriate payer ID:

Allwell Behavioral Health Claims:

  • Payer ID: 68068

  • Applicable from: January 1, 2021 onwards

Ambetter from AZCH and Arizona Complete Health - Complete Care Plan:

  • Payer ID: 68069

  • Applicable for services: On or after specific dates

Final Words: Streamlining Healthcare with WellCare Arizona

In conclusion, WellCare Arizona emerges as a comprehensive resource for healthcare providers, offering dedicated support through its Provider Phone Numbers, a robust Provider Portal, specific Medicare Claims Addresses, and clear Payer ID guidelines. This guide serves as an invaluable tool for efficiently managing healthcare administrative tasks, ensuring that providers can focus on delivering quality patient care with ease and precision. WellCare Arizona is committed to facilitating a smoother healthcare experience for providers across the state.

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