How Do I Get Free Stuff From WellCare?

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Published: December 29, 2023
Last updated: January 19, 2024

WellCare is set to launch a new program, the WellCare Spendables Card™, in 2024. This card will allow members to purchase over-the-counter health products and, in some cases, cover expenses like healthy foods, gas, or utilities.[1]

Members enrolled in WellCare’s Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs) can benefit from $0 prescription copays for all covered medications, both generic and brand Part D, without a deductible.

WellCare By Allwell plans offer an OTC benefit, allowing members to purchase everyday personal care and wellness products.[2]

My Wellcare Rewards Program rewards members for completing health-related activities, with rewards varying based on eligibility and plan details.[3]

WellCare provides a wide range of benefits, including fitness and wellness programs, mental health services, and personalized health care support, depending on the plan.

WellCare offers a range of free benefits and resources to support your health and wellness. Discover how WellCare can help you access the care and services you need at no cost. Learn about the various programs and initiatives available through WellCare for free.

How Do I Get Free Stuff From WellCare?

To get free stuff from WellCare, you need to be a member of their Medicare or Medicaid plans. WellCare offers various benefits to its members, including free health and wellness items, preventive services, nurse advice line, over-the-counter benefit, and healthy foods benefit. Depending on the plan you have, you may be eligible for different benefits. For example, some plans offer a monthly allowance for health and wellness items, while others provide a prepaid debit card to buy healthy foods at certain retailers. To learn more about the benefits available to you, you can log in to your account on the WellCare website or call their customer service at 1-800-960-2530

Fast Facts

The upcoming WellCare Spendables Card™ will not only be usable in over 55,000 participating retailers for health products but also for online purchases.

WellCare Spendables Card™ (Coming in 2024)


In 2024, WellCare plans to introduce the WellCare Spendables Card™, a significant enhancement to its benefit programs.[1] This card will replace the Flex Card benefit program, extending its reach across all states.

Key Features

  • Pre-Loaded Visa Debit Card: Members will receive an allowance on a Visa debit card.
  • Eligible Purchases: The card can be used for over-the-counter health products at over 55,000 participating retailers.
  • Additional Uses for D-SNP Members: D-SNP members can use the allowance for healthy foods, gas, or even for utilities and rent.
  • Cost Share Assistance: Certain plans will include assistance for out-of-pocket expenses related to dental, vision, or hearing benefits​​.

$0 Prescription Copays And Healthy Foods Benefit

Prescription Copays

WellCare's D-SNP plans offer $0 prescription copays. This includes all covered prescriptions, both generic and brand Part D, with no deductible or copay required.

Healthy Foods Benefit

Alongside prescription benefits, WellCare provides a healthy foods benefit, helping members maintain a nutritious diet. This is facilitated through the WellCare Spendables Card™​​.

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Benefits

Getting Your Everyday Essentials

WellCare By Allwell plans come with an OTC benefit, allowing members to purchase everyday personal care and wellness products.[2]

Easy Ordering Process

Ordering these items is straightforward, either through the online catalog or by phone. Members can check their Summary of Benefits to see the allowance and order details​​.

Fast Facts

WellCare's OTC benefits extend beyond just medical items; they encompass a broad range of everyday personal care and wellness products.

My Wellcare Rewards Program

Rewarding Healthy Choices

WellCare values the health and well-being of its members and rewards them for making healthy choices.[3]

How It Works

Members can complete eligible activities and earn gift cards. The activities and rewards vary based on eligibility and plan details. Members can access this program by logging into their secure account​​.

Requirements To Qualify For Wellcare's Free Health And Wellness Items

To qualify for WellCare's free health and wellness items, the requirements may vary depending on the specific plan. 

  • The WellCare of Kentucky Medicaid plan offers a monthly allowance for health and wellness items based on the member's household size, with no prescription needed.
  • The Wellcare Dual Access plan provides a Healthy Foods Benefit, which includes a prepaid debit card to buy healthy foods at certain retailers, with no prior authorization or referral needed.
  • Some benefits, such as the ASH Fitness membership, may have specific eligibility requirements, such as completing My Health Pays® activities.

It's important to review the details of your specific plan or contact WellCare directly to understand the exact requirements for qualifying for the free health and wellness items.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some of the most common questions about how to get free stuff from Wellcare to help you gain a clearer understanding of this.

What types of health products can I purchase with the WellCare Spendables Card™?

The Spendables Card™, once available in 2024, will allow you to purchase a variety of over-the-counter health products. This includes items like vitamins, first aid supplies, and other wellness products at participating retailers.

Can I use the WellCare Spendables Card™ for online purchases?

Yes, the WellCare Spendables Card™ will be versatile, allowing purchases not only in physical stores but also online, where accepted.

Are there any fitness or wellness programs included in WellCare benefits?

WellCare offers various wellness programs, some of which may include fitness memberships or access to wellness resources. The availability of these programs depends on the specific plan you are enrolled in.

How often do the benefits or allowances on the WellCare Spendables Card™ get refreshed?

The refresh period for the Spendables Card™ allowances will depend on your specific plan. Some plans may offer monthly allowances, while others might refresh quarterly or annually.

Does WellCare offer any benefits for mental health and wellbeing?

WellCare recognizes the importance of mental health and often includes benefits related to mental health services and counseling in its plans. It’s advisable to check your plan details for specific mental health benefits.

How can I keep track of my spending and remaining balance on the WellCare Spendables Card™?

WellCare is expected to provide an easy way for members to track their spending and remaining balance on the Spendables Card™, likely through an online account or a mobile app.

Get WellCare's Range Of Free Benefits

WellCare's range of free benefits and resources underscores its commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of its members. From the upcoming WellCare Spendables Card™ to $0 prescription copays and the My Wellcare Rewards Program, these initiatives cater to the diverse needs of members, ensuring accessible and comprehensive healthcare solutions. To make the most of these offerings, members are encouraged to stay informed about their specific plan details and eligibility criteria.

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