Understanding Wellcare Flex Card For Seniors

Written By: Nathan Justice
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Published: April 18, 2023
Last updated: November 5, 2023

Flex cards are great supplements for seniors who need additional help with their medical expenses. These are offered by private insurers who have Medicare Advantage Plans.

This article explores the Wellcare Flex card offered with any Wellcare Medicare Advantage plan.

What is Wellcare Flex Card?

The Wellcare Flex Card is a pre-paid debit card offered by Wellcare to policyholders of its Wellcare Medicare Advantage plan.

It can be used to pay for vision, dental, hearing, and other medical expenses not covered by the original Medicare. The Medicare Advantage determines the annual dollar amount preloaded in your care plan.

Benefits of WellCare Flex Card

There are many benefits to getting a WellCare flex card:

  • Cover copayments for dental, vision, and hearing checkups
  • Afford medical accessories like sunglasses, hearing aids, dentures, and other devices that are medically prescribed.
  • Enjoy the convenience of paying for medical expenses by swiping the card anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • Check your Flex Card balance by visiting the Member Portal and conveniently manage your spending.
  • Receive the full annual benefit beginning on January 1

Eligibility Requirements

Qualifying for the Wellcare Flex Card is the same as qualifying for Wellcare's Medicare Advantage Plans. Here are those requirements.

Age Requirements

You must be 65 or turning 65 to qualify for Medicare. Once you meet this age requirement, you can pursue Medicare Advantage plans like Wellcare and opt for their Flex Card. As a senior, staying informed about your Flex Card balance is essential to ensure you're making the most of your healthcare and financial benefits.

Income and Asset Limits

Medicare Advantage Plans is private insurance with no income or asset limits. As long as you can pay the annual premiums, you can qualify for the plan and the flex card.

Citizenship or Legal Status Requirements

Wellcare Medicare Advantage Plans are available to US citizens and legal residents.

Other Necessary Documents and Forms to Apply for WellCare Flex Card

Wellcare will request documentary proof of age and residence to complete your application. They may also ask you to complete information related to your health.

Plan Coverage Options

Wellcare Medical Advantage Plans provide several coverages beyond the original Medicare, such as prescription drugs, a large network of medical providers, low premiums, and low deductibles. If you're interested in enhancing your healthcare coverage, it's essential to understand how to get a Medicare Flex Card and explore financial tools that can complement your plan for a more comprehensive healthcare strategy.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Prescription drugs, including over-the-counter medications, are covered by your plan. You can enjoy $0 or low co-pays for generic drugs.

You also get allowances for vitamins, toothpaste, and incontinence supplies.

Pocket Expenses Coverage

If there are any copayments or out-of-pocket expenses during your checkups, you can charge them to your Wellcare Flex Card. As long as there's sufficient balance, these charges will be approved.

Special Needs Plans

If you demonstrate special medical needs, Wellcare can provide for them. You can get free transportation to and from your medical appointments and trips to the pharmacy.

Supplemental Benefits

The Wellcare Flex Card can upgrade dentures, eyeglasses, hearing aid, and other medical support devices. All you need to do is ensure enough balance on the card and swipe it at the point of purchase.

Vision Services Hearing Services Other Services and Allowances

Wellcare Medicare Advantage Plans provide:

  • Dental coverage for procedures like exams, dentures, and extractions.
  • Vision coverage for exams, contact lenses, or eyeglasses.
  • Hearing coverage for exams, fittings, and hearing aids.

They also provide preventive coverage by assisting with routine checkups and specialist visits.

How to Use the Wellcare Flex Card?

When you enroll for a Wellcare Medicare Advantage Plan with a flex card, you will receive your membership ID and flex card simultaneously.

The card is activated, and you don't need a PIN. You can swipe the card to pay for dental, vision, hearing, and other covered medical services. You can directly use it to pay for prescriptions and other medical purchases.

Your transactions will be approved as long as the card is active, the funds are available, and the charge is eligible.

You must create an online account at the Flex Card Member Portal to manage the card and know its balance. This online portal is a one-stop shop to order a new Flex card, check your balance, or file a claim.

The number indicated at the back of the card is your account number, which you'll need to log in.

Before swiping the card, check that you have a sufficient balance left. Otherwise, you'd pay for the remaining balance on your own.

Always keep your passwords and security questions safe, so unauthorized persons can't access your online account.

In some instances, it may be necessary for you to file a reimbursement claim. You can do this if your provider doesn't accept the Visa Flex Card or if you forgot your card and paid for a service. The online portal also makes it easy to file a claim.

Visa Flex Card and Debit Card Options Using the Flexible Spending Card at Participating Merchants and Locations

Since Wellcare Flex Card uses the Visa network, you can use the card in any terminal that accepts Visa. This includes thousands of participating merchants and locations nationwide.

Customer Service Information for WellCare Flex Card Owners

If you need further help with the Wellcare Flex Card, you can always contact Wellcare's customer service department. Their phone lines are always open; you can also reach them online.

You can visit the nearest Wellcare branch also to receive assistance.

Wellcare is one of the many major insurance providers offering Medicare Advantage Plans with a flex card. The Wellcare Flex Card extends the benefits of the main Wellcare Medicare Advantage Plan so you can enjoy convenience, flexibility, and other benefits.

To apply to the Wellcare Medicare Advantage Plan, check the Wellcare website or visit any of their branches.

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